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Wednesday, August 9, 2017





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Why do I like music so much? I even dreamed of producing instrumentality with thought alone. I woke up like this: "How did I do that?". I just know it was cool! Am I a kind of musician of the Pleiade or is it from past lives on Earth?


Son, you are not in the Pleiades. Your heart vibrates on Earth. On Earth must vibrate. If music vibrates your heart on Earth, why would not make it vibrate in the heart? Be in peace. 

Your presence I am.



Good morning, beloved Masters! It is an honor to receive a word, a cherish of yours. I would like an orientation regarding my son's father, we have not had a relationship for many years, he would help me with a pension, but he has not done it for almost 3 years, claiming that he is unemployed, and I understand him, although I have been going through many difficult situations arising of that. The point is that, I feel that if I do not say anything waiting on him to "help", I believe he will be quiet. But I'm scared to talk to him and position myself. He was always violent, threatening. Just thinking about talking to him has already destabilized. And I get confused regarding what I must do. I'm afraid of making the wrong decision about it. Please, how should I proceed? Or how should I proceed with myself? Thank you always for your love and support. A hug of love at all.


Daughter, of all the valleys that we pass, what most grieves us is the valley of injustice. The valley of unrighteousness on earth brings bitterness to hearts, which fail to understand the plans of God. We often have to place responsibility on those who proscrastinate themselves. In so doing, we give the impetus for them to walk. You can charge what is the righteousness of men, believing that God will do His justice. And so it is.

Master Jesus



Masters, I am suffering a lot with entities of darkness which are stick to me, they disturb me, and I have made a mistake of moving myself away from the spiritual center. Since then, dark entities have appeared, and my guides disappeared. Thus, I cannot speak to the real God, only with the false one. I want it all to end, and I want to be with my guides.


Lol, daughter! The black grandpa is here. And you know what do I see in you? Only you. You know what, daughter, you know that you are able of creating beings of darkness in your mind? It is true, your mind is so powerful! You have no idea of your power of creation, and since you have no idea, you create something that you do not want. So, daughter, to begin to change your life. First, empty everything that has filled your little head. Empty everything. Forget what the others say to you. Forget everything. You shall reprogram the whole mind of yours. You, daughter, will return to everything, but you needed to go through it to learn to empty your mind and not fill with information that does not serve to elevate the spirit, right? So, now empty your mind, practice a little meditation and inner silence, and therefore, you will gradually regain it. Perfume the house, perfume the environment and illuminate where you walk. Try to feed on light. And when I say nourish I do not say the physical body. Try to feed the spirit of light. Listen to soft music. Turn off the television and the radio. Silence the heart. Now, the work of reconstructing yourself begins. That was necessary for you to take the right path. But it's all right. Go in that direction since you are the only one capable of reborn yourself. Go with faith. Save!

Father Joaquim from Aruanda



Dear Masters, I am grateful for the messages to the questions raised. Today, I would like to talk about my youngest daughter and ask for help. I have been told that she is a mediumistic being and that while not assuming her mediumship she will always be dissatisfied, because she came to work in this area. She is a beautiful girl, 19 years old, but she is very insecure about what to do with her life, she goes and does not go to nursing, she does not know what to do or what she wants. She asks me, but I do not know what to say but that the choice is made with the heart. I do not feel that she is happy, sometimes she is aggressive in words, is insecure, easily irritated, sometimes not sweet, and seems to be bored, restless. When we mentioned the topic of what she wants to do, she gets upset and the answer is that she does not know. I appreciate the help, what I can do as a mother, what is destined for her, why she does not recognize her mediumship, is it still too early to recognize? I have two older daughters who have not gone through this, I know we are all different, but I feel lost in what to do, how to help, to see her happier and more fulfilled. Some time ago, she used to cry a lot during the night, and would scream in the middle of the night and escape to our room, she just wanted to sleep together. After talking to a psychic, she calmed down and the nights are better. She likes to go to sessions and see mediums working, but when they get into it and the strand is her mediumship, she starts to cry, she gets blocked and cannot speak and explain what she feels, why? What can we do? Once again grateful for the help, the Masters and the channels. A Divine embrace. Namastê!


Daughter, accomplishments are very personal questions when we feel the weight of life. When life brings its weight up we have to go out on a path. You should not soften your daughter's path but allow her to pass through her experiences. Do not surround her with your protection. This can harm her. She needs to feel that you will not always be there to support her. The cycle is for the parents to leave and the children to continue. When she feels it, she will begin to visualize the path she came to follow. This path will open before her. As Mother, calm down. Do not worry because she is looking for her alternatives. But never ease her pain. These pains are what will strengthen her so she can go her own way. She needs to be strong and life will take care of it. Be in peace.

Master Confucius

Congregation for Peace and Transformation