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Friday, June 2, 2017

FAQ - How to clean the aura?

How to clean the aura?


The aura engages and attracts all the energies that are compatible with it, attracting in the same way that a magnet attracts a metal. So it's important to remember that when trying to clean only the external without at least working inside the cleaner, it will not bring about a definitive cleaning.
By invoking subtle energies, which may be of the Masters, of the archangels, elohins, of your spiritual guides, or even receiving that help from someone who invokes you with lighter energy, you automatically draw nearer to you these lighter energies than , Even if they are not compatible, will remove all that is the lower energy of your aura. For all external resources and forms of aid are freely available to all.
But realize that when you can not bring the relief and cleansing of the aura on its own, you feel this instant energetic change, it is because within you there is still the density that attracts the densest external energies. And therefore, its interior must be worked.
For inner cleansing to occur, after invoking subtle beneficial energies, work to bring that subtle light into yourself. Gradually, working forgiveness, gratitude, and love.
In this way, when you need help in times when you are in contact with denser energies, it will be enough to allow this inner light energy to radiate, and then, in addition to keeping your aura clean, it will also help maintain the environment where you are.
Therefore, self-observation, self-knowledge and sincerity with your own emotions, is how to clean the house, and so work the maintenance of your aura also always clean.