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Friday, June 2, 2017





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Hello Masters, I would like guidance on my spiritual walk. I was attending a house for mediumistic development, as I was told to do so. But I've been going for 2 years, and I do not feel my evolution. I know that my guides walk with me and help me at various times, but I can not fully hear or see them. For some other personal problems, I looked for a therapist to help, in this therapist, he told me that I should not go to this house anymore, because I do not have the mediumship to develop, and that my energy was not of that place, I was in doubt of what I do like the house, but I do not feel myself evolving in there, and with what the therapist reported, it really seems like I should not be there to develop.


Son, have you asked yourself, what do you feel in your heart? The call to the work of charity departs from the heart. If you seek a house of charity, only by developing your mediumship, you will find no satisfaction. For you son, the true development of an incarnate being, is not of the mediumship, but of the inner truth that can only be found through the work of giving in love and charity. Seek one son, which brings the feeling of love and peace to your heart, follow where you truly feel fulfilling your purpose of just bringing love, whether in words or in the form of mediumistic work, but only one way of bringing love.

Your brother Jesus



Beloved Masters, thank you for this opportunity. I have felt sad, often unwilling to move on. I am afraid of loneliness and especially of having to lead a life without a company. I know that loneliness is within me and that I must work it, because no one will supply what is lacking. I have already been told that the choice was mine, and I must follow life by letting everything run naturally. I live with my parents and lately I have felt the need to move, to follow my life, the conflicts inside my house with my father are intensifying. I feel like I do not have a corner for myself, as if I were alone to follow in this world. I know there are people with bigger problems than mine, but this is my pain and it gets in the way of my journey. Please, I would like guidance, will I ever have a partner? Am I going to have my home?


Daughter, realize how they have the custom of putting in others, the solution to the problems they face in their walk. She dreams of a partner, a marriage and a family, because she can see a possibility of getting out of her father's coexistence. But notice my dear, it is only you who must tread this walk. The search is yours, individual, and as soon as you allow yourself to observe what is happening within yourself, you can move on to find a new place for you, to feel comfortable, to be who you are. No need to establish any connection with another person. The union with a partner, as an escape from the coexistence with the parents, will lead you to paths that later you will have to work to untie because they are new forms of attachment. Realize my dear, that every incarnate being on this planet has a story to be lived, your father has his, and you have yours. He gave you the possibility of this incarnation, but that does not mean that your story should be the same as his. Simply follow your own journey of self-discovery, seek a place for yourself, with calm and balance, and then you will realize that the relationships that have difficulty living today will become better, until the day arrives, where you will have the opportunity to heal this relationship with love and balance. But for this it is necessary to live your own life, find your point of balance and allow yourself to live at your own pace, respecting your nature. Seek for that independence and strengthen yourself.

I am Lady Master Lis (Isis)



Masters, thank you for answering me. I've known a man for about three years. We spent that time keeping little contact and never left. We traveled this year, and stayed together for a week on this trip. I feel something happen in my heart, I got involved with it. We keep in touch. He does not say he wants to do anything to me, he leaves everything on the air, he does not talk about it, nothing is cleared up, but he is always around and has already marked a new trip with me. I do not understand what is happening. I have hope. My intuition says he wants it too.
My question: Is my intuition wrong? Am I trying to fool myself, and is my desire showing me something that is not true? I need to know if I should try anything with this man or it is all my imagination and my will. Is it worth it? Please, I ask for directions. I am grateful.


Beloved daughter. We have told you on other occasions and have intuited you constantly on the path of seeking your own life. From the encounter with self-love and cultivation within you, to savor the presence with yourself. You are, my dear, in an illusion. Illusion that is nourished by the lack of inner search. For only this quest, and the encounter with itself, is what will give you the strength to transcend this situation. Silence the mind. Allow the heart to take charge of your life. And listen to him. Today you have a distorted idea of ​​what is to hear the heart. The heart feels no need for the presence of the other. The heart is self-sufficient and radiates you with the most abundant light and love that comes channeled from your Higher Self. Realize dear daughter, it is only through this connection that, gradually, you will begin to realize if some relationships that you establish on the physical plane will still make sense. Give yourself time to find this connection. There is no need to solve everything with a single attitude, a breakup or something stronger. Just allow the process to take place naturally, for there is learning that will strengthen you in wisdom. The pursuit of love, daughter is only by itself, and then radiates to the external.

