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Tuesday, August 15, 2017





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Masters, I realized that I do not trust. Since early I do not trust my parents, who fought a lot, and I understood that I needed to protect myself. I also did not know how to trust my brother, who used to beat me. I grew up and I was interacting with friends, teachers, other family members, although I always have opened myself up little to others, just enough to live with normality. I deepened some friendships, but not much. I went into affective relationships, but only a little. I was married for ten years, but there were parts of me that I could never reveal. Today at age 40, I have a spiritual master, and I am in a relationship where I can reveal myself. And last week I discovered this sea of lack of confidence inside me. I found it is impossible to be truly happy if I did not trust. I know I can trust God to give me everything, but I still get suspicious of him. And I have even more difficulty trusting humans, I have this belief that, sooner or later, they will let themselves be taken by their shadows and they will end up hurting me, hurting me, even unwittingly. I found myself being very sensitive. Acting without expecting anything in return, I can internalize. But to open myself when I have this insane certainty that I will receive some degree of the evil that still dwells in our hearts, it is very difficult for me. And the hardest thing for me is to open myself to my whole being. There is wickedness in me that I kept for a time in isolation. I know I will only be whole when I integrate this evil. How to develop my confidence? How can I trust myself to approach my own wickedness, so that I can integrate and dissolve it? I know that behind all this there is a lot of pain. Will I be ready to do this deep dive, myself? Gratitude to all who contribute to expanding love and awareness. I am in a relationship in which I can finally be myself, one helps the other to rise, where freedom predominates over the desire to control the other, but we live in different cities. Thanks to technology we talk almost daily, but sometimes we stay for 15 days without seeing each other. We've been like this for a year and a half. His daughters are already grown up and he plans to move here after he finishes his new training, and he still has two and a half years left. I still have small children and I want them to be close to their father, who is very present and loving. Our relationship is a delight, I've never been so happy. But it is a challenge to deal with this distance and this constant longing. I am learning to be and keep myself happy on my own and being with him only magnifies this inner state of mine. But I miss the proximity and greater coexistence. I want to delve deeper into our relationship that has been so healing for both of us, and to take care of me too, on my own it sometimes seems harder than it needs to be. I try not to live in the future, I strive to be happy today, now, and to give my life to God. However, some restlessness keeps going on mind. Will the day come when we will live together? Is this day coming? Masters, what should I do when these questions come up? Teach me how to leave my heart in peace even with so much desire to be together. Beloved brethren, gratitude for this gift of being able to once again hear your wisdom. Much has been said of purpose today, about the need to be with our actions in the world, coupled with our heart, to accomplish what we have come to do, to deliver to the world the gifts that we have brought to deliver. I have studied hard in pursuit of my purpose, and I have found an answer and anguish. Because every time I silence, I listen, it comes to me that the reason for my coming is simply to be. As if I had come to be a flower in a garden of many seeds yet to germinate. Be happy and full, where many do not believe in simplicity and happiness. Whenever I listen I do not feel compelled to do anything other than what I do, only to deepen my silence and expand my joy into living. But I also have a very sharp mind, I feel that I can concretely accomplish anything in the world that I want. I just do not feel the call to any specific direction. And here comes doubt, the cause of my anguish. If my heart showed me something to do, I would know how, I would get there. But my purpose has manifested itself to me in this other way, in the being, and not in the doing. And this response comes to me so differently from what I have seen in the world, then it has been taught. Can the purpose be in another plane, even being in matter? Or does every purpose necessarily go through some materialization? Could my purpose be this one, just be happy? Am I hearing myself correctly?


