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Tuesday, June 13, 2017





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I thank all Ascended Masters and beings of light for this wonderful healing work, and to Thiago and Michele for being channels for these cures. I'm already 40 years old, and I feel I still do not know what I want to do professionally. I am an engineer and I work in one of the largest companies in the country, which allows my financial needs to be met. I am grateful for my profession and my job, for having brought me here. But I always feel that something is missing, that I have come to realize something that I still do not know what it is. I look around me and nothing I see attracts me as a path or profession to follow, even my current profession does not appeal to me anymore. Last week I heard about Uranus' position on my home map, in house 10 in the middle of the sky, I was told I came to bring something new, maybe even channeling. I have worked on my spiritual healing and deepened in silence, but this new has not yet revealed itself. I would like you to comment, if possible.


Beloved daughter. May the blessings of love radiate your body, mind and heart. Yes, my daughter, life is made up of this feeling which it describes. First, they look for their personal comfort, then for feeling stable in life, for having a home, a profession. And with each conquest in the world of matter, the more empty you feel, the more intense the will manifests itself for something more, for a quest that you do not know but try to rationalize. This search is a feeling, because in the background they have never looked for the matter itself, the search has always been this, the inner opening to the greater truth. See that there is nothing wrong in treading the material path, professional pursuit and financial stability, for that is the material way. But the more one clings to this reality as if it were this character, the greater the difficulty in returning to the path of the heart. This call that feels inside is nothing more than the search for hearing its truth, so that, after not feeling full and filled in the face of material searches, turning to the spirit. It's just that. A quest to turn to the essence, to the heart. The ways of this return are many, and each one will find his own. You will feel the call that will manifest when that feeling is so great, that only it will speak in your life and nothing else. Everything else will be the manifestation of this character that incorporated as being yourself, but that is far from showing you what is in essence. When you open yourself to the truth of the essence, after you have walked the material way, you will realize that it no longer fills you, and that the achievements of matter are vain and transitory, and say nothing about your truth. You will feel this call and realize the need for transformation of your life, of your truth, so that it radiates the true wisdom that brings within you.
Of all the nuances of life, only one path opens to the horizon, that of the return to the heart, after the weariness of so many vain searches, that say nothing about what we are. I welcome her, today and always, as she feels this call in her heart. I take you in my protective cloak, blowing in your ears to hear the whisper of this call, because I am yours ...

Mother Mary



I majored in engineering, but I never worked in the field. I even tried contests, but I did not. Now I started to get interested in holistic therapies. I did the Reiki course up to level III-A, and I liked it. I even feel like doing level III-B, so I can teach Reiki to others. Would that be the way I should go? Should I invest in Holistic (Natural) Therapies? Is this my mission? (Helping people and animals through holistic therapies). I'm interested in doing chromotherapy and dowsing as well. In this field will I evolve? Will I be able to support myself through the therapies? Can I have my home with therapies? Gratitude for the opportunity to ask.


Daughter, sometimes you confuse the purpose of soul with material. The selfless work of charity comes from the heart, not from a duty or obligation. He is pure, and shines out of your being.
If you are tuned to following the path of applying these therapies, then what stops you from following this path? What binds you, that you do not even allow yourself to try?
Any way, daughter, will always lead you to the experience that will most help you meet. No one in this world is meant to help everyone. This purpose is something that comes naturally, from the very walk that is built day by day, in the work of loving everyone. I know that, of all these ways, what holds you is the fear of making mistakes. The biggest fear you have is to go ahead, and again not get the result you crave, and thus get frustrated. But why not give yourself the right to make mistakes and start over, without thinking about what will be the result? And why not follow several paths, opening doors, and feeling the aspect of each of them, just to experience? You have learned that it must be this or that, that there must be only one thing. But there is a lot that can be. You are ready to be everything you dream about. Suffice it, daughter, to keep that focus in your life, to balance material life and your charitable purpose, so that both balance and build each other up.
Be in peace.

