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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I am the Light of the Way - Master Rowena

Music: Maid with the Flaxen Hair – Richard Stoltzman (Claude Debussy):

In this beautiful and simple moment, where you bring to your present the act of breathing, I extend to you a beautiful carpet of flowers, where you begin to walk lightly and sweetly, towards a beautiful garden.

This garden is the cradle of subtlety and happiness, of joy in balance, of wholeness.

You walk on the beautiful rug extended to you; sweetly appreciate this beauty that is here especially for you, as a welcome invitation, saying that you are indeed welcome in what is your home, your home, your planet.

Wrapped in the pink light of love, I thank you for your presence with my mantle of flowers, which I stretch beneath your feet, to perfume the whole environment, all this space that you inhabit.

In this space, which I ask permission to enter, is what I come to occupy within your heart.

Her heart radiating in love, it is dazzling the beauty of flowers. For the most beautiful work of creation is within you, to shine and illuminate this beautiful flower field.

This field is greener, more colorful, and more fragrant, thanks to its light, which radiant and beautiful, illuminates and purifies, fills all living spaces with life. All the tiny sparks of life are vibrating in your presence, boasting about your existence on this planet. For without his coming, nothing would have purpose.

This whole environment exists only to shelter your light, so that you receive it as your home. It is specially prepared for you, which vibrates more and more intense light, each step of your beautiful walk, timid and overshadowed in the path of individual overcoming.

You are shining so intensely and beautifully that you radiate the necessary food so that everything is perennial, so that everything is always beautiful and colorful in its surroundings.

All life forms celebrate by your presence, they are all grateful for being here, and for being part of your history. The story of a small focus of light, which radiates a flame as bright and powerful as the Sun, and which will release all who are present also on this walk, observe it, and place in you the hope of extending the more beautiful days, shining with love, the glitter of his gaze, full gratitude for life.

Your gaze brings the taste of hope, with each day started, you show how strong and beautiful it is to be here. How subtle is its beauty, which so often is not perceived by itself, but which is remarkable by all who feel its energy of light, to shine in the environments where it walks.

You are light to shine in every corner of creation, it is hope to be born in hearts, it is love to shine within every form of life on this planet. You show what love is, just by its simple existence. Simple and sovereign, before so many who are bathed in their light, their look of joy and quiet.

Its brightness is able to illuminate all the corners where the sun is not reaching. Your gaze is more beautiful than a sunset. Your light is able to heal even the deepest of sorrows, fears and fears. Your hope is contagious and brings joy wherever it is shown.

You are an arm of God's divine spark. You are the energy that dwells in every heart. You light up the stories of those who have walked the path of the inner quest. You guide, protect, love, protect, all the afflicted. You are able to heal even the most serious of diseases. For nothing is more sovereign than the power of his love, when radiated to a being who needs to receive its light.

You are the miracle, the one who came to bring a breath of hope to the afflicted hearts. You are the light that shines before the darkness, and turns darkness into light. Just by the glint of your gaze.

You are, my brother, the light radiating in hope and faith for all mankind.

This is your true mission, the purpose of your existence.

Radiate and shine that love.

I am Rowena

Messenger: Michele Martini - July 11, 2017.

Translation : Patricia Nogueira