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Friday, September 22, 2017

About the Great White Brotherhood

What is the white brotherhood of masters?

The great white fraternity is a congregation of brothers whose purpose of remaining attached to the planet is to anchor light to humanity, aiding and guiding its process of evolution.

Who are your members?

Its members are beings, incarnated or not, throughout the cosmos, who have the common purpose of keeping the light and the radiance radiant in the hearts of men and women, taking care of their evolution, so that they shine crystal clear, pure and free to find the happiness and brotherhood on Earth.

What are the attributions of the great white fraternity?

The great white fraternity is an egrégora of brothers whose objective is to keep alive the light of God that each human being keeps in its heart. This work is done through the dissemination and irradiation of the brotherly love of God.

Beside this energetic anchorage, where love at its highest vibration is flamed for the good of all mankind, the Masters attached to the Great Fraternity accompany the expansion and evolution of the coefficient of light that keeps radiant the project in which the souls of the Earth Experience life on this beautiful planet.

In this work there are specific egregores, which are the dispensing houses, which receive specific attributions within this great project that is the maintenance of life on Earth. Each one of these egregores works ceaselessly in favor of humanity, disincarnated and incarnated, so that each member, within its limits, awakens to superior potentials of love and enlightenment.

The Great Fraternity, with the help of other egrégoras who keep the work of light and love in the works in progress, is the center that maintains the radiance of the purest and crystalline Christlike light that has bathed mankind since ancient times. The Christ light is the fuel that binds earthly experiences in love and wisdom, so that, from the progressive purification of its members, the planet increases the coefficient of light, towards the global ascent, to a world of regeneration of its members, which are awakening to their cosmic truth.

Are not only the Ascended Masters who belong to the Great White Brotherhood?

He could never, for if this were so, there would be no purpose of unity to be spread among mankind. What happens is that a group of experienced souls, who have transcended their own restrictions from earthly experience, by diluting and reintegrating themselves to the love of God, have decided to remain bound to this project in order to assist mankind in their Process of resurrection.

This group, in its totality, is formed by souls who were inserted in this project of collective evolution and that, although free to follow its path of evolution, decide to remain as pillars of light to radiate all humanity, anchor the love of God and the Christic energy among men and women from all over the planet.

It is a group that acts in favor of love, with patience and resignation, maintaining the light so that humanity finds the way of its evolution, from its own inner light. These beings, who from their evolution have detached themselves from the planetary grid, are known as ascension masters. But they can be known only as brothers of light and love, and nothing else.

What do the rays radiating from light-giving houses to mankind mean?

Dear ones, at every moment the great fraternity anchors light. This is its purpose as it has already been said: anchoring light to the planet. Thus this anchoring is accomplished according to the essential energy of the group of ascending souls who, after transcending in their own light, continue to perform their purpose assumed in groups of like beings.

This is how, on specific days of the week, in their linear time, dispensing houses more incisively aid the evolution of humanity. All members are at all times in this work of anchoring, but this primordial neutral anchored energy is worked out in one of its aspects in specific days or situations.

The primordial force of light is neutral, pure, without poles, but one of the functions of the dispensing houses, which are egregores of related groups, act to take care of the evolution of humanity in specific aspects that this primordial light brings to humanity. So it is that strength and faith is worked on Sundays, early in the week. On the second weekly day love, so that this force is balanced and dosed by communion. On the third day of the week, humanity is radiated by wisdom, which binds strength to love. On the fourth day, the ascension group, which after the work of the first days, finds the best conditions to work for peace and purification among humanity. On the fifth day they will feel a strong process of catharsis, where the green spot will work to heal all those who open their hearts to the process of their own enlightenment. On the sixth day of the week, passion and devotion to creation is anchored so that on the seventh day a week the masters of the transmutation group have elements for the transformation of all the liberation and healing accomplished throughout the week. This process is done with patience, resignation and always maintaining love for all, so that naturally the transformation of humanity occurs in its time, in the time of its own maturation.

Does this mean that on other days the other dispensing houses do not work?

No, only in these weekly days is there more possibility to work specific aspects, but the work in the kingdoms promotions is progressive and tireless.

As long as there is a single tear between men, this group will be working to cherish the hearts in need of a breath of light.

What do the positions of the great white fraternity mean?

Spirituality acts in an organized way. Each brother finds in his heart the purpose of working in the whole and so he does daily with perseverance and love. Some brothers, however, because of the light they are capable of anchoring by themselves, occupy essential positions within this set of consciousnesses that work for humanity.

