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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Master El Morya

I am El Morya and I introduce myself on the wings of joy that come from trust and faith in life, which is one who is unaware of fear because they know that they will do what has to be and that is always the best. The joy of those who give themselves to life to receive all open arms, to cherish those of the heart afflicted with an energy of renewal, perseverance, protection and love. I bring in my heart the Blue Flame and radiate energy of direction always into the path of the Heavenly Father / Mother's arms. In my heart doubt does not persist, it is replaced by surrender to the best. That is why my manifestation is courageous in confrontations. I bring my brethren or breath of divinity to radiate their hearts, reminding them to celestial children nothing can occur, but the very elevation in light. I accept with confidence the mission to radiate the planetary paths that are filled with faith, perseverance and certainty in evolution. In my physical lives I held leadership positions, because of my nature always conveys this feeling of fullness and comes from the best. This is my nature. And in the doubt of life they will be able to irradiate the blue flame, call for my presence in a breath of light, from their interior surrender, I will be serving them and I will lead them in that energy of joy that is a trust in Father / Mother God . My brothers are blessed and for no other reason I receive them in my arms of light.

Channeled by Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini
Translation: Patricia Nogueira