I am Mirian



In recent months I am very unstable energetically, some physical symptoms in the back and indisposition at times. I feel that this malaise comes from outside energies and I also know that there is something in me that is allowing me to achieve this. I would like help identifying these aspects to dedicate more energy to my life mission, and even to enjoy this magical planet. Infinite gratitude.


Daughter of light and love. Have you received guidelines indicating that you need to look within yourself, and find the points that make you vulnerable to the energies of surroundings and lower thinking forms, daughter? Realize that everything you feel comes from the inner environment of your Being, because nothing external can reach you, when it radiates light from the inside out. Work, daughter, in the light of the light from the inside out, for everything and everyone, and you will feel the symptoms alleviate. With love.

Lady Master Rowena 



Beloved Masters of the White Brotherhood. I was transferred from a job earlier than I am now, because I suffered several accusations from some colleagues, I was tried and ordered to withdraw, because they did not want me there anymore. By choosing not to resist, I wanted to leave everything behind and not fight, and continue my path being happy. However, in a few months in this new work, something similar is happening, where some people involved and hatred and anger against me also ask for my transfer. Although I have people I love with me at work, am I reflective because this event is repeating itself again in my life? With affection, I ask your help, to understand what I must do so that this type of situation does not repeat itself in my life. And what should I learn from this? With gratitude!


Beloved daughter. You realize that it is a channel of light and love. And he also knows that at the slightest sign and the smallest space he offers to the ego, to act through his acts and his words, are lurking all forms of energy contrary to the energy of love, waiting for the moment that opening occurs for that can act in you and in your life. Realize dear sister, that their coexistence in these places is a training, a training of channeling, where you will realize that through your acts and words can lead to healing and full joy, but you must observe so that energy that flows luminously. Not accompanied by dark particles of the ego. These particles, my dear friend and beloved daughter, will couple exactly in the feeling of other people's anger, which is where the ego manifests in the lower chakras. And that feeling manifests itself through the hatred and repulsion of people against you. Notice the whole process as a chemical, physical mixture. Let me give you an example: Think of a glass of clear, pure water, but you accidentally dropped a small drop of oil. If you throw this contaminated water into a clear and pure sea, the drop of oil will not find an address, it will not resonate and it will not fit into anything. So it will be indifferent. And the great clear sea will only see what it receives (the contaminated glass), as something pure. But if you throw that glass of contaminated water into a pond where there is water, but there is also a little (or much) oil? The oil, more than quickly, will join to another portion of oil that was already in place, and the pure water will mix the portion of water. So realize that if you throw a glass of clean, pure water without being contaminated with the oil in a contaminated river, there will be no oil to attach to the oil that is already in the river. For you just threw the clear, pure water. Therefore, daughter, understand water as love, the flow of the divine that passes through you, which is a channel. And perceive the oil as the ego. Even if you are living with a person where the largest portion is oil, if you give it only clear, pure water, it will not identify anything in your "delivery" that resonates with the energy of the oil, and you will contribute to increase of that person. But if you send a person that water contaminated with the oil of the ego, then more than quickly, her oil will resonate with the arrival of a compatible energy, and this will intensify the feeling of anger, of hatred. And it is what will make the person become your enemy, or take a stand against you. Therefore, daughter, perceive all this as learning. And in this learning, you will only pass the final test, when you learn to send only the pure and clear water, working in the dilution of the ego, so that it is a channel of the purest love. In this way, through his words and deeds, he can enlighten healing and purification instead of nourishing the feeling of anger that is present in most people. You are a channel of light and love, and you are here for that purpose, when you attain that wisdom, to bring clean water, you can heal through your love. Hail!

Father José from Aruanda



Good Morning. My family is in disharmony and disunity. My parents and husband do not talk, and I do not see how to fix it. I already left the house with my son. My husband is living with his brother and is unemployed. I would love to see everyone united again. And my husband working. Please help me. I just want peace. Thank you!


Dear sister. Just allow the people around you to follow as the heart indicates in each individual story. Allow the flow of healing, discovery, and learning to proceed according to one's free will. Go back inside yourself and find out the cause of your discomfort, with your life and the people around you. Realize that this discomfort exists only because you choose to look at the lives of others, and to put a veil in front of what is happening inside. Work within yourself that bothers you. Seek if necessary through therapy, the cause of your discomfort. When you can overcome the feeling of annoyance with the external, you will realize how everything will flow in the most perfect peace and harmony. Be in peace.

I am Pórtia

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - May 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto
Translation: Patricia Nogueira