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Thursday, June 15, 2017





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Dear Masters, much gratitude for always being with me, gratitude also to the channels. Dear ones, I need answers if possible to two questions, and the first is: In several messages that I received and that I am infinitely grateful for the attention and teachings, I was in doubt when I questioned my desire to leave someone, among other things, told me to follow My way, to live as I please, to trust in life, and to wonder why I have not done it yet if it is what my heart desires. But the question is: If I am still preparing for a job placement (I have worked my whole life, I stopped for a period and now I am studying to be able to go back), I am still financially dependent and have two children, it would not be too irresponsible for my part, take my children and follow another path with no where to stay, and without having to sustain ourselves, only with faith and courage, believing to get a job that will keep us? Another question is a health issue, I always felt very healthy, but a few months ago a recurring problem appeared, but it always disappeared quickly, I never cared, but this time, it has persisted for about three months now, and I'm starting to bother for being enduring and nor with the usual medication to solve. I ask you beloved Masters, is it more serious than I imagine and need to understand something with this that I am not realizing? Thank you so much for all the love that takes care of me.


Daughter. Often we are not prepared to receive the truthful answer. We are involved in our own suffering, and immersed in arguments that fit our lives, give justifications for being still inserted in suffering, and then when we receive the voice of truth, we can not hear it. We brought the truth to you, but you can only understand it when the time comes, we could not leave it unanswered, beloved daughter. But you are not prepared to hear the truth either. You who are a mother understand what I am saying to you, for we give our children our love, we alert them to the crossroads of life, guide and show the way, but it is only by living the experience that you can learn through your own experience. You beloved, you begin to present physical signs that are only the manifestation of your repulsion, for being with someone whom you do not surrender with love, with whom you can not be happy. The signs will intensify until you understand that you need to change. Or change the thought, submit to the flow to which it is inserted, and there find its happiness and satisfaction, or leaving the core, but the fact of being in something against the will of your heart entails physical symptoms. The decision is your, beloved daughter, allow the flow of life, look for time for yourself, gain confidence in yourself, until you are ready to decide which place is best for you. Follow in peace and in the light.

I am Divine Mother



Question 1: What happened in the past is true, I lost my great love, my son and all who loved me. What to expect now? Help me understand everything. I feel very lonely. Question 2: Masters, gratitude for all your guidance! Sometimes the answers given to some brothers make me clear many things. Ms. Nada told me very clearly about the restrictions that my record has on background. Thank you. However, Masters, my desire to have a family has always been very great in my heart and despite all my effort to know myself. I have not yet completed the construction of this loving bond at age 45. Masters, what would be the direction in this regard for my life? Should I still work to deserve this love or just accept what happened to me in this life? Will I still have an affective partnership in this life and a family? Gratitude Masters.


Daughter, some of you, women, have arrived in this episode of your soul-stories, devoid of emotion, which is brought only by the experience of having a family. You come on a mission, you gradually realize that life leads you on a different path from the one you have so much sought, but in the end, some aspects need to be cleansed and transmuted before the start of a new lesson. Many of you end up putting off learning, and remain for years showing the personalities that came to transmute, clean. These personalities materialize in behaviors that are not aligned with the complete surrender to their purpose. These personalities make it difficult to walk. And you remain connected to them for long periods. Some remain a lifetime fulfilling the role of mother, wife, daughter, but you realize, they are just personalities and you know that these personalities are only possible to exist because they are in the present moment to manifest in a physical body. For these family nuclei exist only in matter. The spirits that are still attached to the familiar nuclei of matter are still inserted in materiality, even though they lack a physical body. But your true family is the one that already exists within you. And sometimes, the outside quest to fill that void, this lack of having a family, will only divert you from the process of inner quest. When you find your true family within yourself, you will realize that there is no outside family to fill it. For all incarnated beings united in a group are only in a process of mutual aid, but that is temporary, until lessons are learned. And then, at another time, you yourself will choose to be inserted into another nucleus, for only in this other you can work the restrictions that prevent you from connecting to your only true family, that of the Divine Spark within yourself. Unconsciously, everyone knows that they are searching for this connection, for this connection with God, which is the I Am, but the distorted materialized vision still causes them to become attached to the small physical manifestations of beings, who are put to their own learning, seeing in them, their family. By connecting to the heart, to the I Am, you will see that there is no separation. You and the Whole are One, God, the essence I Am, and the union with all forms of life. And you can feel the love that you now feel in a small family nucleus, exponentially, and multiplied by thousands of life forms. The love between a family nucleus is a simple representation only, of that which is the true search, the development of unconditional love for all beings. But the family nucleus is a small school, which should show you the way of connection with the Whole, and the meeting of your own truth, but which can not distance itself from this search, nourishing in you the illusion that unconditional love is only that. Each incarnate being is embedded in the perfectly planned experience to facilitate his or her journey toward that connection. So daughter, thank her for the current experience, and trust that everything that is part of your life is only temporary, and you are only there as an agent to show you the way, but the ultimate goal is not the means, but the End, which is the connection with the I Am. Allow yourself to enjoy the journey, so that it may attract to you various experiences, which will only be observed as experiences, and not as a bond that will hold the materiality. Let the free flow of life and develop within you the gratitude, so that it opens up space to be born unconditional love.

