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Saturday, July 15, 2017





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Masters, I am eternally grateful for everything. I ask for your guidance regarding what is happening to me. Is it self-obsession or does it really have something? Why do not I feel good when I'm in my house for a long time? When I go to sleep, what can I do in order no to get into dense vibrations?


Daughter. There is something so simple that you have learned the wrong way in your world. The dark is not something external, but a reflection of what each human being brings within. When you feel denser vibrations to take your being, the first reaction you have is the negative, is to fight to close and move away. But this is not the process. Whenever you feel the denser energies around you, instead of denying and protecting yourself, focus on the heart and look for the feeling that nourishes that is creating the resonance to attract these energies. Imagine this feeling being enlightened by love, acceptance of your own imperfection. Look at you with love, and you will see that this energy will begin to ease. You believe that obsession is something to be denied, denied, struggling so that evil does not reach you. But in doing so, you miss the opportunity to recognize in your hearts the evil, the lack of light. The process is to see the obsessors as a friend who shows us and points out our own darkness. A brother who comes, in his way, to bring us healing. This is the process. Radiate love and nothing else. Be in peace.

I am Serapis Bey



Beloved Masters, I am very happy to be writing to you. I have been wondering the reason why I have panic syndrome. What do I have to do to get rid of it in my life? I also want to know if when I call the angels and Archangels, you are with me and what should I do to evolve further? I always desired the good, love and harmony. Thank you immensely for everything. I love you all, with love.


Daughter, your heart, over many lifetimes, was closed to your own light, because of the strong manifestation of the human personality. There are traumas in your records, which whenever personal confrontations lead you to contact your light, comes in your mind the fear of death. You have only made contact with this light by the time of your physical disincarnation, between the lives you have experienced, and that remembrance is brought from your akashico. At the slightest sign of contact with herself, this remembrance radiates her body, and along comes the fear of becoming light again. You need, daughter, to work with perseverance and resignation your fear. You need to open up to this truth. At first it will be a scary process, threatening your own conscience, so do not force yourself, walk in small doses, always respecting yourself in small steps towards that deeper contact. Now, daughter, know that all is well and that there is no hurry in this process that already occurs naturally. Your struggle is only to keep yourself in balance, try to keep yourself in peace. Breathing, stopping is a great remedy for when that feeling comes with force inside. Just breathe and wait until it passes, nothing else. Remember, this fear is an illusion because you are light, always was and always will be. It is just an illusion of your record that blazes your mind causing you to pain and suffering. But this is a temporary state, since it has already begun the healing process, only to remain in balance. That is all. Be in peace.

 I am Serapis Bey



Dear Masters, gratitude again for all the teachings. I feel like I am dealing so much better with some issues in my life, thanks to the help I get here. My current concern is that I can´t help myself in not being a lazy person. I have a hard time doing anything in my life, especially working. I procrastinate everything that is important and waste my time with futilities, watching the lives of others over the internet and letting time goes by. I talk a lot about it with my psychologist, but we cannot find answers, much less a solution. I do not have the disposition and the spirit to realize the things, to do the work that they pay me to do and to move forward with my projects. I feel like life is passing and I'm not enjoying it. That brings me a lot of anxiety. What can you tell me about it? I'm really tired of always trying to improve this without being able to overcome it. I lose faith in myself. Gratitude!

Hail, daughter. This old father came here to bring you some words to show you the origin of this laziness. Laziness is a feeling that arises because the experiences of life lead us to look within ourselves, to overcome our blocks and to look at what we do not like. Laziness, daughter, is a crutch where you do not walk, just so you do not have to face it. This behavior causes a blockage in the coronary chakra, which reflects in the locking of the solar plexus. So things in life do not walk. Now, daughter, you ask how to overcome this. The first step is to look at your light, to recognize that you are light and that you are a great Being, like any other child of creation; And, like everyone else in this cosmos, experience things to take care of your own soul evolution. So, daughter, by recognizing your light, you will see that life will start to blossom, because this will give you the strength to begin the work of bringing experiences into your life and helping you to overcome yourself. You will recognize from your light the will to evolution. And this, daughter, will make you stop procrastinating life, will bring the force of life, within the will of your own evolution. Because deep down, this laziness, as this old father said, is the escape from your own confrontation, the fear of looking into yourself and glowing in the light. It is thus, daughter, recognizing your light, focusing on your evolution, that you will become the cure of your own life and thus you will be releasing yourself from the grid of suffering, anchoring light and your consciousness to be able to shine in love. Be in peace, daughter.

Pai Benedito de Angola



Masters, Gratitude and Peace! The Masters have been with me in all my present times and I am aware of your presence in the moments which I have asked for. But I need a little more linear help in the dilemma I am currently facing, which is whether I should continue in this relationship as I am, or not. I have received warnings and support not to continue. I currently live with my wife and son in the city of Brasília-DF, but I am from Campinas-SP. I have already gone so far as to define my departure from here because of certain things which make me feel bad at home and have no peace. But my wife came and asked me for forgiveness for everything and begged me to stay. I know she loves me. I am fully aware of this. And I'm also worried that I'll have to leave my son behind in the city of Brasília-DF, something I've done in the past. I need a more assertive guidance from the masters, as it is a great challenge for me to make such decision. The sense of guilt comes just as I have the wisdom that guilt should never accompany us. I have faced some problems here in this house, mainly related to judgments in times when I tried to do my best. But I also make mistakes and I do not want to make myself a victim here as the only disadvantaged person, even though I have a way of being that unfortunately arouses something bad in the women with whom I live in the marriage. They cannot understand that I am a person who likes to study constantly and do not understand my way of being, often judging me as lazy and inattentive with the family, generating discontent in them. What should I do Masters? I have a very strong call to internalize myself, and not taking this decision makes me stay with this dammed feeling. If I leave this relationship, I will never again enter into a relationship in my life. Gratitude masters. Thanks for everything.


Son, we will not give you an answer, for thus we would be harming your evolution. Realize that everything in life has a reason and all experiences lead us to be involved in our pains, what we do not feel good to admit. You are in the perfect experience for your evolution. But realize that these are situations that repeat themselves and will continue to repeat. Repetition, son, is a sign that something needs to be overcome, purified, and transcended. Now, son, look at this relationship, see what good it brings you, do not focus on what you would like, and what you wanted to do, focus on the good and the good. From this you will see that wanting is nothing more than a manifestation of your earthly personality that says very little about you and will always lead you to this repetition of cycles. You may have the time to do what you like as long as it does not become an escape from your own feelings and the truths you do not want to touch. It keeps these feelings camouflaged by a personality that does not tell you about what it is, but that leads you to hide from yourself. As you continue in the experiences that you are, you will continue to learn to give love to those who are close to you, giving up what is in favor of the beings who love you, you will begin the path of giving a little of you to your brothers. And that feeling will teach you something much richer, which is to give up on yourself for the sake of people, for a greater purpose. Your personality does not allow you to see life, it only imposes you to want for yourself without looking to the side, without having true compassion in the heart. Your family, son, is there to teach you this. You are free to follow, but the lesson, one way or another, will always come back into your life until you change your behaviors. Be in peace.

I am Rowena

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - June 2017.
Collaboration: Ilza Barreto
Text revision: Bruna Farias
Translation: Marcela Cerávolo Salomão