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Tuesday, July 11, 2017





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Grateful masters and channelers. I am 29 years old and I suffer from many anguish, I cannot let it flow. But a specific fact makes me sick of suffering; when I was 11 or 12 years old I started to have obsessive thoughts that I had no control over, they were terrible thoughts of things that I abominated, related to deaths, murders, pornography, those thoughts were directed towards people I love the most, even more to my mother, who I love so much, everything that makes me sadder and frightened me, and was followed by impulses of the same nature, I was afraid of losing control. I fell into depression and thought I was going crazy. It was necessary to seek spiritual and medical help, doctors diagnosed me with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) with a predominance of intrusive thoughts. With the treatments of spiritual disobsession and medication prescribed by psychiatrists, I have practically run out of symptoms. But, since then, I have had 2, 3 relapses and they all made me suffer a lot. I have tried to take allopathic medication with a homeopath doctor, but it did not work. Now I am in treatment with a homeopathic psychiatrist and I am taking allopathic and homeopathic medication, our goal is to reduce allopathic medication, but in this decrease, the thoughts and a little bit of the impulses (terrible ones) are coming back. I do not want to have this anymore, please, what can I do? I think that one of the worst pains that human beings can feel is to ruminate about things that they abhor, and that go against their values. One day I want to have children, but I'm afraid to have those negative thoughts about them, if these thoughts are going to come to my mind regarding them, i´d rather not to have kids. Here on Earth, the doctors say that it is a disease without cure, which is only able to be controlled. I know that several people suffer from this, but they are ashamed, as I am, to talk about this disease, because it is very scary. I hope that those who suffer from this and are reading my question may also be helped in some way. I do not want to have this anymore, please, how do I do it?


Daughter, what you bring are memories of records from the past, filed in your akashico record which reflects in your mind while incarnate. You need to, in fact, feel these symptoms, face those thoughts with courage, until you master them, dominating them. It's as if there are two people, the person you are in the present and the other person who is there with you just so you learn by your example. As long as you deny your feelings you cannot overpower them. These thoughts and sensations come through the energetic threads that bind you to akashic records, but you can only access and enlight those records, when in fact you become no longer identified with those sensations, and this will only be achieved when you accept to feel them, in order to dominate them afterwards. With proper homeopathic medical attention, you will gradually reduce the medication, which until today has prevented you from feeling these symptoms, so that it gradually opens up to look at them. And then, little by little, you will be able to control these feelings one by one, until the moment they will no longer have power over you. When that time comes, my child, you will be ready to illuminate the record of soul that keeps this memory, so that it becomes wisdom, and agglutinates the experience, making it wiser. This is the process whereby all incarnates also go through, but in your case, you have the opening of information in a more intense way, because you decided it so, in order for you to transcend all these lower inclinations still in this incarnation. Everything will happen as planned. Just continue with the homeopathic treatment, without demanding a quick result from yourself, loving yourself within your own limitations.

I am Serapis Bey



Dear Masters, in recent years I have looked inside and spirituality has become an essential element for me, I feel and I know that I have changed a lot. I work with Reiki, Tibetan bowls, crystal bed and meditations to the people who look for me, sometimes I feel extremely motivated and very cheerful, but other times I feel empty, alone, as if something was missing and I do not know what, I just want to isolate myself, to be in meditation for an indeterminate time. Sometimes I find myself in silence for more than two hours. I feel as if I do not belong to this world, I feel myself empty, only wishing to be in contact with the Divine, but I have this life, husband and 3 daughters. The tragedies of the world, and not a few, affect me greatly, I am sorry, I have cried with compassion for others, I pray for the world, I have seen very little television. I recognize that I feel very well when I am surrounded by spiritual people and we talk about it or in a practice, but afterwards… Am I wrong to have this feelings? Why do I sometimes feel empty and alone, being sure that we're never alone, but that's what I feel? Am I on the right track or am I doing something wrong? How can I improve all of my feeling and doing? Thank all the Masters and channelers for the wise words.


