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Wednesday, June 21, 2017





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I am Brazilian and I live in the United States. I have been married for almost 10 years and I have a child from this marriage. My blood family loves me, and since I got married I feel used in many ways and enslaved by my husband and his family. My husband controls me and does everything to make me sick. He also treats other people very badly. I'm very sad and I do not want to live in this bondage anymore. I moved away from my own family and the people I love. I have love in my heart, I want to take care of my dear son that I love very much, and live next to someone who also has love in the heart. I do not know what my husband's reaction will be when I ask for separation and divorce, as he is very rude and has unpredictable reactions. I worry about my son, mainly because we are not living in our country. I've always worked hard and I do not want to lose what is mine either. My husband and his family are very materialistic. Can you give me an orientation? Thank you so much for all the messages you send. This has helped me a lot.


My beloved sister. I come on the wings of love to bring you a balm of relief in your heart. For a long time he accepted situations that simply do not have the level of resonance that his life wants. He submitted to all wants, what he felt was not right for you. Now comes the moment you just want to follow. But it does not because fear again holds you. Realize my dear, who was led into this situation by her own fear, which made her cling to situations that did not say about you. It was the fear that led you up to this point and it is the fear that needs to be released. How many fears it brings within you, the fear of lack, of material will, the fear that it will be judged, rebuked and even violated. All the fears it carries within you, does not allow you simply to be free, to be love and to breathe in relief. There is no guilty daughter, no one is guilty of our own situation, for each one is creator of his own way. But the ways are created precisely so that we can learn what is our truth. There is no fault of other people for having chosen our own way, just as we are not to blame for making choices that were not anchored in faith, trust and our own inner strength. The road is rather hard, my dear, but it is liberating, for it teaches us above all that we must always listen to ourselves and never let fear control us and take us to the point of enslavement. For there is no one able to enslave us but ourselves, who put ourselves into adverse situations, which do not meet our expectations. Be in peace, daughter, knowing that the great challenge you have in your life is no other, if not the same as the great majority of humanity, simply to move from fear to trust, to self love, to self respect, to trust that God is at the helm of our lives, and that the best will always be. But for this we need to have acceptance, so that we can bear the consequences of our choices of the past, and in the future, who knows the wiser, do them differently.

I am Hilarion



Greetings, dear Masters! I went through a process of deep awakening about three years ago, to which I gave myself with confidence. I dedicated myself to meditation, sought knowledge, freed myself from many beliefs that bound me, and had significant changes throughout my life. But now I find myself at a crossroads. I can not meditate any more, I'm not attracted to reading plumbing (except a few that attract me like a magnet), I disagree with much that I see there (as I always liked to disagree with everything) and at the same time blame myself for not feeling connected as I've been lately. I feel lost in regard to my purpose in life. I feel that something great, beyond what my mind can understand, will happen, but at the same time I see myself limited, as if I were at a crossroads, which includes all areas of my life: spiritual, sentimental, professional, family, financial. My intuition is growing more and more and I always try to follow. But even so, I am experiencing a moment of internal confusion. I am a medium and I work with incorporation, but due to this moment that I am living, I do not feel able to help anyone, because who needs help is me. My mind is very active and there is love in my heart, but I do not know how to channel it into something that is aligned with my soul. Could you give me some guidance on this? From now on, I feel honored and happy to be here and now in communion with you! In love!


Son, greetings! See what goes through a natural process. At first he sought for knowledge, for meeting the breaking of old beliefs he held. It was a natural process that helped you meet yourself, to get more in touch with your truth. We say it is a natural process because there comes a moment that what is external no longer matters. The truth of our heart begins to become so prevalent that we simply lose interest in other truths. Now, son, you have to give up judgment, what you see as right or wrong. For you to take deep contact with yourself, let the other truths pass you by and away. For each one is in his own inner process, in his stage of liberation, and thus must understand life. There is not a single truth, but there are different dimensions that say about the level of our own vibration. In order to make deep contact with this energy that holds within you and anchor more subtle energies in your life, abandon the judgment, let thoughts of disagreement go away. They pass you by, but they no longer matter because it is not your truth, but it may be from another brother at different stages of yours. This is a natural process. Notice the nature that is made of cycles. So are you all, cycles of expansion and retraction. There are times when nothing seems to happen because it is just balancing the new you. Allow the process to unfold and trust that all is well. Be in peace.

I am Saint Germain



Good morning to the Masters and Spiritual Guides who always welcome us, protecting and guiding us. I would like to ask a question to the Masters, Archangel Michael and Father John of Angola. I feel that I am always in connection with them. I'm part of a group at a Spiritual Center, we do Reiki care, I started two weeks ago and I'd like to ask if I'm on the right track. I used to work in my room where I work, and I felt that in some ways, I interfered energetically at some points in my life. Taking advantage, I would like to ask about my son, who suffered so much, for his somewhat childish attitudes; I gave up and confessed that I'm feeling better. Grateful to all who accompany me, asking forgiveness for some shortcomings and some clarification on the animals I care for? A loving and loving embrace of those who accompany me.


