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Friday, June 16, 2017





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Masters, thank you for your love, thank you for having answered the question I sent and for answering many of the questions I think about without having to send them to you. To the channels, thank you! Today I come to ask how I can help my daughter in her maturation, and how I can improve my relationship with her. At six she has developed a very strong idealized self, she is very demanding of herself, she is very dedicated to doing everything perfectly, and she is not allowed to err. And when something does not come out to her content, her world collapses and it seems that everything else is bad, it closes completely and suffers from it. I try to take the weight off, show that all the results are good, that everything need not be perfect, that it will be loved no matter what it does. But I can not make myself understood and I have not been able to help her. Many times it falls into that same hole. It is still very difficult for me to see her suffer for so little and not be able to instrumentalize her so that she leaves the place where she stands. Her behavior when taken by anger requires a lot of presence, I can not always keep loving, sometimes I lose my temper and I get angry with her. For my part I am working to learn to deal with my anger, that she as my teacher awakens in me, and in loving my daughter in all her manifestations, even when I am not being loved. Many times she manifests that she loves me, but that she loves her father more, that she prefers to be with him (we have shared custody). God has given me the privilege of being her mother, how can we help ourselves? Thank you!


Dear daughter. Mother's here to take care of you, daughter. The old black mother, yes.
You do not remember, but you've had a lot of affinity with us, with the old blacks. The daughter, when you were of rich family and had the old blacks to take care of the housework, was clinging to the blacks. Because he had his heart pains to overcome and these pains his parents did not understand, no. Only the old blacks knew what was going on with you. And then the daughter of rich people, white people, who was you, daughter, clung to us, the old blacks. But that was in the past incarnation, daughter.
You were a beautiful white girl who shone light. And that too was charged, but the old blacks were there to make the burden softer for this daughter. While his parents, daughter, were there for another function, which was to open the wounds. They loved their daughter, yes, with all their heart and they always wanted to do the best but it turns out that their mistakes hurt her daughter's wounds and so the daughter, for do not go to one side or the other, clung to us. So, everything repeats itself, daughter. This is called the family constellation, right, daughter. For the daughter of the daughter is repeating the cycle. But, she is repeating just because she also has her pains to overcome. You have the learning to receive from the experience of this family that is her father and you. And so, what is missing for this child? The daughter already knows that the old blacks are missing. Well, then, in whom will this child cling to this journey, daughter? So daughter, try to take this daughter to the yard. Take it and talk to old black. Let her cling to the people there, get in touch with the energies there and always befriend old black. For your daughter will feel the old blacks whenever she is in a difficult situation; Whenever she fails, she will know that we are with her, for she knows, daughter; Just do know. So, the daughter takes her to introduce to the old blacks and we will be with that girl forever. Always bringing comfort to the heart, bringing calmness and balance and what about the father and the mother? A happier daughter. Hail, daughter! Saravá!

Mother Odete



Beloved Masters. I feel so much love for you, and thank you for being able to communicate once more, seeking a meaning for me and my existence. I have been engaged in discovering my existence by studying the masters and seeking meaning for myself. I have exercised to communicate with my inner and Superior Self, but I do not feel an answer yet. I have dreams and I seek to analyze them, to understand my moment and to surpass the senses of my past lives, seeking a higher consciousness. But I struggle with the day-to-day situations and struggle to keep my inner peace. My great struggle is to maintain what I am learning in the day-to-day conflicts. I also want to have a family and to overcome the condition that I have been for a long time, always alone, and few friends. I seek support from spirituality to be able to break with this condition, it has been explained to me that it is a continuation of a past life where I was unjustly condemned. Seeking the inner self and higher, in the presence I Am, do we break with the condition of the past? It is difficult to trust people and I am always seeking the Violet Flame to vibrate better amidst the natural oppositions in which I live. Much peace and light, God can always enlighten us all.


Daughter, calm down, soothe yourself by breathing so you can read these words by feeling the radiance that comes from them. Reassure yourself and feel how good it feels to be, just breathing where nothing else matters. You say you have no contact with your Higher Self, but I ask you how could the sea exist without water? It is the nature of the sea to be made of water, just as it is of yours nature to be the Higher Self. You are one, then, you will always be in unity. You do not observe your Higher Self because you have not yet understood that you are not separate. It is as if they separate the water from the sea. Would that be possible? Just as it would not be possible to separate you from the I Am. You are him and he is you. So, with every thought of happiness, with every drop of relief in your day, you are being the Higher Self and engaging the I Am because you are simply the same energy, just experiencing different dimensions. Try to feel the I Am, but do not understand that it is your own intuition; it is not outside of you but in a single body experiencing the creation. When you look at it, you will stop trying to listen to it, and just let yourself talk. And you will feel what you call the Higher Self to manifest in your life. You will not feel lonely anymore, without friends, because you will understand that it is everything who is the friend, who is his own solitude. And you will feel this happiness of simply saying: how everything is so close to me. Be in peace and feel that inner light. Instead of searching for an outside voice and let it speaks inside you. Seek it in your heart, for it is there that everything lives.

