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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Breathing and Enlightening - Master Saint Germain

Greetings my brothers,

Today the day begins with the glow of the flame of transmutation and purification. This is the message of today: peace and transformation. What else do you need in life beyond that? Of simply being at peace, while all the old is being dissolved, everything is transformed, and the new reappears before your eyes? That is to be at peace, anchoring your own inner transformation. That is what you came here for, and this is the dream you keep in your hearts, to transmute yourself to radiate your truth, and nothing more.

I am Saint Germain, and today I bring these words, the feeling of peace and transformation, I radiate with violet-crystal flame, so that they purify themselves on the way to their own inner transformation.

But you may wonder what you need to do to live this process, to feel that you are embedded in this process of inner transformation. And I ask them: At this moment they feel their breath? Now, since I remembered them. Yes, we are talking about breathing, so the focus is on that physical capacity to absorb the food, the body, the air you breathe. But until then, you did not mind your own breathing, it happened naturally, without you even noticing.

In enlightenment, my brothers, it is the same process. When we speak of enlightenment, everyone immediately begins to wonder what the path is, and whether they are in the path of enlightenment itself. But until they did not question it, it was occurring inside of her, of course. Because life leads you on this path of rebirth, of resurrection to your own light, to the energy of your soul, to that deep contact with yourself. You did it naturally, until you wondered whether or not you were on that path. Just as you breathed naturally, until you wondered what it was like to breathe correctly, breathe of enlightenment.

I can tell you that there is no right way to breathe. It occurs as your body needs the element absorbed in the air, for the maintenance of its energies. Just as you light up, as the body becomes empowered to receive more light. It is a natural path of expanding consciousness as well as breathing.

Because they have reached a point of magic, where they can simply indulge in the energies of the Age of Aquarius, New Age. Just relax and breathe, and let the path lead you in peace, tranquility, without needing to understand. Stop questioning where to go, which way, which is the fastest. It is time to allow, my brethren, to allow enlightenment as well as allow breathing at that time. Surrender to it and allow yourself to shine.

For you were the ones who sustained the peace in your hearts, which made possible the beginning of transformation in your world, which made it possible that, increasingly, what was hidden would shine forth, that it might appear purified. This is the mission of surrendering to your own enlightenment, and letting the process occur naturally, leading you to where you must go, letting life take you without question, but only allowing.

We will then do a brief exercise to feel enlightenment, and what it is to live in this New Age energy.

Imagine, now, walking through a forest. You do not know what will come, and then you simply continue to walk, because you want to discover what there is to experience. Walking quietly, they observe a fern, which pours the leaves under the centipede that walks slowly too. And you appreciate that. They continue, and now they cross a rock, where there is a stream just below. They stop to hear the sound of the water hitting the rocks. You do not know why you do it, but you simply know it gives you pleasure. You stop and enjoy the way, without questioning the reason, but simply because it pleases you. And they enjoy the smell of grass, watch the sounds of birds and animals, and melt away in this feeling of surrender on the way, in the midst of this pleasant environment.

But suddenly you see yourself in a city full of cars and people, who do not understand the process they face. They are agitated, the cars honk, and that takes away their peace, prevents their transformation, because in this environment you do not feel the same peace of the previous way. You enter into this environment, and bind yourself to all external noise, and then allow it to interfere so much in your peace, that you become the noise itself, the reflection of all this external noise.

But remember that you are not this body, and then you would simply go back to that forest, smell it, see the animals and the plants, to enjoy life. You do that and you move from the city. There are no more cars or noise. Your body is still there in the middle, but not you, the masters, who become peace. You are the light, the point off the curve that people look at and will not understand because you are enjoying that noisy landscape. They are in the noise, and can not understand your peace, but it does not matter, because you know where you are, in peace, becoming, to be the master again, the master who understands life, and does not let her drag through your days.

You see, children, this is enlightenment, it is allowing it to give itself, knowing what it is capable of, not confusing with their bodies, not letting chaos take care of you. You can understand people, look at them and say: you do not understand me, you do not know where I am, but I understand you because I have been in your place for a long time, but I decided to leave and one day you will understand me. But while I do not want to be understood, I want to be in peace and allow my enlightenment, even if they do not understand me. This is my feeling.

Enlightenment, children, is like breathing, just allowing it to come naturally.

Be in peace.

I am Saint Germain

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - June 14, 2017.

Translation: Patricia Nogueira