Beloved daughter. I come especially to bring you a message, which is just the reminder that you should trust yourself more, always bringing the questions, into yourself. The Masters, spiritual guides and archangels, are with you to show the path of self-confidence. To lead you to your truth within yourself and find all the answers. We are all with you, daughter, but only so that you can find yourself, and join us, equal to equal, and no longer putting yourself in the position of master and apprentice. You are master of yourself; you have not discovered it yet. You are in this quest where you are put into a variety of experiences, working with interpersonal, healing, and multi-environment relationships so you can find your own way of working, what you identify as your truth. Just get rid of the charge that you should always be acting in your true ultimate purpose. For there is no final purpose. The real quest during the incarnation is precisely to achieve the autonomy of one's own life, the mastery of oneself. And for these diverse experiences are necessary, but none of them is their final purpose. They are just the schools you choose to attend throughout this process. I do not come here in the name of Archangel Michael or of Father John of Angola. For I bring to you the energy of the connection with nature, where you can reconnect with your Incarnated Self, and that will bridge the connection with your I Am. I bring you the energy of the elementals and show how it is to let go to the energies of nature, blessed school for all of us. I come under the humble garment of St. Francis of Assisi, who, as one of the personalities I assumed in incarnation, brought you the example of what the true search for the purpose of life is, which is only the state of fullness and full union with the Divine. I showed through my walk, that it is possible to leave a legacy, a beautiful story in this walk, to be followed by so many others, but that in no time could have been my final quest, but only a consequence. Every time I was in conflict with myself, it was precisely because I clung to the process, and by identifying myself with the character who was the Saint Francis who created a new way of living, the Franciscans, but then it was no longer in my Control the entire process, as it was only a material process. It was when I returned to the arms of the Father, and surrendered myself completely, delighted in His love, and freed myself even more from the illusions of matter. Realize dear sister, that identifying with one or another spiritual entity, with one or another experience, or school of learning, is not your quest. It is full connection and surrender to God.

Francis of Assisi



In my last jobs, there is always a person with whom I come into friction, always a person in specific, and that makes it unbearable to stay in the job. I do not know why it repeats itself. I recently went into a new job, and there's a person I can not stand, and he's making teasing that brings me to a level of anger, which I'm about to start for physical aggression. At first I tried to stay calm and cultivate a friendship, charging myself for knowing that it is something that has been repeated, and trying to look at the person as a human being, with charity. But the person was profitable and still disrespected me, which made me give up the approach. All the colleagues in the industry have also turned away from this person, they manage to move away and keep working. But I can not, it's unbearable to me. And I'm about to resign on account of this, but I wonder why I'm in this situation again and afraid to quit as an escape from something I have to learn. But I have a hard time identifying what the learning is, please help me understand what I need to do and learn to stop repeating it in my life.


Son, the problem is your look. Your look, that puts you in this situation. You tell me that everyone knows it is so, but they continue to carry out their activities. And because you, just you, do not accept to see something that you know is out of alignment. Ah the balance, so necessary in life. And how can we maintain our balance if we connect with the imbalance of others? The point, son, is not to look with tenderness, with humility, with compassion. You do not have to be like this if you do not feel this way. But suffice it to become indifferent to you. Do your activities without getting involved with the situation. Indifference is the answer of the wise. The silence of not paying attention to those who are desperate to be seen and do so in a way that causes pain in those who live together. It is enough that you see the whole situation with indifference, this is your great opportunity to be indifferent in the midst of what afflicts you and thus to be free of that vision that wants to straighten what is not to be right. There is a great teacher before you, a teacher who takes you to the most painful point, which makes you look precisely at what you do not want to see. The fact that he simply did not know how to be indifferent. In the background son, who needs to be seen is you. That should please or correct, but that should always prevail in situations of injustice. And I'm not saying that it's simple to live in an environment that is not pleasant, that challenges you every second. But this will give you the support you need to learn the value of silence and indifference, and so on future occasions you will see that situations like these will come but will pass away, because in the face of indifference they will not grow. You will not have to approach or depart because you will be indifferent. Knowing what it is, you will remain in peace allowing each one to make their own decisions without needing to please or oppose. Just being what it is. Indifference is the response of the wise, the silence of one who trusts in divine providence and does not respond as the Master Jesus taught us. Be in peace, son.

I am your Mother Mary

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - May 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto.
Translation: Patricia Nogueira.