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Tuesday, August 22, 2017





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Good morning, Osho. I was very happy when I read your answers to the last questions our beloved brothers asked. I hardly believed it was you who was responding through the Peace and Transformation Confederation. Thank you so much for your presence and love. Well, what I'm going to ask has a lot to do with you, my dear. In recent months, I've been studying your thoughts to free myself from illusions and find myself. A disembodied spirit, who had always been with me, had done everything to prevent me from going down this path of liberation for fear of losing myself. In a way, he obsessed and fascinated me, wanting to delay me to arrest him. Today he says that he loves me and does not want to leave my side, says he is afraid I will never reincarnate and live with him, as he dreams. Can you say a few words to this soul that lives next to me? As for me, I am calm, I would just like to know how to handle this situation, help me to break free of that breach where this soul can enter to stick me, and at the same time, help him heal his wounds and be free as I am and we deserve all. I am lovingly grateful for your existence.


Beloved daughter, it is not Osho who comes to talk to you today. But it's me: Maria Padilha das Almas. And I have come just to say that I, and any honest and committed entity to the work of loving the neighbor, will not "talk" with your friend. Do you know why, daughter? Because we would take from you the opportunity for regeneration, forgiveness, and learning that you chose to go through in this life. So, daughter, replace the feeling that drives you to try to break free from him, and bring him close to you. Surround him with the feeling of gratitude and forgiveness, and watch out for the learning that is intrinsic in that experience. And then daughter, go to a center of umbanda, and leave there your feeling of thanks for directing you in this situation, that will be the closing of your learning. Right, daughter? Stay in peace and love.

Mary Padilha



Greetings! I am a 42-year-old woman, married and with a 3-year-old son. I have been a graphic designer for almost 20 years, and since my son was born, I became a Personal Image Consultant. I stopped working during pregnancy and started a new profession, and I'm having a hard time getting clients. I'm optimistic about it, however. The reason for my message is that I have a recurring dream: I dream of being in an elevator. Most of the time it is rising, but sometimes it is still, I am stuck in it, it descends, or it takes me horizontally from one building to another. The elevators are the strangest types out there. Another type of dream is that I'm in some mode of transportation: car, bus and even ship. I like to think that I will succeed in my new profession, but I do not know if I understand these signs right. I've never had professional success. I've been afraid for years of taking the lead of my life, and even driving I do not drive. If possible, I would like an answer. Thank you!


The direction you did not take in your life is that of your inner truth. As long as you remain engaged in routines of materiality, letting yourself be carried away by facts as if they have the power to control your life, you will no longer open up to new opportunities. Realize that there must be a balance between the acceptance of the present moment and the fear of change. And you need to meditate and find within yourself the route that will bring you to meet your purpose. Inertia will not get you anywhere, daughter. You need to put movement into your life, take the direction your heart shows with courage and attitude. Meditate on the waves of the sea, allow this mentalization to bring you to your heart, for it needs the lightness of this energy to find its direction.

I am Mary Padilha of Souls



Lately I've been seeing equal hours frequently. Does the Universe want to tell me something about it? If so, what would it be?


They are signs to show you that it is time for you to observe your thoughts. Reflect on the thought that was in your mind the moment you were warned. It is a call to begin to bring your thoughts to be diluted in the silence of the mind.

Joseph Trunk



Masters, how can I overcome the feeling of inferiority, separation and shame? I have a hard time feeling like like everyone else, it's like I do not deserve or belong to anything, I feel very empty. I cannot have this sense of self-love and identity as others, nor have goals in life. I also cannot feel love, it always comes a bad feeling about me, I feel despicable. I've done so much to try to release it, but it always comes back. Thinking about this and what to do with my life leaves me in a state of panic, despair and self-destruction. I ask your advice, grateful.


The lack of sense of belonging is precisely in the intensity in which you feed the self-judgment. You will begin to perceive yourself as part of something, part of the divine essence, when you stop judging yourself. Realize that all that is divine, is sacred, everything is light, and everything is beautiful and pure. And the energy of the divine does not attune to judgment. How can you. at the same time, admire purity and divinity, and meanwhile judge the divinity that is also part of you. Remember, son, that you are the divine seed, you are light, goodness, peace, and beauty. And you will begin to feel part of that energy when you stop judging yourself.

I am El Morya