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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The judgment we extend to the brethren is the denial of our own restrictions – Lady Master Pórtia

We recommend reading to the sound of the song:

Bringing the truth from within each heart, sometimes we can also let go of those pains, those reflections of the suffering that was once part of our realities.

Therefore, along with the healing processes that you propose, they also bring suffering.

The catharsis effect is perceived when sometimes you are so identified with your own suffering, with those behaviors and repetitions of pain that you want to break free, that you initiate an inner struggle between the side of the Higher Self and the Self Lower.

The healing processes make you accept to look at those aspects of the Lower Self and sometimes it seems like they are going through times when they have forgotten all that is light and all that is love, which they have learned until the present moment.

But this look at the small manifestations of the Lower Self is necessary for you to identify and acknowledge it as part of yourself.

This identification, at first, can become unbearable and make them give up everything that leads them to think that they have indeed evolved in their processes of self-transformation. You return to the state of connection with negativity and denial that you are light.

But then, it is through the connection with this state of suffering, that they cause the light to be reborn again. Accepting and accepting the negative aspect that is in you, stop denying the existence of the one who was always there, lurking to reach them when they least perceived.

It is through self-observation, the perception of all you love and which you do not love, of your joys and your dissatisfactions. It is through the overthrow of the weapons, the shields, that you begin to feel what is the truth that dwells within each one.

Of every one that is around you, and also the truth that is kept inside of you, which you deny by nourishing judgment.

From the moment they begin to feel their own shadows and observe their manifestation in their daily actions, it is when they begin to release the behavior that judges, which condemns these negative aspects also in their brothers.

You are faced with experiences that place you in positions where you act as those you condemn and then you begin to feel what it is to be human, which is to be involved in such situations that often lead you to manifest the lower aspects and extinguish the light that shines in their hearts.

It is through these experiences that they release judgment. They begin to look upon their brethren as centers of light, but who are only momentarily and provisionally with their lights asleep, but which in reality are only passages of life, where they too are being experienced to live the lower aspects so that they may with love to welcome them. They may learn to love also their imperfections.

It is in this way, children, that you will indeed learn to love your brethren, within their imperfections, and then will show you the way of forgiving yourselves. For the inferior aspects observed in the external ones are nothing more than those that are kept inside their hearts, and that they do not allow that they are manifested, that deny their existence.

You remain for a long time denying your painful manifestations, of anger, of tears and of suffering. They keep those aspects that you know that will make them suffer. They spend a long time just observing all this manifested in their brothers and that's when they begin to realize that these overlaps are also theirs, which are the ones that you no longer manifest but from the moment you decided not to manifest them, it was precisely when you began to judge your brothers for the same mistakes.

For then, the time has come for the discovery that these judgments are only manifestations of the fear that still lives within each of you, the fear of returning to manifest these inferior aspects and of being judged, since they have already suffered too much when it was manifested.

You then really understand that these aspects still live within you and you are manifesting yourself through this judgment, which extends to the external, but also to yourself, for you deny yourself the opportunity to be your own truth.

It is through the exercise of forgiveness, acceptance and radiance of love to the lower aspects of all around you, that you come to accept your own restrictions.

So you realize that the loving gaze that you extend to your brothers is not the one who brings compassion and charity to someone who is on the bottom or suffering, but that this compassion is for yourselves. You are the same inferior aspects you see in your brothers. Who are there in their daily experience and stand before you only to serve as mirrors to show their own restraints.

Judgment, brethren, is only the warning to yourself of what needs to be looked into you and which you still deny, but from the humble reception of what you deny in yourself, you will come to understand that there are no defects and there are no restrictions on those who are looking.

As soon as you begin to look at the external in a loving way and it is no longer possible to identify any restrictions or defects in your brothers. It is when you will discover that you already have your own heart free from your own pain and suffering. That is when you will be completely healed of your own restrictions.

Life is just a material way of bringing you the opportunity to heal that which you do not want to see, but which dwells within you and which needs to be enlightened.

The people of your conviviality, from religious leaders to those judged as criminals, are all characters perfectly placed in your material experience to show you all the restrictions that need to be overcome.

There is no right or wrong, there is the kind and the criminal. There is only judgment. The judgment that is born from the denial of the restrictions from themselves and manifests itself in the form of prejudice by their brothers.

I greet with love the God that is within each one of you.

I am Lady Master Pórtia

Messenger: Michele Martini - June 27, 2017.

Translation: Patricia Nogueira