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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

FAQ - I am experiencing various mediumistic manifestations, what do I feel is true, what is the purpose of all these abilities?

I want to know if what I feel is true and what is the purpose of such skill? I can talk to spirits and talk to them. Sometimes I can hear my name called without people. I can feel energy on the tips of my fingers and on the scalp, legs and belly. If I embrace someone I can convey this energy, people begin to feel. I've already written something I've been told to write. I have already conveyed messages of disembodied spirits to your relatives.


The mediumistic manifestations are surprising. It is a wonderful and blessed process and every day the medium becomes capable of receiving new surprises and stimuli to continue helping and donating.
But it is necessary first of all that the medium should find his balance, his inner peace, and above all else be anchored in the purpose of giving. Humility, this is the cornerstone of the medium, spiritual pride, is the point of moral fall.
Because donating your energy field for communication is a very serious matter, and the psychic needs to understand that this phenomenon has consequences in your life, in your body, home, family, everything.
Therefore, before the mediumship, it is necessary to find the balance of itself. It is necessary to begin the inner search, the inner silence, to seek the understanding that each being is inserted in his own experience, and that a single medium is not able to solve the problem of all the needy. To think like this is selfishness and lack of charity with oneself.
Most psychics see as a gift of self the incessant quest for surrender, but that deep down is nothing more than the ego imposing still another personality. One who gives himself to extradimensional communication must be a mere instrument of the divine, as a tool of spiritual guides, one must respect the limits of spiritual work, see oneself as a mere instrument that is first respected and in accordance with the free will of the one who is working.
When you see or feel a suffering spirit and let your suffering energy affect you and involve you in your pain, stop respecting the spiritual team that will say whether or not you are allowed to act in that service.
Therefore, it is necessary first of all to establish a firm and trusting connection with your spiritual guides so that they are always with the one who gives to work and thus can direct the work to only what is allowed by God, and that is to the measure of the mediumistic ability, respecting his body, his health, his life in the first place.
Therefore, the medium has a responsibility to seek moments to silence the mind, to connect with his mentors, and to give his life so that his guides and his team guide him, guide the paths, but also respect his own limits.
So within his own balance, conscious of his mediumistic faculties, the spiritual team can direct the works. Therefore, the first work is of this inner quest, every day, every minute. It's a job of responsibility.
The work must always be done with authorization, always respecting the learning of each being, never going beyond what is allowed and above all recognizing the divinity in every source of consciousness, without judgment. For this does not contradict the will and the divine time for the learning of each being, preserving itself, and allowing that its learning also happens respecting its time and its health.

Translation: Patricia Nogueira