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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Father José from Aruanda

Hail! Sons of light and love! Save the violet flame! Yes, children, some of you already know children. The old father here is also of violet eye, the father also manifests itself in a very beautiful girl known like Master Pórtia, and also manifests like Zé Pilintra. And so many of you know the line of scholars, children. Father brings wisdom, brings study, brings opportunity for children to look within themselves.
The father brings the lessons to his children. For those who are not arrived at the whiteness of the masters, hihihi. The father is here, black than just me, and the others old black. To bring the truth, in a cheerful and relaxed way, in simple words, not children.
We are all one, children. So me and Pórtia are the same energy, yes. And you can see that in the content of the messages. That's how it works, kids. The masters who are part of the same dispensing house bring the same message differently. The old father works in the line of Iemanjá, Odoiá! But it also works by presenting itself as the flame of transmutation, children.
I am the one who brings the words that need to be said. Give to those who hurt, children. With much love, but also with sincerity in words. The old father here brings the truth and the reminder that you are strong, more than you realize. The father brings the force of the transformation and pushes the children with the courage to change the life, to transform the own reality, it is children.
Then save the old blacks from the great fraternity of masters!

Channeled by Michele Martini


Translation : Patricia Nogueira