You are only hearing the fears and traumas of matter, and you are still learning how to transcend it and open your vision to the beauty of life. You need, daughter, to look at your material life as it presents itself. You have the tendency to create the perfect world in your mind but notice that word: mind. You know from your own studies that what is created in the mind does not bring happiness, and what is created and materialized through consciousness will bring you peace. You live in a comfortable and peaceful situation in your life, although you still seek to be where you are not. You are blessed with motherhood, and the presence of your beloved child, but you still long for the presence of others. You have a life of peace, health and prosperity today, but still insist on looking at your past of suffering and finding reasons to make your present unhappy. Free yourself from illusions, anchor in the present, thank and live your life as it presents itself. You are with the right people at the perfect time of your life. Learn to listen to your conscience, look at material life and nurture the feeling of gratitude for life. Mourning for the past will bring no joy in the now. What is gone is gone. What you are today is the only information you should look at to build your happiness now and in the future. Do you want a happy future? So, live in the now and in your present moment, and then enlighten your future.

I am Pórtia



Beloved ones, much gratitude. I want to know what "duality" means and, also it the Law of Return is still governing. I appreciate it.


Duality, daughter, is to bring everything to the mind and not hear the heart. Duality is wanting so many explanations and hiding from our feelings. Duality is explaining everything without feeling anything. This is duality. The law of return is the law of vibration. Vibrate and you will receive. And, so it is.




Beloved masters, gratitude for the opportunity. I am going through a difficult moment in my family, which I had never lived before; my grandmother, sister and aunt are in a complicated process, which I see as a process of cleaning up, purging of past things. However, as time goes by, I do not see them solving the problems, and it seems to get worse, since from a fact that occurred between the three of them, it seems that things get worse and none of those involved in the plot have the humility to ask for forgiveness. I know that I really should not get involved, but I end up suffering in seeing my family like this, I love them so much, and from my point of view it is so simple to solve things. By means of love, everything can be solved, but it seems that they do not understand it. I do not know how I can help. My heart bleeds due to this situation which takes place before my eyes knowing that everything could be ok. My grandmother holds so much anger, so much pain, every time I see her I feel weakened from such a heavy energy, especially after the events that made her more bitter. I know that I must take care of my life, and therefore, I will be vibrating for them. Nevertheless, I would like to lovingly ask a word about it. Much gratitude, I love you dear ones!


Know, daughter, that we are often engage in dramas because we do not accept the changes. Deep down, we become used to a way of being and we are afraid of changing. The process is transformational and this requires breaking standards. Suffering almost always brings this break together with physical fatigue. Nobody is so resistant to ego. It is important to let people fight because they are discharged. And when they become tired, you should be fine to reach out and understand them. Preserve yourself, since your energy will serve the good at the right time. Be in peace. 




Gratitude to all light and love, Masters. I would like to transmute the energy of fear to leave my parents' house. I really want to move to another city, and even though I have not yet co-created the financial security I so long for, I feel prosperous and abundant. I cannot make a decision. I often feel humiliated. I know I am 100% responsible for this situation, but they are my parents, and I feel that I have already transmuted many karmas that I set out to fulfill in this incarnation. So, I would like to know if moving to another city is a wish that will come true for my good. I've always thought of everyone, but now, it's only for me. For my good, my happiness and evolution. I want to live new experiences, grow in my career and find love. Infinite gratitude.


Daughter, what makes you stop achieving what you want is the fear of starting what you love, not the fact that you stay in your parent's house. Realize that you created this motive in your mind as a justification for the lack of courage to face life, to start what you want. For you know that nothing holds on you. Understand that no one is responsible for your own happiness and the fulfillment of your dreams, other than yourself. And so, you can find your love, pursue your professional career, and fulfill all your desires wherever you are. Nothing holds you back. Realize that what you need to do is break the mental pattern of fear, otherwise you will eventually leave your parents' home and will not reach your desires, and you will be frustrated. Work within yourself and find the reasons why you block the flow of divine abundance in your life. Abundance can be found wherever you are, can be lived and savored at any stage of life, considering it is only an opening to what you rightfully have to receive, which is the flow of the divine into you. Set you free from your fears and prejudices regarding yourself, open yourself to the new by healing the roots that bind you to the past of fear and illusion today. Vibrate love, and love will receive, vibrate abundance and abundance you shall receive. This is the advice I bring to you with great love.

I am Rowena