Fraternity acts in the unity of hearts, no member performs any function without it being prevalent in its heart, and whose function is to assist mankind in its own evolution. Each heart is brought into unity in this common purpose, and finds its function, because the primordial force is perfect in its purpose and as well its children.

But there are brothers who play essential roles among the great white fraternity, they are:

Lord Gautama who by his wisdom assists all other members in their purpose.

Teachers Jesus, Master Mary Magdalene, Master Kuthumi and Mistress Clara as instructors of humanity. They follow the designs of humanity in its path of light.

Lord Maitreya and Lady Kuan Yin as cosmic Buddhas. They attach the Christic energy to humanity, they radiate forgiveness, compassion and the purest primary love to all humanity.

Maha Chohan in the aid center of the dispensing houses.

Masters El Morya and Mirian as Chohans of the Blue Ray of Strength and Faith.

Masters Rowena and Paul Venetian, as Chohans of the Rose Ray of Love.

Masters Lanto and Confucius, as Chohans of the Golden Ray of Wisdom.

Masters Serapis Bey and Lis as Chohans of the White Ray of Peace.

Master Hilarion as Chohan of the Green Ray.

Master Nothing, like Chohan of the ruby ​​ray of devotion.

Masters Saint Germain and Master Pórtia, act as chohans of the seventh ray of the violet flame.

What does it mean to be an initiate or disciple of the Great White Brotherhood?

All those who open their heart to their own evolution in aid of humanity are initiated and share the purpose of the great fraternity of masters. Being a disciple, therefore, tells about his state of love, about the breadth of his soul.

But the Master - disciple relationship is an illusion, for just as the son has much to teach his parents, the teacher has much to learn from the disciple. The master teaches nothing to the disciple, but he only waits for the energies to be in a state of vibration similar to allowing fusion in love. Nothing says about your clothes, about the place you live or about where you go. But with the vibrational state of proximity of purpose, to allow total dilution without attachment, acceptance, brotherhood. The Master will radiate his disciple, allowing him to reach him in vibrational terms, for the master teaches nothing because he trusts in his brother's mastery. Then it radiates so that the master's energy of mastery is the magnetic attraction to the mastery of the disciple. The energy of love is something that attracts because everyone wants to be loved. The master loves his disciple to allow this love to be reciprocal and unconditional.

This is how great brotherhood works in relation to all humanity, radiating love, and waiting for those who are ready to receive this love to open to the common purpose of illuminating so many hearts in suffering. For we, the teachers, are also his disciples. In unity we are one.

What would be a chohan?

A chohan is a brother who, through his experimentation of soul, wisdom and love, humbly accepts the task of directing the work of the dispensing house, always with the help of Maha Chohan and the world's teachers. A chohan never makes decisions, he acts in accordance with the One, according to the unity of purpose of his dispensing home. It is a process of union of hearts, not of decision-making as it is done on Earth.

What is the purpose of dispensing houses?

Dispensing houses are brotherhoods in unity of hearts, which anchor a primordial aspect of the source to humanity. They act in the sense of creating energetic conditions so that, in unity, each being linked to the Earth project, is able to flare its essence to the world. This is how the dispensing houses work, with the help of billions of beings, each of the primordial aspects of the source, to accelerate the process of spiritual evolution of humanity.

What does the Maha Chohan?

The Maha Chohan is the one who anchors the neutral light to all the houses, so that, from its members, the primordial aspects can be worked, next to the hearts of the men. He works with chohans instructor in planetary and local decisions.

Are these positions fixed?

You call them offices, but we can say that they are functions according to the hearts of the masters, whose the unique purpose is to assist humanity. They change according to the need of the now, nothing is stable, and everything is done to achieve efficiency in purpose.

What is the function of the ascension masters within dispensing houses?

Ascended masters are not personalities as you imagine, human figures. They manifest themselves through a coiled personality of all their cosmic experience, as a memory of the akashic record of the I Am energy. The manifestation is one. Personality is only so that the human mind understands the process of ascension, and manifestation of a master ascent. But in truth, there is an energetic unit that works for humanity and the planet.

What is enlightenment and ascension?

Enlightenment is the full awakening with the knowledge of the cosmic rules that prevail on the planet. The ascent is the integration of the heart to the unit, the dilution of the personality to the I AM presence, which allows the domination of the natural laws of humanity. An Ascended Master manipulates the energies, and may even act next to the physical laws for their modification. Your consciousness is no longer attached to the illusion of the planetary grid.

