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Monday, June 5, 2017

How to keep yourself protected from everything you do not want in your life - Mother Mary

May the blessings of love bring peace to your bodies, minds and hearts.

It is time to bring each of you peace, letting your light shine out into the world. It is no longer the time to stick to mundane matters, to look with lack of understanding, to judge or not to accept what they see and what happens in their world. It is time for understanding, for acceptance, so that from this feeling peace radiates.

The time is to understand the vision of God on the experience that they live, so that from this understanding shines in their aura the love and the gratitude by all the elements of the nature, by everything that is around him. Looking at all the facts of your day with this vision of acceptance, trust in God and surrender, you keep your hearts free to radiate love, which manifests itself in deep acceptance and inner peace.

Time, sons, is to no longer criticize, not to judge, to no longer engage in mundane issues of politics, of conflicts between men, and to leave the opinion aside, understanding that the one who thinks is not its essence, But its human personality that says very little about everything you represent. The time is of abandonment, of abdication of opinions, so that your only focus is your own enlightenment, the radiance of your spirit and nothing more.

There is no time, children, for involvement in all these issues that no longer interest you. It is time to truly allow, that all that passes before your eyes, dissolve into the eternity of your own hearts. It is time to be love, to show love and to be thankful, simply for having that understanding, and nothing more.

Because the look, beloved ones, it is he who says what we are, is the vision we maintain about the world, and what is around us. Only the compassionate gaze is one who stands sober in the face of the adversities of the world. A look of the observant, but in silence, let the less dignified thoughts dissolve in the wind, rain, burn in the fire, or be buried in the past. The realization that very little matters in this experience, but beyond what we feel and bring in our hearts.

For he who brings this compassion in his heart, who understands perfection in all experiences, is the one who understands the love of God in his life. God's love, beloved, is a love that does not judge, does not say about who is right or wrong, but who sees in all the imperfection of the world the deep pains that their children bring in their hearts.

This look is liberating, for it no longer accepts fear, it is light, and it relies on the divine purpose in everything that passes through life.

How much simpler would the world, my beloved, be if this look of compassion were radiated even by a small part of the population of this planet, for that state promotes God's greater example, to allow everything to unfold within its time, to who, in his wisdom, see his children attain the state of true happiness.

The happiness that is only attained in a state of fullness of the soul, when the restrictions of these glances fail to tie them to the experience in the density of this planet. For what sets you free, children, to follow the path of love, is not God's vision of you, but it is the gaze you keep on experiences in your lives. For how often do you look and criticize what you disagree with.

But they do not understand that, however righteous their causes, beloved, when they lose this inner compassion, they open themselves to all that they are just denying. What opens us to the field of irradiation of unglazed energies is only the way we see experiences in the world, and nothing more. It is from the fear, from the judgment, from the lack of confidence that we open ourselves so that our energy is used in acts contrary to love.

God understands that we have to be ready to embrace what I say to you at the moment, and few are those who actually practice it in their lives, yet he allows them to repeat their experiences in their lives until they understand something so simple, which is to love and have understanding about everything.

By keeping a negative eye on anything, you cling to that lower feeling, and thus hinder the free flow in your lives, you lock your emotions and thus make it difficult for the empowering energies of protection, to pass over your field energy. In so doing they open themselves to all that they deny may afflict them. For this is life in the cosmos, we attract what we vibrate.

One has to have understanding and acceptance of the process, beloved ones, whatever they may be, they must keep their focus in their own inner light, because they avoid that through their own inner darkness they are linked to dense energies that drag their Consciousness in its own darkness. The light attracts more light. But fear and judgment open the doors so that, out of our inner darkness, darkness may manifest in our lives.

Those, my sons, who hold a charitable gaze in life, understanding by the pain of others, by the lack of understanding, are precisely those who are able to enter the harshest environments of this creation, remaining crystal clear and pure in its purpose. It is precisely those who, in all tests of life, have kept their hearts burning in light and love.

There are no better ways of defending myself from all that you think is attacking you, that you think engaging them, than by caring for your own innermost sanctuary, keeping your peace and purity in your hearts. And in order to remain in this state, they will only do so by taking care of their eyes on the experiences that surround them.

Pray, children, for all those who cross their days, in the most unthinking acts, to radiate this peace, so that, my noble ones, they will be protecting themselves, they will radiate the purest love of God, keeping their manifestation in perfection in Earth.

There is no other way to anchor the protection in your beings, my children, to close your field on everything that can envelop them, but to show love on Earth.

And so I bless you, welcoming you in my protection cloak whenever you do not remember these words, you open the manifestation of what you do not want in your own lives, because I am your Mother.


Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - May 29, 2017.

Translation: Patricia Nogueira.