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Sunday, June 11, 2017

How do you observe life? An indicator of its evolution! - Master Serapis Bey

Learn, beloved, that whatever content you see in your day is an energy shaped by your judgments, by what you observe immediately before you. This look, full of content and values, says very little about the real situation of what they observe.

They have learned that there is a way of dressing, behaving, and being with people. And each set of these contents, forms a value in their human personality, who have a professional role, another family, another friend. And all of them, each in his own way, adds to his human personality certain forms of behavior, to see something as right, good, or as that which ought not to be done in that way, which ought to be done otherwise. They are values, beloved, that you incorporate into your days, and prevent the free flow of energies.

But what would be the truth, children? Is it a good thing? Bad? Right or wrong? What does it cause in you? What does what you see still cause you? What value do they attach to this fact? How did you teach them to behave in the face of this that causes you fear, anger, uncertainty, or insecurity?

Sons, know that these values ​​exist only from the human personality. For truth is empty of content, of logic, of explanation.
It simply is.

Contrary to what I say, you have learned to value, to add content to what passes before your eyes. You look, and immediately attach a content to that fact. You say to be good, bad, right, wrong, fair or unfair. So, to every fact there is a value, because valuing is human. To give value to experiences is to be human. To be human is to say, "That agrees, but it does not. "

But if they knew how small this vision is, for the true vision is transformed by the world. It is not static, just as values ​​change from time to time, and that which was wrong no longer causes astonishment. Or what was right, which was customary, is no longer acceptable. Values ​​change, but the facts are there before your eyes. They have no content, no values, just happen.

The contents are simply the values ​​that you have incorporated into your being, through your human personality. If they understood this, they would see that nothing has value or content outside the mind and judgment. You, in this state, would be able to observe, but would no longer evaluate as right or wrong.

And this empty gaze would not allow the facts to be capable of generating reactions like hatred, anger, envy, fear. The facts would pass, and then you would observe them. They would no longer cause you to react. They would be accompanied by indifference; they would be simple to understand, because they would be empty. They would not require much discussion, evaluations, analysis; they would simply be what they see.

Perhaps this is the beauty of what is simple. And perhaps the most beautiful and complex is the simple. Because the simple has no value, it is smooth, true, transparent, soft. Unlike the exquisite, which should be good according to the values, full of content.

But I take the liberty of making this brief introduction, so that you may understand life from this simplicity. And I say this, sons, because those who detach themselves from matter, who are no longer attached to material reality, pass less and less to see meaning in experiences. They are those who have learned to accept them and to understand that this is life, and that each one has to live, observe without judgment, without the facts causing them strangeness, doubt, fear and uncertainty. They have become wise in their own inner silence, and they observe life without value, and with acceptance.

So that you can assess, sons, how much you still attach to matter, and life in physicality, there is an excellent indicator: Look at how still you identify with values, with judgments, rules and content that comes from the outside. Or how much they attribute values ​​to what is external as wrong, not good, that simply should not exist. This is an indicator of how mentally they are attached to planetary reality.

As you look at the facts of life, see how they make you afraid, repulsed, and how much you still judge everything you observe, right and wrong, good or bad. And see, in a different way, that which is already the indifferent before the life, that passes for you with confidence, with freedom, letting flow naturally.

You see, children, you have everything you need to be the very drivers of your evolution. For what does not cause inferior feelings, which does not generate emotions of imprisonment, is exactly the point that they were able to transcend. Those social facts that pass before you, which observe, and that are able before them to remain empty, in peace, radiating their love, are precisely the points that have already transcended, from which have been released, that no longer hold them and where they are free.

On the other hand, what they see but which subtract them from peace, where they are not able to maintain the inner silence because they attribute content, consider as being unjust, not certain, here, children, the points that still bind them to the planetary illusion, precisely where they are not able to maintain unconditional love, to be the master who observes in silence and trusts.

This is a good meter! How many facts do you simply observe and still can not keep your peace, your love? The more they come out of this state, children, the more they will still be trapped in the illusion of matter.

For the physical life on this planet is precisely the path of abandonment of the personality, abandonment of values ​​and contents. It is to be free, knowing that values ​​change, change and become diluted in time. Nothing is stable and everything is moving. This glance allows them to see everything with this emptiness, this silence, where indifference takes over almost all their experiences.

This is a state of acceptance, of observation, where learning is extracted, experience is lived, but peace and love remain, for these are the feelings of the wise, of those who have transcended, and who no longer accept what the countless characters in life, imposes them. They are at peace, and are free, free to go out to meet God, without attachment to the human personality.

I am Serapis Bey, and I love you deeply, my brothers, always, regardless of the judgment you hold on your own actions. I will always continue to love you.

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - June 7, 2017.

Translation: Patricia Nogueira