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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A lotus flower rises in the middle of the dark swamp - Mother Mary

May the blessings of love bring peace to their bodies, minds and hearts.

Beloved children

The time has come to welcome you into my mantle of love and motherly protection.

In the bosom of my love, you are welcomed as sweet children who have been lost to find their true path of peace.

You have been involved in endless internal strife, which you have waged against themselves, and which have caused deep wounds of pain. These wounds caused you to discredit your own self-restraint, the strength of love, and the light within you.

You have been lost in the garments of material life to be carried in the waves of illusion, in the distractions that life brings you, and that distract you from the brightness of your true light, which distances you from the state of peace and meekness which dwells within each one of you.

You let all the pains unfold, exposed those inferior aspects that you carried, that the healing might occur, that they might be the manifested truth, and then you would lose yourself to the point of thinking that you could no longer find yourself in your own heart in love.

The light shone in your eyes, which always remained radiant in the midst of obstacles and learning, but which, in the face of their deepest overcoming, you lost the connection with the divine inside you.

You walked through deserted streets, bringing light to those who needed so much, but only to have contact with the light, to seek it again, because you no longer felt yours radiance.

You illumined, healed and walked through valleys of pain, helping those who needed charitable hands, a loving look, a tender and determined heart to offer your gifts to those who had nowhere to turn.

But this was only a phase, which presented itself to make contact with its inner light again. That light was overshadowed by the shadows of his overcoming journey and your own transformation.

Oh, my dear ones. There were long roads where you no longer want to look back, but they were all trodden with the courage that I placed in you, and guided by my love. It was those who brought the truth before the illusion, you bloomed the purest light in the darkest swamp of fear and fear of those brothers who needed you.

These sweet and beautiful experiences have brought you more wisdom, more nobility in your hearts, have brought you the opportunity to show that you can turn the shadow into light and heal the harder hearts and flower them in love.

You have brought hope and peace to those who have made contact with you, my children. And I am extending my mantle of gratitude upon you, for you are my beloved children, children of a Father / Mother who welcomes you and embraces you in our love, so that you may feel that you are truly loved.

We were with you to observe you, and to follow the evolutionary scale that you have undergone, of a long learning among the rocks of your greatest surpasses. Obstacles that you thought were insurmountable were placed before you, but only in that way could they be healed forever in their deepest pains.

You have been moving towards your enlightenment, your purification, and today you are brighter and brighter with light. You shine like the most beautiful stars in the sky, my dear children. And my mantle shining upon you is already obscured by all the light that you also shine.

It is a path of no return of your enlightenment, where you are slightly approaching the state of fullness, and become lighter, more detached from everything that made you feel insecure in the midst of material experience.

You begin to reach the state of peace of those who have decided to face the greatest obstacles in their hearts, which had deep regrets about life, blockages, traumas and patterns. All of these are dissolved in your light, which shines at that moment to bring more peace to your days, my dear children.

And today I come again to remind you of your journey that you traveled so hard, that in the end it was intended precisely to take you where you are, shining your light, on the way to the encounter of the truth that so long kept within yourselves.

It was hard days that led you to the star that now radiates from your hearts. It is a new star, inexplicable, inexorable, unpredictable, that from the darkness you walked radiates radiant as a fuel to illuminate your lives.

The illusory life of pain, of anguish, of anger, of trials, vanishes in the midst of the fingers, like dust, and what remains is the emptiness and brightness of this star, which illuminates the path of so many people. They see in you a little breath in your days, a little light to guide them in their own trajectory.

And so your personal trajectories become the path of those who, just as you did, coming out of the dark alleys of life, seek the light to breathe. This light lulls the hearts, and from the marsh mud, the lotus flower appears, like magic, like a glow of light where it could not be imagined.

Yes, children, that's what they do, they plant seeds of light in the swamp, which shines in a subtle pollen, which spreads new flowers in unimaginable places. And the mud, the swamp, slowly turns into a garden, full of brightness.

Not that the swamp does not have its beauty, or its function, but the greater beauty is precisely to see the lotus flower emerging from the depths of its darkness, to surprise those who said that there was no beauty there. You are the transmitters of the pollen, which spreads in the wind, giving birth to new flowers, which are born in unexpected places.

So I come today, just to bring my mantle of gratitude for what you do, for allowing flowers to be born in the most unexpected environments of creation and from that light, hearts begin to shine. And the light that I planted in their hearts in the moments of difficulty that have passed is dazzled. This light, which I have left with all my love to sustain you in doubt, difficulty, pain and suffering, is so tiny in the radiance that you radiate, that you incorporate and disappear into the immensity that you are today.

And so, my children, you become diluted in me, and I in you, and we become one body to sustain the unity of hearts. You are stars that unite to shine and illumine, empty, without purpose, but which illuminate and unite to await those who in the same process will delight in our light, and, in love, will come to us in unification.

And in this oneness we represent the coat, on my humble mantle of light, which is small in front of what you represent to me.

I am your Mother, Mary.

Messengers: Michele Martini and Thiago Strapasson - July 25, 2017.

Translation: Patricia Nogueira