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Friday, August 11, 2017





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Masters, good morning! I want to thank you once again for all the teachings I have found on this channel. Every question and every answer found here makes me think a lot. Especially because I am aware of how much our walk is similar in the lessons we have to learn and that in many moments the pain I have here with me is the same as my brother. We are so similar and unique at the same time. I thank you for the support and welcome I find here every day. Today I write because I am anxious and agitated. I have a choice, a decision to make and now that the time has come, I am so nervous. In my heart I feel that I am at peace with the choice I have made. If you ask me, is that really what you want? Yes. It's really what I want and I've been putting off for some time. I really want to do something because I'm tired of the complaining state I've been living. And to start the changes in my life I feel the need to leave, to leave my current job so that I can start over and try again, even if it's from scratch. I have already prepared myself for this year. I already have the physical conditions to get out of there and support myself for a while. I think what is weighing on me is the responsibility of the decision and how to communicate it to the people who live with me. Especially to my father, who is the person I consider most critical and rigid in my life, after me of course. It's amazing how limited I am in that aspect. I've always thought that I had a greater maturity than the others around me, but when I need to take the reins, it seems that all the power I believe I have, disappears. And I get so destabilized. And another thing that became more evident to me is this attachment in some moments to people who have been part of my life in the past and who are constantly pounding in my head being that they are no longer present in my life. They've moved on and they look happy on the path they've chosen while I'm here, and I seem to be in circles, engulfed in this fear that has no reason to be. Do these emotions and feelings that I have in here come from my fear of abandonment, rejection and non-acceptance? Is it by not assuming who I really am and the choices I want to make in my life?


Daughter, all your problems are created around the lack of inner silence. Your mind remains restless. You look at your problems and get involved in, creating more problems and obstacles. Then, you create constraints and reason for creating your problems. How about you start creating solutions and happiness in your life? Just look forward and thank what you have today: live in the now. 




Beloved Masters, Greetings! Much gratitude for all help and love towards me, and gratitude also for the channels. Masters, I want to know what your view regarding myself is, my walk, my attitudes, my performance in my mission today. Moreover, regarding the codes of Agesta I'm using; are they already working on my behalf?


Daughter, your process flows naturally, and your commitment to your own healing and transformation is what will make you follow the ever-straight path towards your evolution. Rely on the mentioned codes, and your own healing and self-healing abilities. You are capable, daughter. 

I am sister Clara



Masters, I am grateful for the opportunity. I would like to ask why my life has changed so much in the last two years. I was unemployed, and my standard of living and of my children changed a lot. What do I have to do to rebalance my finances? On the other hand, I have noticed that in this period, I have dedicated myself to pay more attention to my evolution. I would also like to know about my beloved son, who is very anxious. What can I do to guide him, so he can calm down and get on with adult life, and finish college? Again, I am immensely grateful for the opportunity.

Answer 1:

Daughter, you are slowly bringing the light of wisdom into your daily sociability. You are already able to identify the reasons why you go through the teachings of life. Then, the next step is the recognition of your acquired wisdom and to move into the state of peace and inner balance. The acceptance of learning will bring you into a state of inner peace that will silence your questions about your life and the life of your child. You will understand that he, as well as yourself, has the path of learning to tread, therefore, the errors and doubts of the way are beneficial, so that he can also acquire his own wisdom. You should just silence, if you wish, and then you will get the answer that there is no question to be answered, but rather stay within your peace and acceptance of the present. 

I am Pórtia

Answer 2: 

Daughter, be in the light, in your own inner light in confidence in the best. Anxiety is in the records that your child received from you. You're not to blame for that, we do not say that, but it's something you have to transcend together. It's something you carry jointly. You can support him in confidence and learn from him. Talk to him about these situations, open-minded, and explain that anxiety is a common process. As you talk, hold your hands and transcend this aspect together, out of breath and patience. You can be the reflection of each other, without judgment on these feelings. Do not punish yourself for being anxious. Do not deny this feeling. Let it come and work hand in hand with it. And so it is.

