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Thursday, June 15, 2017

We need to carry heavy burdens? - Michele Martini

The feeling today is of gratitude, for every opportunity presented, the opportunity of the experience of life, where yes, we remain for several eras far from the essence of love, the rescue of the primordial that has always lived in our hearts.

Gratitude also for the presence and example always brought by the beloved master Saint Germain, who reminds us for several moments of the joy of life, of detaching ourselves from the charge we place on ourselves for what is right or wrong, and then indulging ourselves in the pleasure of simply dance a hardcore song under the shower, and that's fine. When we enter the energy of lightness, detachment of personality.

Among all the turbulence of life is the opportunity for regeneration, through experiences that are brought as new chances of a new beginning.

And yes, we come to believe and prove that love can happen again, that it can be rescued from the bottom of our essence, in the face of so much solitude that was cultivated within the heart, and even before the presented life. The fact is that we are not happy when separated from the essence of love. This love that was always within us, but that was covered by the attachment to our own personality.

The essence of love is in the encounter with our truth, that which is manifested only through the experiences of life, lived with wisdom and balance. For gradually we are letting go of what we believe we are, and then we open ourselves to love.

The experiences are brought as evidence, provoking the ransom of the inner truth. Often we are provoked to affirm our positions within a known personality, the one to which we cling, but that there is no longer any purpose to continue. We let our Personality Self dictate the rules of our life, feed our certainty and give us a comfortable place to live, for we cling to an image we create of ourselves. But the time comes when this personality is dissolved, by the experiences and learning that we are adding through life, and then that personality that was our refuge, our security, becomes overwhelming in our life, and then it is time to let it go, to give up.

Why not be a little here and a little there? Why not be a little tacky and fancy? Why not put aside such a strong image that was perceived only with the strengthening of a personality, to experience life in another way? To bring new experiences? Finally, to add to the construction of a Greater Self, which is only the manifestation of the whole that is inside each one of us?

This whole is represented by the voice that God, who speaks through our hearts, to repeat always, and to call us to return to Source.

This Source is the one that brings the state of fullness, the feeling of the whole, of belonging, of everything and of nothingness. But only from the complete random delivery of experiences. Firmifying wisdom surpassing through the manifestations of the ego, and no longer has the strength to dictate the rules in our lives.

The time comes when we simply say goodbye to the old personalities, and then we give ourselves up to new experiences, which can bring new illusions, bring us closer to other personalities.

And in the end everything works out? Yes, it always works when we take the first step toward releasing those Selves that we believed we were. When we surrender. When at last we overthrow that Being that was really only the manifestation of behaviors brought from the past, from ancient experiences, but that no longer has space to manifest in the present.

This liberation is the surrender of the personality to the experiences that are presented, bringing new opportunities for a new beginning, to show the new, to manifest the beginning of a New Age.

This New Age is not that collective that all materialize even instantaneously in their minds, but that which promotes inner transformation, but which also arises from the inner transformation, from the surrender of the Personality Self.

There is a moment when we decide to leave behind in the past everything that we think we are, or those adjectives for which we are known, to give ourselves to the new that opens in new experiences.

These experiences will increasingly bring evidence that we are on the right track.

We look back and what do we see? Just missing you. That nostalgia for the personality that remained in the past, but that we still recovered a few points, few because they were so many necessary learning, but those few points that we looked at and decided to take with us on this journey are superior aspects of small attempts at manifestation of the Higher Self, Which brought moments of joy and fulfillment, even in the midst of the turbulence of the daily experience of learning.

To Master Saint Germain, I thank you for always bringing this light and uncompromising vision of life. That vision of who is just to live the experience and nothing more. Lightly, loose.

And in a way we come to realize that the small glimpses of nostalgia may be part of our new luggage, the one we will carry on forever. And that these glances always remain in our lives, to show us the path of fullness and joy, and that, gradually, we can eliminate more and more the rooted aspects of personality, those that we no longer want to carry. Because gradually we learn that we can indeed decide to carry only light sentences and not the heavy burdens. These light feathers will always remind us that life is light and loose.

We can choose to lead a lighter life, but it is necessary to leave behind the fear and that personality that we believe to be.

We do not always have to fight, neither to suffer, nor to prove that we are capable. We just need to look at what makes us happy and then make it ever more permanent in our lives.

They are small choices, but it is when we bring the strength of the warrior, to walk always ahead, towards the detachment of the personality, and to the opening of new possibilities, which can show us what it is like to live without suffering definitively.

It is possible to be happy, it is possible to be only lightness and joy. It is possible to be only peace and fulfillment, only joy free to live. But for this it is necessary to let go of the personality, and to understand that there is only one thread that binds us to that weight, and it is called ego.

We are rather ego-provoked, we are pushed to the limit of our ability to receive all the necessary external reinforcements that will keep us within that illusory personality. But we will only be free when we realize that what keeps us there is only an illusion.

Can it be called fear? Who knows ..., but the main motivator and strengthening of the thread that unites us to the personality is definitely the ego.

The only burdens that we carry are those aspects of our personality, but we know that personality is only the manifestation of traumas, pains, past experiences, that we are here to clean, empty, and free.

When we break this bond, we let go as we feel the flow and lightness of life.

Let's live light. Loose, full and happy!

Michele Martini - June 14, 2017.

Translation: Patricia Nogueira