What are the aspects that must be worked out so that humanity understands this wonderful work that is done by the great white fraternity?

The great brotherhood acts in the instruction of the world, beyond the irradiation of love and light. Thus, with patience and resignation, the highest teachings will be brought to humanity, so that, in the expansion of understanding, love will walk among the tight breaches of the planetary grid.

What is the legacy that the masters leave us?

The path of all is that of their own inner liberation, of anchoring their inner light free of constraints and thus helping the planet to increase its coefficient of light. Each one that enlightens and transcends their own pain, bitterness and suffering, leaves a legacy to the planet. This legacy can be said as a path of light, a way of transcending its own constraints.

This was the legacy of each of the masters, to leave a trail of light, showing that it is possible to rise on the planet from deep contact with its own light, with its truth, and from the abandonment of all that the human personality imposes as right or wrong, true or false. It is the abandonment of judgment, of expectations, so that the inner light shines, unblocked from all restraint, free, on the way to the construction of a new planet, closer to the love of God and distant from the selfishness of men.

When they say planetary light coefficient, what are they referring to?

Each of the focuses of light, parts of the universal consciousness that are part of the Earth project today (and we refer to incarnate and disembodied consciousnesses, which somehow remain attached to the planetary consciousness), are part of a collective evolution project that Inserted. It is a project of evolution and experimentation of the soul for the sake of the whole.

This project, like other projects in the cosmos, where our Father keeps many homes to his children, cannot produce dense energy in a way that negatively influences other projects in activity. A minimum coefficient of light must be maintained so as not to interfere with the evolution of other groups of consciousness, which are found in similar or not.

This is how humanity, in the year 2012 of its linear time, reached the coefficient of light necessary for the expansion, evolution and continuity of the project, towards a world where the ascent will lead to regeneration.

For a project to have continuity, it is necessary to maintain this minimum coefficient, by which the group of souls inserted can decide on its path of illumination and evolution.

The coefficient of planetary light is this, the light anchored by the collective consciousness, so as not to allow the density to dazzle it, to hinder the progress of other projects throughout the cosmos.

One sees the importance of love, charity, the manifestation of the brotherhood in each act, in each smile, with each embrace, for these small acts increase and maintain daily the coefficient of planetary light, allowing the expansion of the project itself towards the Evolution of all.

Remember, children, love is the primordial energy of expansion and, by loving, by being light, radiate energy that reaches the consciousness of thousands, often millions, where the planet enters a cycle of its own expansion into love God's.

What is the role of the dark side in this arrangement?

The dark side, or the denser energies, act in favor of the whole, of increasing the coefficient of light. They point and point out the points that need to be overcome and enlightened, for the expansion of the whole. Everything is perfect and nothing is out of order. Each contributes in its own way to the whole.

What is the role of lightworkers in this project?

There are no lightworkers within the meaning of the word. There are beings that were inserted in this project and that help in increasing the coefficient of light. But only the One is the truth, and the whole does not exist without any of its parts. Light is light, and it is in the heart of every human being, of every being inserted in this project. They work for the light, all those who simply stay in peace, in harmony, and carry their days with love, faith and simplicity. The light is anchored through a prayer, a smile, or a simple coffee made with love. All these acts of love become channels for the maintenance of planetary light.

Is there no light and dark?

There is only one planet. A unit of experimentation. Those who call it dark, only play their role of evidencing the lack of light. Those who point out as beings of light are precisely the ones that open the gaps for the existence of the dark. What is, in truth, is an evolving group: THE ONE. And the project moves as each one plays its role, because one side leads the other to its own questioning. And that leads to evolution in love. God is perfect in His designs.

Is there a planetary command?

What is there, children, is a group of experienced souls who help in the conduct of the evolution of the planet. They are the pillars of the purest light to humanity. But even these high vibrating beings are not in charge, for every being is free to choose his way. What they call command are nothing more than pillars of light that, with faith, evidence love, and thus create the necessary magnetism to the evolution of the ONE.

Who are these beings who perform this function?

They are experienced souls. And so we say souls who have shown their faith and their love in others and in the Earth project. They came as guides to humanity, to aid in the process of evolution. They are beings who rescue their wisdom and thus add to their whole love. They are the dials of the way, the example of light so that others, when lost in their path, have an example of overcoming as the guide of their own consciences.

* OBS: All the above information was received via channeling by Thiago Strapasson.

Translation: Patricia Nogueira.