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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Blessed are the humble of spirit - Masters Serapis Bey and Kuan Yin

We recommend reading to the sound of the songIn The Soul


Many times you come to a point where you simply do not understand when life walks naturally, that the challenges that come up do not drag you like before. You realize that nothing has changed, everything is there as before, but simply you have changed, you have changed the way you saw the world. And this happened so naturally that they no longer remember what they were before, when nothing happened and flowed as it did now.

And at this point, they may wonder: there must be something wrong. Because I do not have as many problems as I used to, I can not find more difficulties in my day?

And instead of having gratitude and observing that you have changed, you have changed your way of reacting and so life has become lighter, softer, you wonder if there was something wrong in your day.

You realize that nothing has changed in your life, everything is the same, nothing has been taken away or put elsewhere. Everything is as it was. But from the moment you look at life in a different way, it flows. You no longer find the inner pains; you no longer see that struggle that you brought within you. You look at the facts, and they pass before your eyes without much expectation of before.

And then you wonder if there was something wrong in your days, which simply pass, and you do not even remember how it went. They carry on their chores, the same as before, for nothing has changed, but they do without bringing resistance to their lives, without facing life in a rude way, without judging the attitude of those who are by their side. You look at life and no longer fight against it; you accept that it passes through you. And, of course, it transforms before your eyes, without understanding how it happened.

Children, it is the only true liberation and sees how many of you have dreams to accomplish, and set the conditions for them to come true. But they do not realize that what they seek in this dream, when it comes to fulfillment, will not bring them relief in their day. It will be a mere repetition of lessons that have not yet been learned.
But one day they find out that it is good, and they no longer question how it should be, how it should flow, why something is not done as you would like it to be. You look at the same life with acceptance, with freedom, with flow, and everything that was seen as problems that caused you fear, doubts and anxiety, is still there, but now you often do not even notice this something that was motive of so much anguish, of so much pain and suffering.

That is freedom, it is enlightenment and bliss. This is how they detach themselves from the Lower Self, which did not allow them to see the beauty of life in their day, which led them to struggle, irritation, ill humor, fear. And those feelings were the motives of the resistance of their lives, but they are gone, and then life becomes, as magic, softer. The same life, not another, because as I said: Everything is the same, but you have changed.

Remember a passage in which our brother Jesus said, "Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." And realize that was just what he was saying. He did not say about the clothes they wear, about their habits, about the place they frequent, or about their food, but he said about that feeling about life, where resignation and acceptance for life make it simpler, softer. You have become humble in spirit.

And from this sense of acceptance of life, it becomes simpler. You have let go of your ego, the feeling that led you to fear, control, insecurity, and now you act with confidence. They transited part of their ego beings into the I Am presence. They brought healing to yourselves, for they came to have confidence and acceptance where there was none before.

Enlightenment, my brethren, has nothing to do with mediumship, or with paranormal gifts, but it is linked to this feeling of acceptance, humility and resignation before life. For only that is what will bring them the freedom to be using a character, but still at peace and happy.

And when you come across situations like these in your life, you will remember those words, and you will not have to wonder why something that did not flow before, now fits so easily, you will not wonder why you did it wrong. And then, as you remember what I say, you will simply say, "I thank you for the lessons of my life." You will thank with all your heart, for you have received a sign from the universe, my brethren, that bliss has knocked at your doors, and you have understood a lesson. You were enlightened in what once restricted you.

It is something so simple, enlightenment, but we know that in material experience they cause them so much confusion. But, children, this is the process, of simply passing from fear to trust, and then coming to see the same life as something simple, like that which no longer leads to suffering, or fear, as something that is part of life and therefore, it exists simply to be lived.

All you experience is simply that within you may find the kingdom of the heavens from the blessedness that enlightens the lowly in spirit.

This is because all the laws you bring from the soul are obscure when sighted from the perspective of the ego.

You judge the ego, as if it were an offensive adjective, a negative adjective. But realize that it is only part of materiality.

We have already told you that, without the existence of the ego, there would be no personality, and without the existence of the personality, you would not exist yourself, manifestations of your superior aspect in matter.

We Masters, we are perceived as personalities, because you fit adjectives in the masters, and we present ourselves in specific clothes, because only thus it is possible to bring the teachings.

But this does not erase the wisdom and understanding that we are all oneness, of which we are all one.

So there is no evil in material experience, and there is no evil even in the ego, or in the permanence of the self-personality.

You learn to rise to a more subtle state of understanding, that you are not such a personality presented, but that does not prevent you from living such personalities. Like a game, like a joke, making life fun, light and sweet.
By not identifying with personalities, you can take on several of them in a single lifetime, you can bring from your records the information you need to fit into the medium you need and play the part you need.

But all this just as a game of experiences, which is nothing more than, part of the incarnation.

And the ego, children, is the opposite of the subtle energy unleashed from matter, but this does not mean that it is negative, but that the ego is what sustains the existence of matter, is what sustains the existence of the personality, as agent necessary to promote the changes of the planet, that will be perceived in a wider scope only when you come to understand what we say.

There is no harm in following life by assuming personalities, but in a detached and free, amusing and joyful, light and sweet way, for this is to be experience, something light and in fact brings wisdom.

The release of the ego will take place gradually, and when it is fully completed, there will be union with the higher manifestation of each of you, through total detachment from materiality, when you will unite with the Higher Self in its full manifestation.

Today you access and manifest the Higher Self even in the midst of the material world, as agents to convey this wisdom and to bring about planetary transformation. But they are connections, just as you understand telephone calls or other examples of communications on this planet. You are here, in matter, inhabiting the ego, the self-personality, but only temporarily, to assume the position of channels, transmitters of the supreme message.

Every time you accept this truth, you understand that it is not this manifestation, but that it is materialized only provisionally, you come to dwell in the body as temporary visitors, and you are fully aware of it. In that way, they enjoy and live in joy and peace, and then the fear goes completely. For in his place, the certainty and assurance that this is only temporary, brings the necessary peace to follow his days only by radiating love.

Thus you allow the connection with the I Am and also open the channel of communication of this I Am with your external environment, to awaken that connection also in those around you.

Thus they bring more and more the planetary transformation so much awaited by all.

The challenge lies in living materiality, but free from the shackles of fear, allowing the personality to show itself, but sustained in the wisdom that it is only a temporary personality, necessary for some message to be brought, for something to be learned with this experience. This is the purpose of the Personality Self: only to allow this arrival of knowledge through experience.

Do not cover yourself, do not judge yourself and do not think you should become the other's mirror. The light of each one shines differently, but the union of all of them, when allowed to flow the truth that is certain they inhabit this body in a provisional way, brings the liberation of the fear and the liberation of the heart so that it is a Channel to convey the love and wisdom of each Higher Self.

Manifest the wisdom of the Higher Self, even if clothed with ego or personality, but understanding what you really are, assuming your truth.

We are Serapis Bey and Kuan Yin

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - June 21, 2017.

Translation: Patricia Nogueira