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Saturday, July 1, 2017





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I wonder if the last boy I was interested in is really heterosexual? If so, why did he look at me so much, as if he was interested in me? I really want to understand this, because so far, for me, it's pretty confusing.


My beloved brother, you are attached to external symbols. You live your life wanting to understand what you live, but not by your heart, but by social standards. You, son, dissociate yourself from the pattern of your sexual choice, and that is absolutely normal. But you do not realize that many are still attached to the pattern, and therefore what you feel in your heart does not resonate with what passes before your eyes. You need to understand that not everyone still has acceptance of changing patterns and thus allows each one's time to make their own choice. Just follow your heart, but always respecting the choices of those who, although energetically tell you something different, you have not yet released to your inner truth. Your heart will always guide you energetically, but you will not always find the resonance in what you felt, for not all are true with your feelings. Be in peace, son.

I am Kuthumi



Beloved Masters, I love you very much. Today I wish, if possible, the clarification of a doubt that has settled in my heart. Yesterday I won an image of the "Family Sacred" in a lottery, where a large number of people participated, beautiful image, and I was immensely happy. Since I intend to separate myself from my husband as soon as I am able to support myself and my daughters, I wondered if perhaps I did not win this image as a sign that I would not separate, it would be a message of "Our Lady and St. Joseph "for me to keep my family, regardless of any situation? As always I thank everyone for their attention to me. Namastê!


My daughter, acknowledge the external signs for what you have in your heart. Spirituality never sends you signal about the choices you have to make, but only about what you need to solve in your life, so that you can continue your journey of light. You, daughter, are sovereign beings and we will never tell you what to do, but we will only give you signals about what you need to end. The decision of how it will be is always yours, but there are situations that should not be postponed without a resolution. They need to be finalized so that they can then move on to the new teachings. As they postpone certain situations, they block the flow of learning and make repetitive learning out of their lives in a totally unnecessary way. Now, daughter, it's time to decide what you want for your life, ending a cycle of suffering so that other learning can be brought to benefit your evolution and those who are with you. Be in peace.

I am Kuthumi



Dear Masters, gratitude once again for this opportunity, I have no words to describe how happy I am to have this chance to speak here with you, I love you very much, and thank you to the brothers who do this beautiful work! Today I come with a feeling that I would not like to bring here, but I know that I can count on the words of wisdom of you, I am really frustrated and hopeless, as you know I am in a wait from the beginning of this year for the change of city, that it will consequently bring to make my life better, I want a fresh start for me. And then I made that decision. Where I am living I am not happy, I am living in financial difficulties, I am totally caught up in various aspects of my life, I have the feeling that nothing is going on. I know that we should always be grateful, honor and love all that we are and have, but I am not able to put into practice, so disappointed that I am. As you know, there is a legal process for the release of this change, and it has been denied. And it just took the floor off me. I asked my beloved mentor for the help I needed, based on the tool she gave me, I kept trying to find answers because it did not work and maybe I have to wait for something better to happen? Or what happened were negative interferences? I was even willing to abandon this incarnation, so discouraged, I am in such great revolt that I can no longer see beauty in small things, believe in the new times, see the world with the love I always had inside me, I want these feelings and thoughts no more, I want to spread my light again, to understand, to accept and to trust in divine perfection with all my heart, but I cannot, because I long for answers and directions, thank you once more.


Daughter, you are in the natural process of cleansing, going through the most important and transformative moment of your life that will allow you to cross the bridge that separates you from your full happiness and encounter with your truth. You, daughter, naturally seek what will bring you more security, but you will not be able to carry with you the baggage that still carries pain and suffering. It is necessary, daughter, to let go of all this feeling of revolt and dissatisfaction with life. It is no time to repress it. You will have new doors open before you when you are willing to leave that entire luggage behind. But that does not mean that you should seek to be the pure and grateful child of God. But, daughter, you must let all the feelings of discord, dissatisfaction, hatred, fear be exposed, all inferior feelings must be purged. And no more guarded. We know it will be a painful phase, yes, dear, but you are already in the process, you just did not accept it. This process, in the end, will leave a new woman born, who will no longer carry this feeling of bitterness in the heart. It is only from the moment you become dissatisfied with your own life, with what you feel inferior to within yourself that you are prepared to put all this out. Remember: We all have our inner beasts, and from the moment you let this beast go outward, it will become your guardian and protector, it will bring you the feeling of strength and courage. But for that, let the beast come loose. Release it. It is no longer necessary to leave it trapped within itself, and try to show the outside only a false image of peace. Let the beast go out, if lower feelings come, then shout, purge, shut yourself up in a setting with only yourself, and allow there to leave all your tears and pain, let all lower feelings come out, write, speak herself. Admit that they exist and just so will allow them to come out. I'll be with you to help you. Repeat on my name: XATIALIÊ, XATIALIÊ, XATIALIÊ. With his hands flat on his heart and then again with his hands flat on his laryngeal chakra. You will feel my energy getting involved and then you can let go of everything that does not want to be part of you anymore. After releasing all those baggage, daughter, you will be ready to take on new challenges. Repeat for 21 days, and you will gradually realize how your life will change.

I am Durga Kali



I am initiating my channeling and Ascension. I would like guidance taking into account my experience in this life. And if possible, have more details about my spiritual guides (origin, lineage, etc.).


Son, you seek your evolution from the mind. You seek ascension as an ego requisition, which leads you to a path of pain, an empty search for names, certainties, when very little of it matters in the path of evolution. My brother evolution is a gentle way, where love must prevail. What good would all wisdom, all information devoid of love, charity, and the real interest in contributing to the planet? Ascension, my brother, is a process of integration into love and acceptance of unity rather than an unbridled search for information. Remember that the divine energy is not in your mind, but in your heart, and from that contact is that everything will become your life. Be in Peace.

I am Gregorio (Chico Xavier)

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - June 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto
Text revision: Bruna Farias
Translation: Patricia Nogueira