Sunday, October 10, 2010

Master Saint Germain

I am Saint Germain and give myself in love to their hearts to serve them with the energy of truth, which provides for their own transformation, which by placing them before themselves naked and true, leads them to the transmutation of everything that restricts them. I work in order to work on the planet and in each one of you the points that need to be unveiled, opened, released, so that from everything that comes the light of your own recognition. I am a brother who, from the truth, who turns into the purest joy of life, gives you hands to liberation. From my own prison I have built my liberation, I have been freed from the constraints of matter, and thus I leave this way for those who are in peace to follow me, who desire their transformation, who do not hide from themselves and, above all, Recognize your Light, your presence "I Am in God that you keep in your heart. "

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson

Translation: Patricia Nogueira