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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Exu Souls Street Locks

Mister Souls Street Locks is the guardian of the Exu thrones, an exu master of high hierarchy. His mission is to descend to the fallen and make them an army of salvation and light.
Mister Souls Street Locks dominates the fallen so that, from their own darkness, they create the light through the will to unite, to help those brothers who have fallen as well. Mister Street Locks is minstrel of the ways, he closes and opens the paths of the suffering brothers. He has this power, of opening or closing the doors that only pass those who must pass.
Mister Street Locks is the conductor of light in the darkness. Comes with the mission of making the army of fallen, the army of resurrection.

Let Mister Street Locks arrive:

"He's strong, right, sons?

I am with you now, sons.

When children are going to do spiritual work in an environment that is not protected, call me that I come to do the protection.

Whoever takes contact with the work done by you, will feel it too, and will be involved in my energy and I will close the gates for nothing to enter.

The person who takes contact with your work, then, will be able to feel the power and the energy placed there, without any influence.

When I arrive, children, I arrive with everything. You feel in many ways, but just let this energy that I bring manifest, that soon passes. And you get used to it.

I hit the dog with my guardian trident, and everything around me is dissipated in transformation energy.

Whoever wants to stay inside stays, but to be transformed by free will. And whatever you do not want to get kicked out.

And so I come and, beating my trident, I form the field of protection. That will make what comes near is just that which is ready to be transformed, and therefore will not do you harm, because it is in the measure of your ability to help.

But whatever it is to disrupt, children, is expelled and thrown away. And then it vibrates the field of protection that is established by me, where nothing comes in and nothing comes out, until the work is finished.

And with that I'm leaving. I am with you brothers of light and charity. "

Channeled by Michele Martini and Thiago Strapasson

Translation : Patricia Nogueira