Sunday, July 2, 2017

FAQ - Invoke the violet flame can cause physical discomfort such as dizziness and insomnia?

I want to know if when we started to invoke the Violet Flame it may initially cause physical discomfort, because when I finished I became very dizzy, lasted all night and the next day, as if it were a labyrinthine crisis and then total insomnia. Was it this energy that I'm not accustomed to or just a malaise that there is no relation with it?


It is natural to feel dizzy and insomnia during therapeutic procedures. This is known for catharsis. Proceed by reducing the energy load a little; work the invocation for a shorter time, or alternate days of the week until you are more in line with that energy.
Observe your body and symptoms, just as you are doing, to make the right dose of invocations that maintains your balance.
If you are doing daily, start doing it every other day. If you are doing it twice a day, start doing it for once a day. Go regulating your self-treatment as your body responds. This is natural.

Translation: Patricia Nogueira