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Sunday, June 18, 2017

The meeting with your truth - Archangel Gabriel

We recommend reading this message at the sound of the mantra: Aad Guray Nameh

Beloved children, I am Archangel Gabriel, I bring a brief message to you to understand the importance of the moment they pass.

They were many ages, where they experienced so many forms of understanding and encounter with its truth. Among all the experiences, you have always approached a little more of this encounter, but also have been adding information that has taken root, were bringing as a shield, to help them in the trajectory, some certainties, some postures, as a form of protection.

These shields now become heavy to bear, in the face of the lightness of the inner truth that is revealed.

Truth does not need shields, we have already told you. The light that radiates from their hearts, when allowed to be radiated pure and clear, manifesting love, strips their bodies of all shields, dissolves all protective armor.

You are going through a moment where we are purposely working to drop your armor, dissolve your shields. We stand by you, watching and holding you, but allowing you to experience the radiance of the inner light.

It may at times seem helpless, or that the shields they had were no longer efficient. But the truth, children, is that every time they need the shields, it is because they still can not radiate their own light. You radiate with the light, some pains, certainties, hard rooted realities of the personality, and all this information that is irradiated along with its light, attract all the energies, and elements, that vibrate in the same harmony of that certainty, of that personality.

You then, who remained with some protected certainties within your shield, now make them exposed to the external environment. And this is the opportunity of your own healing. For you, my children, bring this information rooted long ago, and it is time to release, to leave this baggage of information in the past. It has no space within its light. The light already shines brightly, and it forces that information to be released.

To follow lightly, embracing all the experiences and opportunities that the New Age brings, they must let down the empire they have built on themselves. That so often goes unnoticed, for they are already deeply identified with it, allowed the roots to grow, and reach deeper levels, which prevent them from keeping their sustained energy in elevation and peace all the time.

These deep roots, long ago, were not accessed. But it is only from the moment you look at all the facts that occur on the outside as opportunities, cultivating the feeling of gratitude for all that occurs, for all those who are placed before you, as mirrors to show these deep roots, just thanking the transforming agents, it will initiate the process of acceptance that in fact these roots exist.

When they cease to place the responsibility for their suffering on the outside, seeking to protect themselves within their shields of formed images, or even of positions, of certainties. And even the shields of protection that we, archangels, bring to you.

We know, children, the shields we bring to you are only temporary, until you are prepared to work these deep roots, and you will no longer need to hide any inner energy and protect it from external attacks, which are nothing more than only similar energies that resonate in common and attract.

The time has come to expose the deep roots, heal the wounds, accept their inferior aspects that keep these roots in eternal growth, but the time has come for cleansing.

Look within yourself. Close the eyes of the physical body that seeks in every way to find the answers and justifications for its suffering, and to look only inwardly. Find the deep roots, and work first on the acceptance of the aspects that are there, and end up attracting more dense energies.

The dense energies, children, are nothing more than the reflection of yourselves. They are not worthy of pity or their love in the way they think, for you look upon suffering beings to think that they must be loved and helped by you, who must be respected. But children, they have not yet realized they are only the representations of yourselves, those aspects that refuse to look. And so, children, as long as you keep looking at them as separate from your own truth, you will not allow the truth about yourself to be revealed.

All the facts, energies, beings, people, who approach you, children, are your masters, your guides, showing your own hidden aspects, and helping them in this process of revealing yourselves, of what you really are .

You hide things that you do not accept in yourself. But in hiding, they are strengthening them, because at some point they will be relieved. It is necessary that your truth be fully displayed, even in those aspects that you condemn of yourselves. And they are the same ones who see reflected in the brother worthy of their pity and love. You seek to look with love at the brothers who have exposed inferior aspects, just as a training to look at these same aspects within yourself, that are forgotten in time and kept so that one day you are prepared to look at them in a loving and charitable way so how they look at their brothers.

They embrace their deep roots, love all aspects of it, accept it, and then they can work for their enlightenment, not by hiding them, but by accepting them with love and enlightenment.

I am Archangel Gabriel

Messenger: Michele Martini - June 18, 2017.

Translation: Patricia Nogueira