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Thursday, August 17, 2017





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What is the learning or work that I must do to finally raise a family? I love a person, but we are not together. I know he also loves me. I really want to find a partner so that we can grow and learn together, and if the one is the man I love, let him come as soon as possible. What is wrong with me?


Daughter, we have already told you, that you must free yourself from your own prejudices and fears and open yourself to the opportunities of your life. All you need is before you, just take a step forward in confidence to what your heart says, and towards your happiness.

I am Pórtia



Dear masters, thank you for the opportunity. I'm a man and I had a short relationship with a boy. I liked him, but I could not get involved in the relationship. I did not fall in love. He showed his love, however, and said that he was in love with me. We broke up in peace, like friends. I was fine for two months, I did not feel like talking to him much or thinking about him. Well, after two months, something happened. I found it odd that I felt a deep regret and a strong desire to have him back. But he did not want it any more. After almost a year and a half, I confess that I still feel something. So, I ask: 1. Why did this happen to me? After two months I feel passionate. 2. Sometimes we talk, today we are in peace, but I wanted to get him out of my mind once and for all or to know if we still have any connection and probability of being together. 3. Would it be better not to talk to him anymore, pretending he does not exist?


My beloved son, you just feel complete when you are in the presence of another. What you need to seek in yourself is the state of inner completeness and that will quench your thirst for love. Life in matter makes the ears attentive to emotions, sensations, but not to the voice of the heart. You felt complete in yourself while you were in the presence of the other, and this made you find the strength to nourish yourself with love and move on, no longer seeing the need for the other's presence to be happy. You were the flow of love. But then, you interrupted that connection, and closed that flow. The fact of no longer being with your former partner does not mean that the flow of divine love within you should cease. You must keep it active, radiating that love to others. Practice meditation and mentalization, sending love to all mankind. Awaken this connection in yourself, and you will not feel alone and in need of another to be complete. It is as if you had loaded your battery, activated the flow of divine love in you, and then felt complete, sated, happy. There had been no need of another person for you to sustain this state anymore, but afterwards, it turned out you did not know how to maintain that balance. You have let the flow cease. You ceased to be the channel of love that you were. And you began to walk in a valley of solitude, where you were gradually leaving behind the color of your days, leaving everything gray and lifeless. It was at this stage that you began to miss the person you left behind. But in fact, you were only missing that flame within you, the flame of divine love, which ceased to flow because you did not keep it burning. Realize, son, it is not necessary to have a relationship to send love. You can send love to all without even having physical or visual contact, your nature is to allow the flow of that love.

I am the Divine Mother



Dear Masters! I am very grateful to be here again. Today my question is about my mother, I have my heart very tight and bleeding before my mother´s suffering. I wonder why things are so hard for her, she cannot do what she wants, and she has a huge concern for us all. She seems to have given up on herself. I also see that she prays a lot and has faith, helps the people who seek her, but she is not happy. Why all this and how to help? Dear Masters, thank you for your words always! I always want lots of light, Peace and Love.


Daughter, the process of you mother is necessary for her to indulge in the encounter with her own spirituality, which has left dormant for so many years. Life causes it intensely at this stage, and the calls that reverberate in her consciousness make her feel unhappy with what life offers in matter, precisely because she needs to seek the truths of the soul. Everything she believed in as religiosity no longer illuminates her soul and, therefore, she needs to seek new horizons. It is a natural process and she is the only one who can take the first step towards the opening of spirituality. Trust in God that everything is fine.

I am your brother Jesus



Good morning, my beloved. Gratitude for all help. Last week I asked one question about my procrastination in helping others. I'm a Reikian practitioner, but I do not feel like being a channel of energy. Even when I apply it on my son it seems to bother him. I received an answer, but it did not touch my heart. I'm still lost. My mind is agitated. I'm getting too involved with the experience of others and I do not know how to stop. My marriage is in crisis. My son has cerebral palsy and I do not know if I can be applying energy to him without hurting his free will. Sorry if I'm being repetitive, but I need a light. Gratitude! Namastê!


Daughter, your child is your responsibility and so you can help him by understanding that something is good for him. But notice my beloved, that he needs to be helped, but not be displeased. You can do the first, without doing the second. It can help him with Reiki application without it being aware, during sleep or at a distance, without him realizing that he is receiving therapy, the result will be beneficial without causing the blockage it brings in relation to any kind of help that you address to him. Realize that you are his mother, and therefore, your permission for the work to be done, as long as you proceed as you learned to ask for permission to your child's Divine I Am Presence, if you will, you will feel the Reiki energy flow through your hands towards him, or even in unfolding you will know that the work was authorized. Often, dear, the learning of some beings is precisely that of opening oneself to spirituality and the elevation of consciousness. Your child still does not understand, but the experience of life will bring this truth gradually, so do not force him to understand, help him, but without needing to understand or know that he is being helped. You have Reiki energy and the power of prayer in your hands. You know you're not alone. With your husband, it's the same, daughter. He also needs to follow the walk gradually. And you, realizing that each has his perfect time to acquire understanding and knowledge about life, will be silent. You will understand that he does not follow the lines of thought that you require him to understand, for he is simply still learning. Work on your acceptance. Everything will be fine. This experience presents itself before you only so that you understand that each has its own learning time, and that we must, above all, respect the free will and time of each one to understand the truths of life. Live with your family members within the scope of material experience, since the cosmic experience, consciential, is an individual walk, each one walking by oneself and in one´s own time.

Master Usui