I am Lady Master Pórtia



Hello Masters! I, about a year and a half ago, began to spiritualize in a spiritual center, my parents always were, and I started now. Consequently I have read the Kardecist and Christian works, and I make my prayers, meditations, in short, to develop my mediumship as well. Only I have doubts, because I do not see, I do not listen, I only feel a shock in my back, chills, and whenever I sleep alone I feel as if there were many people by my side. I try to communicate in prayer or just focus on the now, but nothing solves it. Another aspect is that I can capture the thoughts and energy of others, usually thoughts come into my mind and people soon say them. I wonder if this is part of the sensitive development of a medium. Are the beings I feel or only transits sent to earth? For I have not yet found such symptoms to explain what kind of medium I am. And I would also like to understand if the process is slow, because of my age, does this have to do? I am 17 years old. Thank you!


Daughter. There is something misrepresented that they have taught you. You learn in the religious centers that mediumship would be a path that few would have access to and that some do not have this openness in this life. On the contrary, mediumship is the natural way. The manifestation of a gift that is not limited to the physical senses. For everyone is on this plane to expand. And this process of expansion is something natural of yours essence. Something as simple as breathing. Mediumship is nothing more than the outward sensibility, so that within the planetary project itself there is communication between incarnated and disincarnated beings. It differs from the union of dimensions that is made by the channeling. And there's nothing to be developed about it. It is only an opening of the heart, so that those who already observe life in a unique way, in unity, manifest these natural gifts of the essence. What happens is that at some point this opening becomes so latent that, of course, your Higher Self initiates the work of releasing these gifts as if they were in download packages. That are nothing more than packages that promote soul expansion. This is done progressively so as not to hinder your own walking. It is simply granted by the Higher Self. We can see the natural manifestation of a gift, which belongs to everyone, only as a concession that will somehow assist in the path of love and spiritual growth. It is a gift that manifests itself for two purposes. Self-growth or the selfless work of charity. There is no other reason. Suffice it, daughter, that you will anchor in your heart the sincere desire to serve, which of course your sensibility will surface. It is something of human nature itself, and should not be seen as something of some chosen. But in the same way, it is a process, tests are made to verify how open to this new reality. Nothing is done overnight. Everything is done progressively until it is anchored enough, for stronger contact and full expansion. What we tell you is that you enjoy the process, and let it unfold naturally so that you then understand the love that the creation has for each one of you. Be in peace.

From your brother Gregório (Chico Xavier)



Dear Masters! Gratitude for the precious guidelines that reach not only its recipients, but also all of us seekers. The biggest challenge I face relates to a loving relationship. I've been single for many years now, and about four years ago, I met a man I had had a romance with, we met again, I soon became very involved again when I heard that he had a girlfriend. Since we met we could not get away, we spent some time without talking, then we came back, and I got involved. The situation remains the same, I feel sad again for being alone, he complains about his relationship and does not define his situation. I find myself feeding hopes of being together, with resistance to letting it go and going my way. I would like your help and guidance. Deep gratitude for the opportunity!


Hail, daughter! Not the first time, right, daughter. It is not the first time that the daughter comes to call for the divine help and the messengers of God for the same thing, right daughter. And remember when your daughter came looking for you again, daughter? What came in response to the daughter? The question that the daughter asked asking God's help to solve a problem of this one. The Divine Father showed the way to his daughter. She pushed away who was there harming her daughter's walk. And the old father here just watched, and he thought his daughter understood the message, right daughter. But now the daughter comes again with the same story, right daughter. Do you know why, daughter? Because this time the daughter was not strong and mature enough to take the reins of her own life, she needed a little help from this side. So now, with the strongest daughter, wiser, with the acquired experiences of life, the daughter is placed again facing the same situation, right daughter. But now Black is talking to another woman. This woman of now is strong, determined, and learned to develop self-love. But you still have to remember that you have all this power when you face your greatest challenge in this life, right, daughter. Remember, daughter, remember your power: remember how it was before this story reappeared in your life. Remember how happy and self-sufficient he was. This is her daughter's last test. The final exam in this school matter. When the daughter passes this test, it will attract other people, but it is the right people, who come to combine in the same vibration of the daughter. This story, that daughter, this one, is just a lesson that the daughter goes easy, easy, that the daughter gives alone. You do not need our help, no, because if you help us, daughter, the lesson comes again later. And as long as the daughter keeps repeating this lesson, she will not open to receive the new one, right daughter. The daughter understood the old father's message, right? Hail! Save Jesus Christ and Mother Mary of Nazareth! Save Mother Oxum and Iemanja! Hail!

Pai Joaquim de Aruanda

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - May 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto
Translation: Patricia Nogueira