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Sunday, October 10, 2010

What is the job of Ask the Masters

We started a new work on the site Peace and Transformation.

We offer a form to receive the personal questions of each one of you, to be answered through channeling of the Masters.

The questions are answered by Thiago Strapasson, Michele Martini and Andre
 Kosoniscs as channels to receive the answers of the masters.

Often, we provide the job summary on the site at this link.

Below is a presentation by Master Rowena.

Gratitude to all

The Path of the Heart - Lady Master Rowena

So many questions, so many doubts that we need to heal to calm our heart.

Our heart which is so lacking love and affection.

Answering the questions of the heart is nothing more than practicing charity with yourself, and with the one who needs your help.

For one simple moment, put yourself in the place of the suffering of the other, think of the problems of the other, feel your heart pulsing in the lack of being embraced, caressed and loved.

All people, My Beloved Sons, are devoid of Love.  Since all are here, in search of the deeper connection with the Creator.

Wherever you are, at parties, at work, during a discussion, the eternal pursuit of the Human Being is always to receive Love. You search in various places, relentlessly, and when you do not find, respond dryly or with tears.

Tears and aridity, My Dear Sons, are nothing more than the lack of receiving Love, which can only be found within yourself. But this is the hardest place to find.

Everyone looks where their eyes can see, by living that experience in matter. All of you aim to be led by your physical senses, and only after searching too much and not finding, does it come from the heart. You find, in the emptiness of the heart, suffering, which pains the physical body, and then they are guided by the mountainous unknown lands in search of their inner love.

This search brings suffering, yes, brings tears. But this is only because you all take your lives based on the physical senses. You do not understand as being real something that you cannot physically feel. They only notice as real what pulsates in the pores of your skin, in your organs, when it hurts physically, when you see tears flowing down your sad faces. And then you may realize that something is happening within you.

This physical sensation, jointly with the incessant search for the Inner Self, which is purest Love, is always charged with "tortuous roads" of suffering. There has not been a man on this planet, My Beloved Sons, who has not gone through this process.

So I came to ask you: what separates you from the great Masters? What separates them from Master Jesus, Confucius, Gautama, Yogananda? My Children, you are like them. You are like us. We all have walked the roads of stoning, where we removed all the internal obstacles that kept us from reaching the deepest of our Inner Self.

But the search, My Sons, is accompanied by much Love from us, from those who have gone through this process. We, Beloved Ones, are here to help you on this journey.

And every time one of you proposes to start this journey, know that we will always be with you, at all times, following all your steps, even in the opposite direction, but we will be there to guide you to the path of the heart .

So trust me. Trust, under any circumstance, that we will be with you. And that you will be protected in your Love, in our Love. For We are One with you. We will remind you of the connection to the heart.

Through selfless work in charity, you will reach the center of your Self. You will meet, to shine a Being of Light and Love.

This journey, My Beloved Sons, is accompanied by many miracles, many tears, many pains, but many smiles and many accomplishments.

With each stone removed from the path, being a stone that existed inside your mind, you will see a Divine Light shine forth and, with this, it gradually becomes more and more Light, transforming into more Love. And then this Love, My Beloved Sons, will fill all the empty gaps where those stones existed, in order to give space so that Love could occupy a small piece, and that will grow gradually, illuminating the other stones, until they are dissolved by complete.

We will be with you at all times when you decide to follow your heart, to let Love guide your lives.
Do not fear, never.

There is nothing to be scared of when you are following the path of Love.

I AM Rowena

Messenger: Michele Martini - Dec 19, 2016

Translation: Marcela Cerávolo Salomão