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Friday, June 9, 2017

How to find out who you are - Master Saint Germain

We are living in a period where you are confronted all the time by several of your identities. Those that you have assumed as reflections of restraints experienced in previous incarnations, as well as some that you have created as parallel lives, or even those that have temporarily taken to trying to fit into a medium that did not fit their nature.

You have long been assuming a number of these identities and no longer identifying with some, and that is when you have gradually left behind some of them.

But there are still those that you are led to assume, even though you have not assumed until the present moment, and which are expected of you to remain inserted in the present reality, that which manifests in your lives, so that they are accepted in the environment where they live.

You can understand these words in different ways, but the truth is that everyone, without exception, takes positions, identities, to insert themselves in a social environment.

This social medium can be understood as something macro or even micro, as the example of being incarnated on a planet where there are social classes, divisions between the masculine and the feminine, and there are still the divisions of caste, skin color, level intellectual. That is, even if they do not realize it, they are at all times manifesting their identity so that they belong to this medium, incarnate, in physical manifestations adapted exclusively to live that experience.

This detail, seen in a macro way, is understood worldwide, and can be even more detailed when thinking about countries, cities, regions, where there are customs. In some there is the custom of wearing one garment, in others there is no such custom. In others certain types of food are accepted and some are forbidden.

In this way, in a more micro-fashion, you perceive yourself fulfilling roles to be inserted in a social environment, to be accepted by society. And then it is that they are provoked to promote the changes, from the micro to the macro. From the individual level, to the collective.

You, inserted in your social media, put themselves in the role of several characters, and assume several simultaneously, but divergent ones, so that they fit in the best way to each social environment, so that they mold and be accepted by such means where they live together.

That way conflicts start. Parents who work so hard to compromise their family life, or even those who are so deeply involved in the problems of the personal life of the family, that allow it to interfere with work, reducing their productivity . In this way the first provocations are placed. After all, why is it necessary to assume two roles, two identities to exist in this incarnational experience? And if we join the two to form only one?

For many times, your true essence, your truth, is contained in a mix of a little of each personality you assume, some family man, and also some of that successful entrepreneur.

But the extremes lead to the clash between the personalities, because you identify in a certain way with each of them, that lead to the extreme, and then move away from the middle path, which is only the experience aggregate of each of the assumed roles, to then turn into wisdom.

Complete emptying is sometimes necessary, when what you see as just an experience becomes a new personality assumed in an extreme form, and there are patterns to be broken, a cycle to be broken, and return to balance.

You are placed in extreme situations, where what you carried as an illusory balance, but which was in fact an attachment to various identities, and the fear of emptying, begins to show itself more intensely, to require of you beyond what you could offer.

You have played a medium role for a long time, and in parallel you have also taken on a medium personality. But it is time to break the cycle. Where you reach the point, where it will turn into wisdom and you will move on without taking any of those two baggage, none of the experiences. And then situations are set before you, where you are provoked to give yourself more and more, more intensely to such assumed personalities. So that you then understand through this provocation that goes beyond your limits that it does not really represent what you are.

And then you take a step back, go back and observe it as just something that needed to be learned, but if you keep going down that road, surrendering to social demands, the demands placed on you to become more and more representation of that personality, the more you will depart from what the heart says.

You receive the call of the heart on one side, and on the other hand you are provoked to be more and more that character who was just an experience, a stepping stone to acquire more wisdom only, but that when perceiving your distance from that identity, comes with everything to impose them, to charge them to actually assume these personalities. But no more say about you.

You are challenged to look at the discrepancy between what you are versus what society is demanding, imposing upon you. And that's when they step back. They wonder if the path you are demanding is really what you feel to be the representation of yourself, if by fulfilling the social requirements, you are being true to yourself.

It is precisely you, who have gone through an entire journey against your true identity, being provoked to take on more intensely a character that, today you understand very clearly, does not represent anything about yourself.

So what to do in the face of such a situation? How to move forward?

Just transcend!

Transcend the teasing of your Personalities, stay on your straight line to the encounter with the I Am. Remain your truth.

Often these provocations, manifestations, are put before you through experiences, as a test, to experience them. So you reaffirm if it does not really say about you, or if you still identify with that character.

Fear engulfs them, and often causes them to follow the path of regression in the process, living more intensely an old character, who is still representing something to you, as they are still identifying with certain material representations. And now is not the time to transcend this experience.

But then, what if you do not give in to the taunts? Will you radically change your lives?


Absolutely not, for you are still embedded in the experiences, but you have already learned to detach what is your truth from what is just an experience. And they come to unite the manifestation of the I Am in the experience. Which is just the goal. You can continue to play a role in society, a social role, a job position, or even in the family nucleus, but add to that experience the wisdom of the I Am. Your actions will no longer be based on the social flow that is imposed on all people, but you will be the example of detachment from what is imposed by social rules, but will represent its essence.
This is a natural process. And you will be provoked when you arrive at key points in your walk, where you will have to decide if you still identify yourself with that character, or even reaffirm yourself at that moment, your true purpose, which you have already identified, but the first sight does not resonate with the social standards you live. But you will discover that this perception is merely an illusion of matter. For to be the transforming agents of the New Age, they must achieve this state of detachment and the I Am experiencing their activities and the social environment in which they live. This will be the transformation.

And so it is

I am Saint Germain

Messenger: Michele Martini - June 05, 2017.

Translation: Patricia Nogueira