Sunday, January 10, 2010

Father Benedito from Angola

Who was him? He was who passed through the narrow door. But if he became narrow and he was great, how then did he pass?
His greatness caused the narrow door to pass. Narrows do not pass through the narrow gate because he is one of the great.
The straits go together to the great door. They walk in masse! The great ones walk alone, then they reach the narrow door and through it they pass.
In the narrow door the strong heart is that it draws near, because he has courage to his destiny to face. It was large and in its grandeur until the narrow door alone arrived.
How many straits did he try to reach, but ended up forgetting about love! They departed, and the rest of them at the broad door followed.
This is Father Benedito, of the Angolan people, a man of great heart, of greater soul, who does not follow the crowd. Followed the love and in his humility the narrow door alone went.
There he passed by it and in its greatness paradise found, just behind the narrow door.
Save the people of Angola, save the suffering people, who were great and through the narrow gate passed, where the lord welcomed them with their love.

Channeled by Thiago Strapasson

Translation : Patricia Nogueira