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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Bringing the teachings of the Vedas - Sanat Kumara

Bringing the teachings of the Vedas, we came here to show you the essence of the ascension work through inner search and cleansing.

I am Sanat Kumara, and in the name of all the Great Fraternity of Masters, who, unrelated to religions or dogmas, are bringing the love and form of supreme elevation of the inner essence.

As Krishna is understood the primordial essence of the creator, who dwells within each being, each focus of life. The Krishna energy is nothing more than the work brought about by the Vedas, of looking into oneself, and seeking the expansion and connection with that essence.

These teachings date back thousands of years before Christ, and could not be understood by you as something palpable when it comes to putting in dates and forms of time that you understand today.

The Vedic teachings bring much knowledge that always leads each one to the encounter with own divine essence.

It has been translated and disseminated as a religion in Hinduism, but today I bring to you the Vedic essence based on the primordial teachings of connection with your own divine source.

The basis of the teaching is always to look to your own actions, to your own thoughts, to bring ever more light to every inner focus that is detected in attitude if thoughts that are unrelated to the supreme essence and connection with God.

This way of thinking is nothing more than a daily practice that makes each one observes own actions. And by self-observing, there is the discovery of the points that bring disconnect with the divine light.

Each point, as it is identified, must be placed aside for observation. You put all your thoughts and attitudes into analysis, where you yourself begin a journey of learning about yourself. Where they know themselves better in their true essence.

The basis of the study based on the teachings of the Vedas is in the inner gaze. The silence of the mind, the listening of the heart. Listening to the silence.

At first there is the bother in facing only yourself and nothing else. Where you take away all the external distractions and are brought face to face before your own truth. The first feeling will be of escape. The discomfort begins to appear. Anxiety and a mind populated with thoughts and plans. All minds are conditioned and are so involved with the material world and have not been trained to look at the very truth of being, transcending matter.

Along with this look, that silence, which is worked a little bit each day, there is the work of reciting mantras, of the recitation of prayers.

You understand mantras of one form, prayers of another and mental schedules in a different way, but all these are the same and have the same goal.

The prayers, or mantras or mental programs are all for you to work a new way of thinking, a new affirmation before the life gaze, while seeking to silence the mind in other moments of meditation.

It is necessary to work a little with the recitation of mantras and prayers, repeating the phrases and quotations indicated by your Gurus, Masters, Mentors and in another moment every day, whether to work the silence of the mind.

Gradually, even with the recitation of mantras in a different language, the mind is being reprogrammed.

We usually indicate the period of 21 days for a complete mental reprogramming.

If the recitation of the mantra, quotes, or prayers is worked daily for 21 days, and in this period, also daily work is done to silence the mind in meditation; you can see the result at the end of the 21 days. Where you will realize that there is no longer suffering in remaining silent. You get to know more about yourself, come to understand what your points are to be worked on, and so you are guided to sequential healing processes, to work on every identified aspect.

First you begin to perceive the lighter points to be transcended, and that cause suffering, work, heal, enlighten. In the sequence, one more point is brought to you, a little deeper, and the work continues.

It is never possible to work out all points and restrictions in only one treatment sequence, as you may experience strong symptoms of catharsis. There is a need to gradually work the silencing of the mind, the gradual discovery of its own truth and then reprogramming.

The Vedic treatment is composed of three-step blocks:

1.       Silence of the mind;
2.       Identification of emotional triggers;
3.       Mental Reprogramming.

The three steps can occur in parallel, because while you silence the mind, in the same period also work the reprogramming, so that the emotional triggers are gradually revealed. And you, being worked on reprogramming and silence of the mind, already have more tools and preparation to deal with the emotional triggers when they are shown.

At the end of a cycle, there is the beginning of another, because some aspects have already been cured, and will build a basis for the beginning of a new stage, which could not be worked out at first, because it needed a level of understanding and a certain balance for the treatment to be effective.

Transformational therapy consists of a work that complements this Vedic process. In the midst of the process, each of you has been bringing more preparation so that some points that led to repeat certain behaviors and remain in suffering are illuminated and unlocked.

The work can be done by each one, in itself. Just following the steps that have been put here, without the need for some therapist. You become therapists of yourself.

They learn to silence the mind, to listen to their inner master. Silencing the mind they become more attentive to what the universe shows them, the signs, the tips and so they are guiding themselves.
The process of following a guru, a teacher, or an outside mentor is only temporary, and only to be shown the way of meeting with your own connection to your true mastery.

Each one has the responsibility for himself, for his acts, and also for his own healing. So they brought the Vedas, to teach this path of enlightenment, cleansing and encounter with truth itself and that can be practiced by each one.

The gurus, the masters, are merely showing examples of who followed this journey and came to establish full contact with their inner master, with their own truth. They agreed to look at their inferior aspects, their emotional triggers, and bravely confronted them, bringing more happiness with time but with the suffering that also comes along with the disconnection of the illusion of matter and the Personality.

Attachment to Self-Personality is what causes suffering, is the only cause of suffering in this process, but with each truth shown with this technique, each one is diluting the created illusions of matter and self, and knowing more and more.

Transformational therapy is the complement that works in Akashic records, when they are ready to be enlightened, but there is a need for individual work of each. For the process of healing and responsibility for one's own acts is individual and the search for one's own enlightenment is interior.

With the elevation at subtler levels, in the course of the work proposed by the Vedas, each one will learn to access his record of suffering and enlighten him without the need for a therapist. Each one is trained to be the therapist of oneself.

Each being, son of the light, the essence of Krishna, is endowed with the necessary brilliance to heal oneself and everyone, it is sufficient to detach oneself from the individual quest for matter and to connect with the divine essence. Accepting the light and the path proposed by the universe in its history, following the flow of learning and extracting wisdom, letting go of the Lower Self and connecting to the Higher Self.

There is a need for acceptance of the divine light within oneself and for detachment from the material illusion.

I am Kumara

Messenger: Michele Martini - June 29, 2017.

Translation: Patricia Nogueira