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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The release of the Sacred Feminine - Xatialiê - Durga Kali


For many ages you carry the burden of suffering in your heart.

You have brought as baggage transcending generations, the pains experienced in various experiences during your soul stories.

You, as women, have been embedded in environments, experiences, times of peace and times of war. And among so many facts that unfolded in their stories, hardened your hearts in the face of so much suffering.

The suffering experienced in the skin, but also that observed in its external environment.

They brought the pains, which were helping to form a protective shield, so that they were prepared and protected to live ages of so many wars and suffering.

They protected their hearts, forming around them the protective shield that I represent here as the beast where you see me mounted to fight with all the pains stored in the heart, but that has the simple purpose of unblocking these restrictions.

You carry within your hearts certain memories of suffering, and you have built the protective shield before you even heal them, as a way to protect yourself from further suffering.

They began to see with dim eyes the meaning of the inner beast. Of the one who should not live on the inside, but rather be an ally to show how to expose to the outside their pains, like the roar of that animal, that feline, that wants to be released from inside their hearts anyway.

I have come to show you that it is possible to detach from the beast, by not identifying with it, and making it your ally, by healing your own heart.

The beast that is with me is also with you, women, who have left so long to live the sacred feminine, and have left this powerful weapon of love guarded within their hearts, protected from all evil, but for so long prevented from to manifest to the external, and closing them to feel the power of the woman, of the sacred feminine.

You then, in that moment, have the opportunity to work on this liberation, letting that beast be part of you for a moment, so that, like me, you may come to tame it, to have it as your ally, in the manifestation of love to the external, but only as an external shield, and that does not prevent that it manifests the love of their hearts.
You let that beast out at that moment.

Repeat the XATIALIÊ code three times and as many times as necessary. With your hands on the heart repeat three times, and then on the throat chakra for three more times, allowing the release to the outside of the beast's roar.

Along with this release, the beast exposes the feline's roar, but also the tears that were trapped within their hearts, and which were enclosed within the shield of fear, of self-protection.

Repeat this application daily for 21 days, let the roar of the beast come out, look up, and let out the cry of this inner feline out of their mouths. And let the tears flow down their faces, those faces of women, mothers, warriors, who no longer want to be imprisoned and living the beast. But they want to free themselves, let go, let the beast leave, and become their friend, protector and guardian.

You are warriors of love, follow in peace and release the pains of your hearts, in this new stage of learning, where you no longer accept the imposition of fear and the impediment of manifestation of what you have most sacred. That is the feminine aspect contained for so long, and prevented from being manifested.

So also men can proceed, to bring the balance and anchoring of that liberating energy, which allows them to be love, radiate love, and also forgiveness.

I will be with you with every invocation. To bring strength, forming a protective shield, for we are all One. We are united in love, and in liberation from the most sacred aspects.

I'm Durga Kali

Messenger: Michele Martini - June 08, 2017.

Translation : Patricia Nogueira