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Monday, June 19, 2017

Reacting your light - Let unconditional love be born - Lady Master Clara

Carried by the call of the heart, you will follow the learning of life, deprived of the memory of what you have already been. Only by putting yourself in front of the new possibilities of redemption of that wisdom that is contained in the safest place, that is your heart.

The remembrance of them has already been often brought in tears, with glimpses of an age that is gone, but still has wounds in its memories.

Certain memories, dear children, are left in an enclosed chest, which you are barred from opening, just because you do not have the key, which is nothing more than the wisdom necessary for such a key to materialize and which demonstrates that you already, are prepared to look at something they would not have been able to cope with in earlier times.

The memories of pain, children, those that cause deep wounds in their history, are stored very safely so that they are not accessed for a long time. Until you can reestablish, strengthen yourself and redeem the feeling of lost love with that experience, then in a new opportunity, receive the key that will open you to that experience, which will come repeatedly, but which you will already take with lightness and softness, with wisdom.

You, beloved children, go through a long period of discovery of the reason for a deep pain that ends up creating several restrictions in your lives, materialized in personalities, in behaviors, that in a certain moment need to be transformed. For they are no longer part of your essence, we are identified as something that does not vibrate more like yourselves. For indeed, you have become glowing beings in light, and will no longer carry some restrictions.

Still in this experience, you are presented with memories that will awaken feelings that must be re-emerged and released, for it is the rescue of what has been forgotten, protected, within the shield of protection that each of you created to no longer suffer.

This shield, son, is something created unconsciously, is observed only by a behavior, by a change of behavior, that causes them to close to love.

If you went through great experiences of suffering by losing or separating from something you loved, there is the loss of love. You have projected the meaning of love into something material and when you lose that something material, you also lose the connection with love.

Understand, beloved children, that the rescue, therefore, will be the realization that love can not be projected into just something material, but love is something that already exists within each of you, and that is manifested to the external, making them become One with the environment in which they live.

Love will no longer be projected only in a being, or something materialized in experience in matter, but will be the whole. Love has a new meaning, and so you begin to observe life in a new way, which will make it possible, in whatever temporary material conditions you live, to keep love burning within your hearts.

You go through experiences where, as little apprentices, you think that love is meant only when materialized in the form of a child, a husband, a hero, a saint, or even in the way that you are most attuned to your energies and needs. But when the experience of the loss of this material connection occurs, they can not preserve the love burning within their hearts. With the loss of the object of love, a little bit of you go, you turn off your light, lose your brightness.

Over time, you end up rescuing a spark of that light, in the face of the new experiences that are presented, because in the end, it is necessary to find the strength to follow. But it's still just a timid light without the intensity of the initial brightness.

You keep, dear ones, in an enclosed chest, a little piece of your heart, for you are not prepared to face the feeling of loss of love. And then they go on in their experiences, in more incarnations, where they grow stronger again, learning more and more to nourish that inner light that re-ignites.

They learn that love is the whole and that when you love the whole, it is not possible for the light to go out at every separation, for you would be losing your lights constantly, for everything that is of matter is provisional. But the light is eternal.

You come to realize that when the light goes out, you can not keep connected to that love. But in the face of new experiences, they learn that the burning light of love never goes out, it is only stored inside the chest, just because you have not been able to deal with temporary material separation.

When you understand this, children, bring back to you this focus of light, which has been materialized into something, but which returns in new experience to rekindle your light, but only now that your light is already more glittering, that you have learned that in order to kindle it, it is necessary to love all, to unite in one with the whole, with life.

From this union, a powerful light is lit that never goes out. Even in the face of all material experiences, interim separations, pains and sufferings, the light will still remain alight. In the certainty that you are one with the whole, and that the light of the whole never goes out.

In this way, they materialize the key of the trunk, which kept that pain already forgotten, and which was the cause of the feeling of defeat, of anguish, that did not allow them to feel love again, love for the whole, unconditional love. You learn that unconditional love can be brought to the whole planet. In this way, they strengthen themselves and open the already forgotten chest, from which the material experience of the past is born again, so that they can now, more wisely and brilliantly, live the continuation of that experience, which came to teach them how to love everyone from the deepest state of darkness, the light. And the light rescued now, will never be erased.

I am Clara

Messenger: Michele Martini - June 19, 2017.

Translation: Patricia Nogueira