Daughter, I am Rowena, a sister of love. I come today in the wings of love to bring you a little relief to your days, and to calm this afflicted little heart. Just let yourself be what you are. Do not cover yourself and do not judge yourself by just feeling. The pursuit of balance makes you surrounded by people at times, and by others you are alone, it is natural. You naturally seek this balance so that you will always remain in peace. The quest to be silent with yourself is so that you are always one with your truth while you are relating to people at other times. That is your nature and you have found your way to balance. Just accept it without judgment. This is natural and is part of humanity:  the adaptation to two means, the mental pattern and the lightness of consciousness, makes it necessary to experience a little of each energy. But, you just need to get rid of self-judgment. It is all right, my dear, to continue following your intuition and accepting your nature, knowing that you are living a new phase, in which the old ceases to make sense and the new one shines. But for this, you go through a period of transition where will be questioned everything that you have lived and the new that now appears in your life. And this questioning leads you to question everyone, to doubt the existing model. It is an absolutely natural process. But to transcend you must understand that you live on the planet, to bring back your humanity, failing to identify with the characters lived. You rescue these characters, live with them, but no longer identify with them. That is living with freedom, without judgment, just being love wherever. Gradually you will recognize this love so prevalent in you, that like water, you will be in the midst of the environments, infiltrating, but maintaining your peace, your truth. You will then return to the feeling of unity, to be part of the planet, to be used in a body, but knowing that it is a transitory reality in your life and that your consciousness is not attached to this dimension, because it is free. Then, you retaking this consciousness of unity will live your humanity, with love, but with freedom to maintain its authenticity before everything. Be in peace.



Beloved Masters, I greet you all! I have many questions, doubts and worries, like every human being, but I would like to know why I can´t find myself in anything, and I cannot like anything. Why this phobia and bus sickness? And what is the reason for so much fear of someone physically hitting on me? Why do I feel so weak and so far from this material world? Nothing fills me. Gratitude.


Daughter, work slowly on your acceptance of the material world and the reality where you live in. Do not demand yourself in being the example or even following in the footsteps of those who come to bring you advice. Remember that only one being knows its truth, and that being is itself. You will achieve the state of balance and peace, but this will be achieved only with your connection to your divine I Am presence. Begin gradually to nourish the taste for material life, and the best way to work on this initial adaptation is to always be close to nature. Try to be with the elementals. Always in open environments, in contact with plants, water. Try to carry with you an energetic amulet, which is a collection of herbs and stones that appear before you, because you will know which ones to carry by your intuition. Try to renew your amulet daily. Always carry with you some of these elements, which will be for you the remembrance of the connection with the planet and matter, but in a gentle way. Try to feed your love of life and nature. Over time, this love and security will bring you the strength to adapt to other forms of relationship and material connections, but all in good time. For now, work only this connection, and listen to the silence. Follow your intuition.

I am Rowena



I feel lost, I would like to know why, since I was little I feel different from everyone, I feel inferiority and I always feel I need to be in a religion to feel strong. Gratitude!


Daughter, greetings! I am Master Nada, a sister of love. I would like to remind you that this is a natural state of life's own evolution. For some people, so to speak, are enveloped by a greater armor, so that at the appropriate moment they will unfold in their purpose. You, daughter, came in a large family to help the planet and so help each other. While some has begun the work, others are still waiting for their turn, so that everything is ready for their true awakening. What you feel is your own still dormant energy. But do not be dismayed by this fact, since everything is perfect. But know that at some point you will feel the call within you, and as the river moves to the sea, you will be called to work to serve other brothers in your soul family who have already begun the purpose. Now, daughter, just settle those feelings inside you, with confidence that something greater awaits you, that the work, the true one that you came to play, has not yet begun, but that soon you will feel a new star calling you. And that call will be so strong that you will recognize it immediately. Just be in peace, in confidence, that everything is in the most perfect order.

I am Lady Master Nada

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - June 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto
Text revision: Bruna Farias
Translation: Marcela Cerávolo Salomão