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Saturday, June 24, 2017

FAQ - How to clean your home?

What techniques can I use in my home to maintain the energy balance? After my brother and family came to live with us, I realized that the appliances are burning and glasses and mirrors are breaking. Gratitude.


To keep the energy of the home always in high vibration, because of the constant exchange of energies of each person, you can keep plants in environments, perform smokes and listen to mantras that create a different resonance in the environment, maintaining balance.
Cleaning the home is necessary so you always have an environment where you can recharge your batteries. And, in order to balance and return to the state of peace, one must always work by giving priority to bringing light energies to the environment.
You can light a candle or incense and invoke the elemental of the fire contained therein to assist in the cleansing and balance of energies.
So you can proceed with all the other elements. When you place a plant in the environment, you can invoke that elemental responsible to work on maintaining the energies of the environment. You will observe the plant when you are less energetic, and then you will know the time to change it.
It can also, when cleaning the house, bless the water that is used to clean the floor, asking the water element to take the energies that unbalance the environment, cleaning and purifying.
Along with water, you can use elements such as essences and herbs to add energy to the cleansing. For elementals are available to help us and bring energy revitalization.
Try to leave the rooms open, letting the air flow. Clean, let the energy circulates and do not stand still.
If you usually watch television, remember that all the energy contained in the content that was watched is transmitted to the environment. So, balance the environment and share some television and some mantras and sounds that will bring rebalancing. You can also use Tibetan bells that work by emitting a sound vibration that also promotes the balance of the environment.
The most important thing is to strive for balance. In an environment where there is a great circulation of people, there must also be free energy circulation so that they just flow and do not stand still. And to have the balance, it is necessary to bring a little of each vibration, in the way that was explained above. Through plants, water, fire and sounds that bring the harmonization of the environment.

Text revision: Bruna Farias
Translation: Patricia Nogueira