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Saturday, June 17, 2017





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Beloved Divine Father! Beloved Ascended Masters! Beloved Archangelic Hierarchies. Gratitude for your help to all humanity, through Thiago and Michele, my immense gratitude to all of you. My teenage years were marked by drugs. With the consumption I began to have delusions and changes of the reality, besides hearing voices of people in my head. What happened in all my beloved Masters bodies, that I had to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital? I am 35 years old, I still take Xeplion today and I would like to know what this medication is for, can you help me? What has happened in my entire being and that I still go through all levels with the use of drugs in the past? Is this my link with this drug addiction healing? Right now I'm in the process of trying to stabilize myself at a holistic level. I have unworthy thoughts of living and living a healthy life, even though I am tired on all fronts of my life. I've always been an open, spontaneous heart, and one of the things I want most in my life is to learn. I admit that I am very anxious, too lazy. I smoke tobacco, I can not get rid of this addiction. I feel that sport is lacking, but fatigue and my bad thoughts delay me at the beginning. I feel that I have undergone quite complex emotional processes, and I have also been alienated from this experience of being obsessive, stubborn, and too self-critical. At this point, please tell me where I begin to amend and heal myself, since I have suffered a great deal this past year and the present as well. I feel a hope for my healing, but at this moment my own requirements cloud my vision and the perception of the way forward. I have prayed and cried a lot, please help me to relieve my pains, beloved ones. Infinite gratitude to all of you, I love you!


Save the child from the light. I now represent the light of Serapis Bey, but I come in a denser garment than a Master of light. I'm Exu Marabô. I come in the line of those who have walked the path of their own densification, so that they would have the courage to know each other more intensely. And in that sense I can tell you that what restricts you in this life is your judgment. Judge your past, judge your attitudes and those you live with. But all these judgments are just mirrors that reflect your pain. You look at these mirrors and bring them to yourself with a hard judgment look. In the lines of the exu we all tread paths of pain, of lack of understanding, but from our deep suffering we find the light to work in the name of Jesus and all those beings of light that today walk their own way. You need to understand that all that you are describing is the impression you bring of matter, it is the values ​​you have taken as right and wrong. It was the social values ​​that he incorporated. You need to understand that the soul does not use tobacco, medication or drugs. All this is only at the physical level, never consciousness. This is the way of your liberation, as it was of my own, to understand that social values ​​say nothing about the light of our soul. All this presents itself as illusions that again lead us to judgment. This judgment is reflected in the look we have of our brother's attitudes. You're free, my brother, just accept this and dissociate yourself from everything that holds you in this world. Follow in peace.

Exu Marabô



Masters, much gratitude for all the help received and for all the light they send us at all times. I would really appreciate your help. Since childhood I have felt the call of the spiritual world. I was a totally different child from my brothers, and to this day I am still very different from my family. As a child he had an easy contact with nature, he talked with the wind, and he loved to be outdoors with plants and animals. It was very easy for meditation and astral projection. But after my adolescence, all of this was lost. I had serious depressive episodes, nothing seemed to make sense to me. I treated myself with parapsychology and I improved, but I constantly need to fight not to fall into discouragement again. I have difficulty concentrating, but I'm working on it, and I think I've been able to improve a bit. My professional life is my greatest frustration. I have worked with many things, and I have never felt fulfilled. After a while I get discouraged and end up leaving work. I frequented for twelve years the “Umbanda”, that little more than two years, I discovered not to be exactly what I thought, I happened to not agree with the conducts adopted there and I left it, but “Umbanda” for me is and always will be my religion. Six years ago I did my initiation in Reiki, but never attended people outside my circle of friends and family. This year, for a series of events that I believe are not coincidences, I set up a room in my house and attend people with Reiki at a modest price in order to help as many as possible. I am happy, having good results, and I would very much like to follow this path, but sometimes insecurity assaults me. Masters, I would like to know if I am on the right path, whether I should follow Reiki, and if I can make it a material means of livelihood for my life? Will I be able to honor this task? I have in me the deep desire to make our planet a better place, even if it is wall for crumb. If it is possible, would you also like to know if I should go to another house in Umbanda to attend or follow my faith and my studies as I have been doing? Gratitude!


My beloved daughter. Shine the heart of light and make it your temple, your guidance. You do not need a group, religion, you just need to anchor yourself in your greater temple, the love that brings within you and transform it into the balm of those who seek you. Do not create expectations as to the way. Let it unfold and follow naturally along the path of the call of the heart. How easy it is to walk in the light, you need nothing but the love of the heart and to give it so that it expands and becomes a beautiful road of light. By bonding with the religion, daughter, it has brought the learning necessary for that calling to become strong within you. There came a point that transcended this stage and understood the true walk to the light. Let the past go, let the new shine your soul and be at peace. I am your Mother Mary and I will always be with you, this is my promise.

Mother Mary



Gratitude for opportunity, Masters. My mother had breast cancer for over 10 years and had to withdraw all of her breast. Last year came the chance to reconstitute the breast through a help from people that occurred in the city. It happens that her body rejected the graft made with her own skin and 20 days she had to take it away. At the age of 4, she remade surgery by removing muscle, skin and belly fat, but does not heal completely, is not having rejection, but part of the breast, the belly button and part of the belly do not heal, is very ugly and has a huge hole. She has no vitamin deficiency and is being assisted by a great surgeon. I apply Reiki to it, quantum healing, chromotherapy. I did a magnified healing course to help, but it seems like nothing's good. I'm feeling powerless and a little disbelieving. She is suffering a lot, she is totally mutilated and raw. This is shaking me deeply. Why is not it working? Am I doing it wrong? What can I do to help her?


Daughter. You are looking at your mother from the flesh. Look at the external. And that causes you pain. Some situations are simply not comprehensible to the look of matter, and I say that from that look they will cause you deep sorrow. But if he could observe all this from his body of light he would understand the ransom that occurs there. Yes my beloved, often the pain is the stage of purification and liberation of the spirit. The spirit trapped in matter often needs to go through the body wound at a stage of deep cleansing of the records. What you see externally is nothing more than a stage of learning so that those thoughts of restraint can finally be cleansed and released. This is the path of matter that leads us to the liberation of the pains of the soul and uses as an instrument the physical body that God has granted us with so much love. The body, daughter, is transient and will be healed together with the healing of the soul, with the transmutation of the mental elements that have led it to this stage. Your role is to be together, to provide the necessary physical assistance, but without entering into what the material shows you. She must, as a daughter, give her affection in this situation. But the challenge is to watch this experience from the eternity of life, with confidence and faith that the best will always happen. Be in that confidence and overflow your wisdom radiating your love, following everything from the perspective of the eternity of life. Be in peace.

I am Lady Master Nada

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - May 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto.
Translation : Patricia Nogueira