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Monday, August 14, 2017

We are all one - Father José from Aruanda

Hihihi! Sons are accustomed to writing messages from others, they are not, sons? But this old man will tell you something. All that you have written so far was yourself, children.

For what good is it for me and the masters to come here to tell you that we are all one, that we are unity and that union generates what you know as Divine, if you cannot bring it all together, children?

The old father is here to remind you that you will not feel any more, children. You do not feel anything anymore because what made sense was matter, it was the perception of the human personality. Understand, children, that you have spent a long time living this life and become accustomed to various ways of feeling and seeing manifested matter. Children only believe in seeing and feeling. And then in the next step you just feel the intuition.

But in the body we (the masters) no longer feel, children. For we do not have to be sensed. The old man here is in the body of the old father so that you may understand the teaching I am bringing. But I did not need this body here, no, children. The father wears this matter in a different dimension from yours, so that they feel me and say that he is an old black. But now, with all your perceptions of right and wrong taken away, you cannot see me like this, children. You just receive the learning from the unit. Of the essence I am. I'm with you, children. For we are all one in that energy of the Higher Self that you access by joining the I Am.

What a great salad, is not it, kids. It's all right. You understand me because you are intelligent and wise ... hihihi! You live in peace and you know you do not need to break your heads to understand just to be happy.

They learned, children, that time shows all the exits and each time you create expectations about the new that presents itself, they begin to leave the axis, they hinder the natural flow of divine energy and abundance, children. You have a habit, children, to cling to things. You need to see things materialize for you, you do not, children. They are not content to be happy and well, are they, children. They begin to fill the strange thoughts in the little head, plans and ideas of what can happen in the future. But I say to you, children, that nothing that will happen can be imagined. So give up trying to figure out the future, ok, kids? Keep living your lives light, taking advantage of this state of peace that had never before reached and is rare, children. You know how much and how they sought that peace. And now that you reach, you want more things to worry about, children? Hihihi

Oh, life in the matter, oh they want to guess the future and everything, it is, children. Oh, they want to anticipate things that you think will happen, it is, hihihi. 

So, children, let your life go in peace and live the present.

That's what the old father came to say.

Hail, children!

Hail Father José from Aruanda! "

Messenger: Michele Martini - August 14, 2017.

Revision: Bruna Farias
Translation : Patricia Nogueira