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Friday, July 7, 2017

I am, and that’s it – Thiago Strapasson

Today I witnessed a discussion among friends who spoke of the bible, the spiritist religion (Allan Kardec), the Umbanda doctrine, where they discussed these issues before me.

I stood there watching, for some did not even believe in mediumship, but I simply watched to see what I could draw from this discussion. And it was then that I realized how much I am free, because what came to me in the face of all that discussion was simply the expression "I Am." I could see how liberating this expression "I Am" is. I felt it in a way that had never happened before.

Because it was when it came to me that nothing of what was being discussed mattered. It did not matter because the only truth was very simple, just as God is simple, that is: we are a spiritual consciousness, all of us. A consciousness that inhabits physical bodies on a planet.

What came to me was a liberating smile, for such a truth appeared before me, that all this discussion passed through me, but I was not that, and there came a point that I simply no longer understood what was being discussed, as if I was present in body, but not in consciousness. I was there watching.

While discussing whether the "y" doctrine says this, while the "X" speaks that I just felt this truth: "I Am." And all that, in my conception, got lost, became human, something that really did not matter. It was when I came into contact with a truth so simple, but that it is greater than all. We are simply spiritual beings to inhabit a body in a planetary experience. Incarnate beings, using a temporary vest that is this body. A garment that will one day cease to "work," for whatever reason God wants.

And on that day, when that clothing loses its function, we will have deep contact with the only truth "I Am." On this day through our consciousness we can see our body already disconnected from consciousness and we will know, I have always been what I am and I did not know, but I never ceased to be.

But as you read these words, you may be able to tell me that you do not even believe that you are a spiritual being, that you are a spirit. And I say, that does not change the reality that you are a spiritual consciousness, even if you do not believe it, it will never change.

And one other thing I can say, even because of the mediumistic opening I have, that one day, absolutely everyone, will come into contact with this truth, which is "I Am." But perhaps some tell me, still, that I cannot prove that we are a spirit. And I say, I am not, and it does not matter because it does not take away this greater truth, that we are all spiritual beings.

So I realized that very little really matters. Because of my openness, the spiritual world is as palpable as a television or any apparatus, such as water or earth. I just cannot detach myself from this reality. And perhaps this is the great difficulty of understanding this truth, "I Am," because without seeing or hearing we forget we feel the force of this truth.

Because this is a liberating truth, when we begin to realize how all those rules that tell us how to work with energies, about eating this or that, living this way or that, doing this or that. I realized how I just do not care about any of it. And next to this perception came a breath of peace, of freedom, where the weights of my shoulders that saw this heated discussion are gone.

So he was there watching the religious discussion and thinking, "How little does it really matter." Because all these religious or spiritualist doctrines bring rules, dogmas that do not alter the greater truth, "I am a spiritual being."

All this is belief that does not alter the truth "I Am." So I can live wherever I want, to wear whatever I want, to eat or to drink whatever I want, and yet I will never cease to be a spiritual conscience.

So I free myself from everything, in fact I discover that I have always been free, I have never changed my nature, I have always been and I will continue to be. This reality has never changed for anything. Then it came to me, as none of it matters even those thoughts that have turned into words now. How little it makes sense and how I do not have to look for anything to be spiritual, because that has always been my reality. Simply "I Am".

Sometimes we try so hard to enlighten ourselves, but then we discover that we have transcended matter, never been matter, and that we have always been a spiritual consciousness. This has always been the truth because we have always been a spiritual being and nothing removes this reality. It is something so simple: "I am a spiritual being."

But as for me, this is so obvious, palpable, and again, perhaps, if I read this, if I read that, if I can prove this or that truth. And I say again that I did not read because I was an atheist until recently and that it never mattered to me, because it never changed my true nature that is "I Am."

And in the end, everyone will one day realize that despite everything they have lived, thought, committed or not, they have never ceased to be this truth: "I am a spiritual being." And then you will see that all these behaviors, those rules that are imposed are simply because we are not able to feel the greater truth: "I am a spiritual consciousness, I am a being of light, I am a Son of God." And as something that much has been said becomes so simple: "I Am."

Then I found myself experimenting without judgment, seeing the light. Just as I drank water at that moment I was in touch with this truth: "I am a spiritual being."

But it was then that I discovered how uninteresting it was to discuss dogmas, doctrines, courses of enlightenment, and so on, because none of these changes the truth that I was always a spiritual consciousness.

For this is a liberating truth, where I am free to live where I am, to live the way I want, to eat what I feel like, to smile with my life, to play with the experiences that come to me. None of this will alter that truth: "I Am, I have always been and I will continue to be."

And the fact of being is liberating. I can do whatever I want because I have always been a spiritual being, just as everyone is. No matter what they do, the consequences of it, but each being is as spiritual as another. There is no difference between anyone.

And then I come to the understanding of an expression, which I have read, heard, but never understood, or felt in all its length that is the force of the expression "I Am." I Am and nothing else matters, only the "I Am" is what matters because it sums it all up. Nothing that tells me that it is right, wrong, that I can, should or should not do, alters that truth, that only those who feel it understand: "I Am."

And when I say, "I Am," I repeat, I am saying, I am a child of God, a Spiritual Consciousness, a Being of Light, just as everyone has this same condition regardless of what they believe or believe. That is our nature and that alone matters, and then I stop discussing what is written, what I read or not, because it just does not matter. And this is my truth.

Be in peace.

Thiago Strapasson - July 07, 2017.

Translation : Patricia Nogueira