Serapis Bey



Dear Masters. First of all, I want to thank you for the answers to my previous questions. In a way, they made me think about my life. I want my heart to speak and express what it really feels like. Since I began to hear about the spiritual world, about the potential that we all have, and what we can do, I began to have doubts about myself. I began to participate in programs on personal development, where I saw my personality being shaped by others, out of fear. I do not know whether it was good or bad, but I could not continue because it is an online program and my financial situation does not help. I've been unemployed for almost four years. Because of my choices, my children have to suffer, and, as you know, I am married to an insensitive man who blames me for everything. I really would like to continue my spiritual journey, but I do not have a strong base, and maybe I'm still afraid of not having support as well. Sometimes I think it's all a lie, and that I should go back to live life the way I was living before I had betrayed my husband and lost my job. I asked God in my prayers to change my life because I am tired of suffering. I cry almost every day and my eyes do not show more happiness. Although I know that God would never leave me, I still doubt if I really deserve any help or support. After everything that happened in my life, I do not think I deserve to be loved or helped. My family has changed, they treat me as if I were a stranger, and the worst of all people on Earth. It hurts to know that I have caused so much pain and disappointment for my husband and children. Today, I just want to show them that I made a mistake and I'm not proud of it and I'm the same as always. It hurts me to know that my godmother does not care about me and everyone else anymore. I was someone that everyone respected, but today I am   regarded as a sinner and an adulteress, and I do not deserve respect or compassion from anyone. Deep down, I know I should not feel this way, because we all make mistakes and I cannot be condemned for the rest of my life. My husband does not respect me anymore, he does not respect our children, he does not care who and how we think. We have to live up to what he believes, and he does not see the pain he is causing us. We are afraid to say something because he can overcome us. Our children live oppressed and have to do what he thinks is right. I do not agree, and I see the pain in our children, and sometimes I feel like screaming and disappearing, but God gave me them to care for and love, and I feel responsible for them now. I already tried to separate myself from him, but he treated them badly and used them to affect me and I came back to him because of them. At this point, we all depend on him because he is the one who works, and we have to do everything he says. I am not allowed to have friends either because of the past. I have asked God many times to change his heart, but until now this man is worse. Sometimes we even feel sorry for him. I need a change, I need support and I need help, otherwise I will continue to live in oppression, fear and uncertainty. Please, I ask for a miracle in our lives, so we can live and be happy. Thank you.


What happens to your heart, daughter? Have you forgotten love for yourself and your faith? He forgets that he is no different from all other human beings, fathers and mothers of families, and even children. Everyone has obstacles to overcome, and you are no different, my daughter. However, what you need to understand is that you can only change your life when you stop blaming yourself for your mistakes. The only person who might know what is going on in your heart, and what leads you to take whatever attitude in your life, is yourself, and God. No one, my dear, can look at you and say what is going on in your life as a woman, who needs to receive love and give love. And when the flow of receiving and giving is prevented from flowing, imbalances occur, and this is perfectly natural. You are only having experiences that will make you get back to the flow of energy of giving and receiving love. Therefore, my dear, precisely because we know that, at the moment, you cannot feel our love for you, start exercising the act of offering love, and in time you will be open to feel what is already sent to you, then, you will unblock what today prevents you from letting flow that natural flow of energy, which is part of the manifestation of the feminine in your life. Do you love my daughter? So continue to love, give your love, always offer your love. Allow this energy to flow through you, you have been tempted to experience this energy so that it will resume the natural flow of your life and bring you happiness for yourself. Just allow love to flow, give love, and then you will begin to feel loved, and you will see how everything, in time, will adjust. For your gaze, hopeless today with life, will fill with the brightness of love, then nothing will shake it. Our only strength, my dear, is love. It unites us to God, it allows us to be truly happy.

I am Durga

Congregation for Peace and Transformation