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Monday, August 28, 2017





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Beloved Masters, good morning! My husband has been feeling a very strong vibration in his right ear for a few months now, but he doesn´t know what might be. It may seem funny or meaningless, but it gets worse when he's watching alien shows or documentaries. What is it, and is there anything to be done in order to get better? And we are also going through huge financial difficulties and sometimes we find ourselves with no way out. In fact, since we got married, our financial and professional life has been very difficult. Luckily, love is great among us, but I know that one does not live by love alone. We are starting a new business, but we know that without money, something is hardly is going to happen. We do not know what to do. Do we have some karma about it, something we have to go through to evolve? I always call for you, dear Masters and archangels, but I feel alone, without answers. Please, enlighten me. Gratitude.


Daughter, your husband needs to follow the call of the heart, and this can only be done by himself. The sensations noticed in his ear are natural and he will perceive the signs in the key moments in his life. Nevertheless, he needs to seek the call of his heart. There is no karma, or suffering tied to the lack of abundance in your life, but there is a great expectation that you put into something that has not yet occurred, and you must learn to allow life to go as it should, nourishing the feeling of faith and confidence that everything is and will be the perfect way for both. By following the call of the heart, the doors will begin to open, and opportunities will gradually unfold. However, this might happen only to the extent you are able to understand. Therefore, daughter, you must seek in the silence of the mind the answers that will be the guide for the next years of your lives. 

I am Pórtia



Beloved Masters, in the village I have a kitten that, as I was told, has as its mission to contribute to the energetic cleaning of space. The kitten has serious lesions (wounds) on the skin which, in the opinion of the veterinarian, are due to allergic problems, not knowing what causes allergies. In recent times, the problem has become much worse and veterinary medicine is not being able to respond to the problem. My husband says the kitten is suffering, and he presses me to end his suffering. I would like to be informed if the problem is related to the energy of the space or if it is of allergic origin and, in this case, what products it is allergic to and whether homeopathy or other therapy can help. And if the kitten is in pain that justifies euthanasia. Thank you very much for your help, because I want very much to relieve the suffering of the kitten, but I don´t know what to do.


It is known that domestic animals have their mission to bring humans closer contact with what can be understood as unconditional love. Therefore, the feeling the kitten has for you is only of loosen love and gratitude. It will not carry and carries with it any expectations regarding you, whatever decision you take at its destination. So, daughter, the father will explain one thing to you: The conflicting decision lives only in your heart. You know the conflict is only yours. The animal lives the present moment and does not create conflicts in its own mind, it has sound mind and that is what matters. It is happy because he has a sound mind and lives in the present, and that is enough. Therefore, daughter, the father counts on you to learn from this example that is with you, and make the best decision about how to think about this experience. Right, daughter? Follow in peace in the home of Oxalá! Save! 

Father José de Arimatéia



Beloved Masters and brothers! I need help. I would like to know how to break the relationship of heartache and discord that I have with my mother. Our relationship has been very conflicted since childhood, and I remember the harsh words of hatred that we exchanged. Do these traumas prevent my evolution? Where should I start to overcome this bad relationship? My gratitude for you exist. Kind regards.


We know that you´ve carrying deep sorrows towards your mother, and that you also bring back memories of suffering from your experiences. Know my beloved daughter, however, that you are inserted in the family nucleus that you have chosen for your advance, and you need to accept the fact that wisdom can only be obtained from the moment you accept this truth. It is not necessary for you to strive to make things better between you and your mother, but it is necessary that you accept the differences between the two of you, and stop projecting into it the image of the one who should have the responsibility to be perfect, just because it's your mother. Realize dearly, we all walk different paths of evolution, and that of your mother could not be the same as yours, as well as the way you see life before you. That is why, darling, you will begin to live in a state of happiness from the moment you cease to bear the heavy burden you have created for yourself, that you need to understand your mother. Often, the understanding is only in observing, loving and accepting. Focus on living that way, and in time you will be able to forgive the sorrows that are still part of your present and dictate your life. Realize that you will gradually be cured, as you change your gaze in the face of this truth, that all are free and unique, following the very path of learning. 

I am Lady Master Mary Magdalene



Good morning everyone! Throughout my life, I've been accumulating a lot of hate within me. I feel hate for not feeling loved. I feel hate for not believing that it is possible to be loved the way I am. Sometimes, I feel a strong desire to destroy myself, sometimes I feel like dissolving into a fatherly embrace. I always look for books, programs, pages, courses and everything else that is self-help, but I always end up rejecting everything. Sometimes I think I should return to rituals with ayahuasca, because it was by this mean that I could feel full. However, at the same time, I think that is not the solution, because the effect is temporary. I begin to meditate and feel better, but I do not persist. I'm Reiki practitioner, but I do not feel like using Reiki in myself. It even seems that I gave up on myself or that I do not want to feel good. What happens to me anyway? I thank, in advance, the answer.


Honey, just stop judging and charging yourself to be the perfect image of peace and balance. We know that even those who demonstrate perfect balance and harmony still have their moments of inner search and disagreement with their own truth. And this is a positive thing, since it causes you to go beyond the blocks you created yourself and did not allow you to take a step forward in your evolution. Those moments are positive, daughter. But the father will only give you an advice: if you are discouraged to take care of herself, who will do it? You know that you are a carrier of gigantic curative and transforming energy, and you can use it on yourself, do not you? So darling, live your moments of transformation, but still be cultivating a lot of love for yourself, the way you prefer. But do not leave yourself alone. You know that the state of mind transformation is temporary, but it will always come. And that the body that carries this beautiful gleaming soul is fragile of matter, and needs care. Right, daughter? The father is going and leaves a big hug for the daughter. 

Father Benedito from Aruanda

Congregation For Peace and Transformation - August, 2017