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Sunday, June 18, 2017





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I am opening myself to a new world, changing my profession and feeling very happy. There is a certain fear of what awaits me, I want to surrender and trust what is waiting for me. How can I do this?


Beloved son, I am El Morya. I come to bring you the light of truth through the strength that comes from trusting the process. You, son, are embedded in the energy of self-charging, place high expectations on what you can achieve and charge yourself while you do not see this new reality materialized in your life. It so happens, son, that like all processes of change, you go through something that has its natural flow and you can gradually see the changes manifest. Just allow the flow to occur naturally, free yourself from the feeling of self-charging and enter into the energy of the blue ray. Repeat the blue ray daily. This will bring you more confidence in the process and will allow faith to begin to be born more intensely within you, and that will be manifested with the help of the ruby-gold flame. Gradually, as you feel more confident, anchor the ruby-gold energy through decrees and prayers, and you will soon feel how everything will flow naturally. The faith that will be fed by the gold-ruby flame will later contribute to keeping the blue flame energy alive, as it will be the food for your self-confidence in the natural flow of life. We will be with you, my son.

I am El Morya



Can I try to be a mother, a teacher, and find love in this world?


Little daughter. Love is already inside you. You are love and the feeling that you know as a mother is the most beautiful example of love. During your activities as a teacher, you can give this love to others. And you are gradually sending what is able to radiate, which is this love, also to others. The love you are seeking is within you and when you learn a feeling and radiate it consciously, you will end up attracting the love you seek, for it already exists, but it is not yet able to feel it. It will only change your feeling, passing on a feeling of what is already there. Love will come, my daughter, through your own experiences of learning as a mother and teacher. Just open yourself to feel it.

I am Rowena



Good afternoon, masters. I was invaded by a woman who did black magic. She is alive. Invaded me to the right and left. In the beginning, he invaded the right and after a month invaded the left. It's been four months now. I did everything to get rid of it. I'm doing a treatment at a Kardecist spiritist center and they'll be working on me next Sunday. Will I get rid of this invader? I never imagined that something so terrible was possible! I ask for all your help, beings of the Light, to free myself from this problem. She is addicted to sex. This violates me even when I am praying the Rosary of Our Maria, with my mother. Help me please!


Brother, you know you have within you the tendencies your oppressor uses to establish a connection with you. There is no possibility of an energy approaching you when you vibrate in another energy. As long as you do not look within yourself and are true with your lower feelings, even those you feel ashamed, you will not allow them to be treated and healed. As long as you remain on the outside a beautiful tree, but allow the rotten root not to be treated, you will always get sick of the beautiful tree. Realize? All that causes suffering in you today is nothing more than the lower inclinations that are stored within you. The woman who does a work of black magic with you and brings you closer to you entities that vibrate in this tuning, are provoking you to look at what you refuse to see. And, yes, ask Mary Mother for help as well as for all the spiritual guides that you can refine, but there is no point in asking for help if you are not sincere with yourself. Surrender yourself to the arms of Mother Mary, telling her everything you feel, from the depths of your Lower Self, and then, humbly, ask this beloved mother to help you overcome your evil inclinations. So you will be helped.

I am Exu Skull



Dear Masters. I want to know the current or near future. The Ascension event is only: (1) an inner ascent of mental consciousness or (2) tangible changes in structural, globally environmental, economic, political, social, educational or both structural reforms (1) And (2)? Will this happen in 2017? Will the ascension event allow the 24-hour physical system to continue to use later, or shift to another time system, or no time system? Will electricity continue to be used in the near future? Thank you.


Daughter, I am Archangel Samuel and I come to bring some words of enlightenment. First of all, daughter, thank you for such pertinent questions. At the moment we live, it will be of great help and enlightenment to so many others. Gratitude.
Daughter, your question is valid, but the change of the first aspect, which is the inner transformation, will promote the transformation of the second aspect. The question is, upon reaching the first aspect, of internal transformation, will no longer have the concern of the second, then all social problems, such as political, cultural and social systems, will no longer exist. You will create, from the emptiness of inner truth, a new world, and it will be devoid of such material concerns and situations as exist today. There will be a system yes, daughter, but it will be only the slight and true manifestation of your own truths. Time, daughter, 24 hours as you understand it today, is something only existing so that you can live in a system of society, so that you can organize yourself into activities, there is no harm in it. There will always be a way to organize, this being one or the other, but there is no concern to feed on this. The social structure that exists today will change, because the classes will no longer be seen as they see today. But it will not be something created by the mind, but only manifested and materialized by the heart. Not all will be here, new souls will come, more prepared to implement this future and others will continue to assist in this process, but it is something that can not be established time for completion. The present year is indeed a year of great transformation, and what I can tell you is that there are many inner cleansings to remove the patterns of suffering they have carried for so many ages. Only by removing the patterns can their inner light shine, which today is still obscured by the soul story they carry with pain and suffering. This cleansing occurs globally, but it is an internal process of each one, through the experiences of life. There will be experiences that accelerate this cleansing; for they will take you look yourself once more searching the truth, for you will no longer identify with the lower aspects that you carried and the patterns you repeated. So cleaning is going on. And with every cleansing done in each being, a little more of the new era manifests itself. It will be gradual and will not end this year. But that is already in process. And notice, daughter, there is not a time when it can be said that the process will be completed, for we are all in constant evolution, and the transformation of the being is eternal. Be at peace, daughter.

I am Archangel Samuel

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - May 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto
Text revision: Bruna Farias
Translation: Patricia Nogueira