Serapis Bey



Beloved Masters, I am undergoing many transformations, creating a new reality through my heart. Sometimes, I still boy, as if some fear made everything go slower. I wanted a direction on the attitudes that will give more flow and accomplishments in my life. Gratitude and infinite love.


Daughter, everything you feel is you. What makes you walk backwards is precisely the lack of sincerity with yourself, the blocking of your emotions. There is nothing to do, when it is sincere inwardly, that it is not exposed for good. Everything is given so that it sees just what it wants to deny and this fear that it brings, is precisely the fear of getting in touch with his own pain, of seeing what he has denied for so long. They have learned to deny what they feel, as if there were right and wrong, but the feelings are there precisely to show you what life is made. Do you understand something as simple as that? Feelings are not good or bad, right and wrong, but they are feelings that must be experienced and every time you close yourself to feel your truth, you catch the natural flow, the flow of what you are and then it comes this feeling that you are stalling your own evolution but in fact, look at it as a natural process, where you open yourself up as you are ready to accept what you are. It is as if you yourself said, "Stop because I can not bear yet to get in touch with all this. I need to slow down. " So is life in the matter and this feeling is absolutely natural. So just trust that all is well and allow these feelings all come as you are ready to endure your own inner pain on the way to freedom from feeling everything you represent. Be in peace.

I am Serapis Bey



Good morning, dear Masters. Thank you for this opportunity to respond. I feel guilty whenever I do not want to live up to the expectations of relatives, especially my older brother and older daughter, who are in a situation of self-abandonment and have involved their children in the same way. She is single, very rebellious and very needy. I pity them. I would like to know how to help them, but always live dependent on the father and in turn, the father also lives a situation of dependence on his wife, even though he has always had physical health, he has given up taking care of himself, he lives lying down and discouraged. The first wife left him, leaving the five children to take care of him. I do not know why I feel guilty and stuck with them, even being the middle sister, single. I do not know how to handle this situation. Could you give me a light not to continue carrying this weight in the heart, even in these transitional times of the Planet? Thank you in advance for your response. I have always read your messages and am grateful to have been willing to help with a light in the answers, which send us. Peace and Light.


Daughter, at that moment, I enfold you with the love and strength of the sacred energy of the woman, of the love and protection that we have as manifestations of motherhood and of love for our neighbor. I am Mary Magdalene, and I come especially to speak to you, my dear. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. Daughter, you have latent in your inner, maternal instinct. That is natural in all incarnate women on the planet, but that in some is not worked with balance. You have within yourself the self-recovery for fulfilling the role of mother and you reflect on your relationship with family members, holding you accountable for their actions. But realize, my dear, this charge exists only from you to yourself. There is no charge. Their families are a family nucleus and the learning, mistakes, and rightness they make are necessary for them to evolve. Realize that you are strategically positioned in the perfect way you should be to transcend the individual lower aspects of each. You, with your outgoing maternal instinct, subtly perceive and tune your intuition as you approach these experiences. For he feels within himself what takes place in the heart of each one of them. But you have no action on the solution of the problem of each of them and you know why you have no action, daughter? For in that nucleus each one is a mirror of the other, one is master of the other and they are gathered in a nucleus so that they reflect as mirrors between them, daily, the points of overcoming themselves and so they will learn, over time, to realize how everything happens, even if unconsciously, will transform their own lives from these coexistences but you, my dear, have no action at this core, you are only sensitive to what they suffer and to what they experience, for it is following your feminine instinct. To disconnect from this thought of finding it necessary in this environment, my daughter, just seek to build your own story. Try to look at yourself the points to be overcome, transcended and go against what pleases you. Let go of coexistence and even refrain from knowing the facts that you have no action on. In time, as you gain more security, bringing your balance to yourself and by anchoring the strength and determination of the sacred male, you may return to the nearest contact, but you will no longer feel as before. It is only necessary for you to disconnect from this coexistence, to abstain for a time from this contact, to seek within yourself your own truth, which is concealed by all this created mental confusion of this conviviality and which is preventing you from following in the their own pursuit. Just let your truth come from within you, follow what your heart directs and live only your own life, right, daughter?
Follow in peace.

I am Mary Magdalene

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - May 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto
Text revision: Bruna Farias
Translation: Patricia Nogueira