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Thursday, August 10, 2017





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Greetings! Huge thank for the opportunity. After a few weeks interested in submitting my question, I feel the synchronicity to allow me to do it at the right time. My question is about my life mission. Since I was a child, I am very attached to the spiritual life, I have a feeling that there is something greater to be done, I often cannot relax and enjoy the earthly experiences, and it is as if something constantly worries me. In the last few months I have felt better, after my spiritual awakening, the constant search to remember my origin, the discovery of the existence of Lightworkers, and the unique moment by which our Gaia and we are all going through. At the moment, what distresses me is the doubt regarding my professional life, I have tried to understand which professional activity is more aligned with my purpose. I am in doubt between the legal area and acting (actress). Although I already have knowledge and have spent a lot of time studying both areas, I cannot conclude alone which profession resonates more with my heart and allows me to live in a way that is more aligned with my purpose. I would like Masters, to help you know how to get to these answers clearly and quietly. Gratitude!


Olumaiê, olumaiê, olumaiê. Save, daughter. Olumaiê is the standard break code, right? Olumaiê. You, daughter, are feeling the call, you are feeling the light beating on her face and therefore, you are afraid to surrender to it, to let your intuition emerge. If you allow the intuition turns your life around, the path will appear. The way will come. The call has come and now it knocks on your door. The call, daughter. What an expression that makes your legs tremble, blush your face of curiosity to know what it is, right, daughter? Hihihih (sweet laugh) But Father will not tell you, because it's your intuition that will do it. And to get done with it, daughter, regarding your professional matter you can follow much more than one area, do not worry. It can be whatever you want, since in essence you will continue to be as beauty as you already are. Stay with God, daughter.

Father Joaquim from Aruanda



Dear Masters, I always thank you for being by our side, I am referring to myself and my children and to so many others that you lovingly welcome. For some time now, I have been going through some problems with my son, and I confess that I feel guilty for everything. He is 27 years old, and one day, a few years ago, I went to a fortune teller who told me that he would have an accident and would die. If he did not die, he would at least ask for it. I suffered and have been suffering until today, and I confess I haven´t be in Peace. As a result, I end up facilitating much everything around him. He lives with me, I divide the house with him, his wife and her son. He works as a taxi driver and I am only able to rest when he arrives at home. We have horrible arguments and he accuses me of so many things, he lies a lot, and I feel that day after day, if I do not take a rigid attitude and put my word on it, things will get even more complicated. In the last argument, I said “damn time I put you in the world”. I confess that it hurts me still when I think of this phrase. He gets me out of my mind! How can I help my son? Everyone likes him, on the street, with his friends and co-workers there is no better person. He and my ex, who lives in a one room apartment on the same ground, and he does nothing to make him angry, it is a person who drinks, but it is easy to live with, it seems to me that he carries sorrows of the past. Please, how should I deal with it? Take this anguish away from me, please, as light as I try to get going, I cannot. How should I proceed, please help me. Do you have any prayer that I can do to help him? My daughter is a little distant, but she is a more balanced person, I am proud of her. I'm only sad because she does not come much after me. I appreciate the loving help you always give me.


Daughter, in case you really want to help your child, it's time to free him for life, and demand that he goes with his family, and take his responsibilities. He needs that freedom, which will bring together responsibility for his own life. The fear that you hold within you is due to you are attachment to this relationship, which affects his life now. Daughter, God does not bring a child to a mother to ease her pain, to be something that adds to a life of restraint, a crutch to them. God, by bringing a child of his into the arms of a mother, grants a blessing to help him lead this child to his own freedom in adulthood. If you want to hear the truth, free your child, make him seek his life, and shake off the burden of being close to you. It is a decision you need to take, and it will bring relief to your days, it will teach you to be alone. It's up to you. You will realize that by knowing that he is taking responsibility for his own life and happy, you will also be well, and you will become gradually used to the situation of not having him around, in the same house. It is also a lesson for you to get to know yourself. Free him and trust in the education you gave him. He will be a happy man by the example you gave him. That is all. Be in peace, daughter.

I am Master Nada



Dear friends, first, I thank you for the opportunity to always help us and enlighten our path. I have many doubts about my professional future, as a result of the winding up of a company that caused me many financial and emotional problems. Nothing has worked since then. I live with a knot in the chest and I feel like leaving the company to find a permanent job. I would like an opinion on this. Thank you very much.


Your heart is the only thing that connects you to the former company, it is your emotional side unworked. You blame yourself and charge yourself for not being able to follow what you dreamed of, and this causes you to carry that weight, and does not allow you to leave it all behind and move on. You are free, and all the burdens you are carrying on are just emotional, illusory bonds of matter. It only depends on whether you want to let go off these emotional bonds or not. Give yourself time, face the truth of your life, and the fact that all experiences are valid for as long as they last in our lives. But you do not have to carry them forever, my son. Think about what was important to you as a child. Maybe it was important to have a cart, or a specific toy, and could not imagine without it. But life goes on, your way opens to new possibilities, and the cart becomes no longer meaningful, the experience with it was great and the learning was valid, but now you are ready for another level of experience, and you do not need to take the cart with you anymore, you see, my son? That's how life works, it seems absurd to think of an adult man carrying a toy cart everywhere, but that's what many of you do with what you let yourself become emotionally involved in and do not let go. Analyze this way, reflect, and when you are ready for, take the next step in your life, but leave no wounds in your heart, just accepting your own process of evolution and walk in your life.

I am Serapis Bey



Beloved Masters, I have always been in touch with the spiritual plane working for the light, but lately I have had doubts about the information I have received, whether it is correct or not. If you can give me a light, I thank you from the heart. I would also like to clarify my marital relationship that is a bit confusing. Why some things do not happen?


Daughter, whenever you are in doubt regarding what you receive, be quiet, and ask for a signal to be sent to you. Know that whenever the mind is silent and awake to what is happening around you, you are open to receive everything you are ready to know. We know that some phases of life shake your confidence in yourself and in your intuition, but that is part of life, there is nothing to worry about. Know that just by silencing you can regain your balance and gain security again. Stay in peace, my beloved sister.

I am Clara

Congregation for Peace and Transformation