I'm your brother Gregório (Chico Xavier)



Master greetings. I'm doing college entrance exams this year, it's the second year I'm trying to pass on medicine. It's a profession that I admire a lot, I love and I feel a lot of desire to exercise. Being able to help others and learn at the same time is very interesting for me. But sometimes, in parts of my day, I become discouraged in studying, anxious for the future. I think how my career will be, what it will feel like to pass the entrance exam, and I feel a sadness, for not having passed yet. I like to study and I like to learn, however, I think I could already be in college, not studying physics and mathematics again. I'm afraid my time will never come. I also feel that although I try hard, I do many silly things in exercises, and I wanted to study more during the day, to have more effort. I would like to know what I could do to improve this, to trust me more and to believe that I am capable. Thank you so much for your attention, thank you.


Beloved daughter. Realize that you have all the resources to get what you want. But you need to anchor more balance, in yourself. You have the understanding and the technical knowledge, but you have not allowed your mind to bring, the answers you need, precisely because you have been stuck in the mental process. Work more on acceptance and understanding that everything comes at the right time. Realize that within your experience on earth there are innumerable learning inserted in all your experiences. So the process you go through has a why. That is to teach it how to bring wisdom through the connection with its greater representation, and connection with God, who is the I Am. As long as you remain working only on the mental plane, you will allow fear, anxiety, and insecurity to take the place of acquired wisdom, and create a fog that does not allow you to access the knowledge of what you already know. All this occurs on the mental plane. But by learning to silence, accepting the processes of life as they are put to you, in the present moment, you will begin to establish a stronger connection with your consciousness, with the I Am. All the knowledge acquired from the studies, as well as all the knowledge acquired throughout his soul history, is stored in his soul records. And by learning how to access them, you can bring the information you need when you need it. Just like at the moment of the vestibular test. Work more on meditation practice. Train this process. Realize that when you silence the voices and fears of the mind, you can seamlessly access all the recorded information you've studied, but only when you access it as needed. Practice during your studies this teaching, meditate and bring the answers, go training and bringing the confidence that this is how it all works. You will get wanted dearly, from the moment you acquire this practice and learn to access your own inner wisdom.

I am Lady Master Nada



At times, as for the therapist I went to for energy therapies, I was told that my energy and his energy were incompatible. I have recently heard something similar about the naturopath who has been with me for several years. I was told that we do not have the same essence. In both cases, I realized that with other therapists I could benefit. For another time, a lady tried to send me energy from a distance and she felt very bad. The justification given me points once more to different energies. For my understanding, they compared my energy to the energy of the dawn and that of the lady to the energy of the evening. What is meant by incompatible energies and different essences? Can such incompatibilities or differences between therapist and patient contribute to less effective therapies? What kind of risks can both parties, patient and therapist, when that happens? I would like you to clarify this matter. I rarely feel a difference between before and after therapy. Thank you!


Daughter, greetings, I am Serapis Bey. The essence is one, the connection with God and nothing else. All are made of the same primal energy. There is nothing in creation that is not of this nature. What happens to my daughter is that life often closes us down so that we can hear or feel the greatest truths of life. And in this protection against our own emotions, against our deepest feelings, we close ourselves to the help that comes. It does not reach us. A therapist, to enter certain types of trapped emotions, often needs an anchorage, which he has not yet built for himself. Some energies are rather incompatible, but not in their purpose, but in their vibrational and energetic tuning. What occurred was that some therapists you sought did not have the necessary anchoring to work with certain feelings and energies that imprison in your records, but which need to be released. You have to have a lot of love, a lot of humility and compassion to deal with certain situations. Only therapists highly trained in their soul purpose are able to work on certain aspects that restrict the radiance of the greater truth. And to be right daughter, there are contracts that need to be broken, there are bonds that have been created that need to be broken, when you feel ready to face certain beliefs you carry in your heart. And for this there are specific energies to help you, which may help you in this liberation. But first you need to recognize what you need to become in your life. Be in peace.

I am Serapis Bey

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - May 2017

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto.
Translation : Patricia Nogueira