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Thursday, June 29, 2017





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Gratitude for this opportunity to get in touch with divine wisdom and love. I was in a very positive cycle, where I was able to deepen my work of self-knowledge and self-transformation vibrating in light and joy. But sometime in this last month I opened the door to an anguish that is gripping me tremendously, depressing me. I am feeling identified with the role of mother and see how much restraint and fear I have passed on to my children. I have realized that I am teaching them a look at the world, distorted by my own frustrations and limitations. I do not feel professionally fulfilled and now in the middle of my life I feel the time run down my fingers. I have been mistreated through inadequate and excessive food. I'm no longer comfortable inside my skin. I feel like a slave to my routine, I have to work to support my children, I feel obliged to play sports to take care of my body, I need to take care of my house and my children, to be a daughter, sister, girlfriend, ex-wife, friend. I feel hostage to my past unconscious choices and feel that I have not played well the myriad roles. I want time for me, to practice my sadhana, to enter into communion with God. To listen to my heart and enter again into flowing with the divine that I am. I was caught again by the illusion and once again I do not see the exit. I am feeling hatred of myself and my unconscious choices. I'm judging myself. I judge everything I see. I exclude myself and feel excluded. I reject myself and feel rejected. I sabotage myself and I feel unable to deal with life. Where is the voice of the heart that spoke to me in silence? I need a break. Being swallowed by illusion leaves me exhausted and leads me nowhere. I ask for help in finding forgiveness. I ask for help so that I can forgive myself. I ask for help also to identify the door that has brought me to this hole so painful and known. I do not want to fall here again.


Dear daughter, just give up on yourself. All that it brings today as tasks and obligations are mental creations. Remember that all are imperfect because they still manifest their restraints, and therefore are incarnated. And remember that your children are just by your side, because you need to experience the experience of being with someone who carries the restrictions you carry, because only through this coexistence, they will evolve, because each behavior you awaken in them is an opportunity to heal a restraint they brought. Therefore, my dear, remember that everything that is near is only by resonance. If you do not have time to practice sports, then do not practice. If your heart asks for silent moments, surrender the will of your heart. Be your essence. Your inner truth is screaming in your ears, asking to be heard, and letting go of the illusions, the charges of matter, that say nothing about your truth. Give yourself to this call and just follow what your heart asks for.

I am Lady Master Pórtia



Hello Masters, immense gratitude for all the help you give me! I love you all and I would like you to help me once more to try to understand what happens to my love life. This part has always seemed to me to be my biggest challenge and has always had a major impediment, repetitive cycles are going on and I cannot know if I do something wrong with men or if they really are not for me. Seeing that my love life always fails makes me very sad and I feel incapable. The last time was no different from so many others. I tried to follow all the advice of the mentors, to fight my fear of surrendering and being hurt. Even so, the fear of being rejected by this person whom I have feelings for is even greater. I felt I stuck and I could not demonstrate how much I liked him enough. I blame myself for this, for I think I was wrong, and if I had not gone we would be together now. However, when I asked for spiritual help they told me that I did nothing wrong and there are other problems that prevent us from being together. I feel he likes me and I was there all the time, but he chose not to stay with me and have a relationship. I do not understand why, I do not understand what's holding us back from being together. I wonder if the problem is me, or if it is him, or if it is neither, but something external. What should I change, and how should I act? Something in my heart says that I should not give up like I always did with others, even with all these confusions. They told me that if I say everything I have in my heart I will push him away, but if I do not say it, he thinks I do not want anything at all. I'm confused how to deal with it, I cannot figure out what to do. Is there something I cannot see? Why am I having to go through all this suffering? What can I improve to make this relationship finally work out? Gratitude for everything, Masters!


Daughter of light and love, we have only one message for you. Which is the reminder that they have forgotten to ask themselves what to do or not do, with their own life and their feelings. Look for answers in external places, but none of them will bring the answer you want, because the inner process is individual, and only you, it is that you must feel what is to be done or spoken. All these repeated experiences, daughter, occur only so that you learn to turn to yourself, hear her heart and her truth. Put aside the insecurity, the fear of not pleasing. For you should only put yourself first in your own life, and realize what pleases you. Have you asked yourself what pleases you? Did you ask what you really want? You can only receive this response when you are silent. That way you can let the voice of the heart speak, which will show the way. Feel your daughter heart, learn to let your life be guided by your intuition. If at any moment you feel that you should be silent and do not give your opinion to your beloved, you realize that he goes through a time when he needs silence to reflect, so allow that moment to happen. And so also do the opposite, if you perceive in your heart that it is time to say something, in smaller doses, but that will gradually bring your truth to the external, so let it come out from within you, let the words to leave in a gradual way, all in good time, respecting yourself and your own learning experience. Learn to observe daughter, and just follow your life by doing everything in the way that brings more meekness to you, which brings more peace and calms the feeling of anxiety. Over time you will learn to feel and it will become easier, it is a training. So just do not cover yourself that way. Allow yourself to lead your own life and learning gradually, in smaller doses, not to cause so much suffering, daughter. Learn to feel your heart, and manifest what you feel in the moment, respecting your time for everything to happen. I love you, daughter.

I am Rowena



Dear Masters, I need a Light! My ways are locked in every way. The financial situation is chaotic. I cannot even buy a loaf of bread. My rent is late and I'm scared. I cannot work. I've been working my insides, I've been trying to balance myself, but sometimes, tears fall. This period is being the worst I've ever had in this lifetime. I have four dogs and the oldest one is sick and I cannot keep the medicine. My children, only for God's sake. I know it will pass, because all this is fleeting. I have kept in my heart the peace, the certainty, and the confidence of my victory. A few years ago I had a dream with an Indian and he gave me his name and asked me to call him whenever I needed it, it was very beautiful. I have had several moments of lucidity, of having been in one of my past life an American Indian. Give me a Light, my dear ones! Great thank you for the opportunity.


Daughter. Try to get rid of the energy that makes you enter the mental pattern and focus on your inner truth. This moment in which you live, is the opportunity of the beginning. Just as everyone on the planet lives the same period of transformation, you also have the opportunity to see all that you have built and believed to this day, to crumble, to be rebuilt on the foundations of truth. You will not find a new job until you seek for what is your essence. Restart is the opportunity to rebuild life on the foundations of inner truth, so there is no point in looking for something that is not aligned with your purpose. The only door that will open now, daughter, is the one of your truth. Silence, and find within your heart what makes you happy and live with love and satisfaction. And look for this way, you will see how the doors will open.

I am Lady Master Pórtia



Thank you for the opportunity and to have access to all this knowledge that I have had through these blogs. I would like to know what my mission is here. Since childhood I always felt special. I felt I should never disappoint anyone. I've always thought of people's good. Never in me. But always thinking that was right. Always very, very afraid. Now 50, I still feel that I should never disappoint anyone. That I need to be perfect in what others think of me. But I am very grateful to everything in this world. I had a cancer 9 years ago, I do not know the reason for this disease that I had, because I went very well with all these invasive treatments. Thank you so much for the opportunity.


Work on self-confidence. You daughter, look at the external, not looking inside of itself. Appeal to listen to your own needs, and do what makes you happy. Strive to please yourself and seek your satisfaction in all your actions. Establish this focus from today, and you will see how, gradually, the need to please the external will reduce until it disappears completely. Those who are watching, will see how happy you are, and take your experience as an example to find your own joy and inner satisfaction. That way you can please being your own truth.

Lady Master Pórtia

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - June 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto
Text revision: Bruna Farias
Translation: Patricia Nogueira