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Friday, May 12, 2017

Unifying to the I Am - Mother Mary

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May the blessings of love bring peace to your bodies, mind and heart.

The toils of their lives were great, my son, and I was able to accompany him with all my love, radiating him so that he would be free from the truth of what he is. I was able to follow you, son, during the journey on this planet, patiently waiting for you to return to the maternal lap that protects you with all love.

But the time has come when you feel the breath of the greatest truth of life, where it opens to each of you, to show them the energy they represent on this planet. You feel the approach of integration, of returning, still in a physical body, into the arms of God. And the feeling they have is that of joy, but also the feeling of melancholy for everything they are leaving behind.

They no longer remember, son, the reality they came to, for so long they have been on this plane serving, but also for many times going through tortuous paths that have led them to pain and suffering. And now they see the light from whence they came and that they are destined to rejoin.

They were brave, children, they were great, for they entered an environment where many would not believe what they would be able to do and today I see them shining light, radiating the truth to the world.

It is a new star that appears in their lives, my son, a star that will bind them to something much greater, that will lead them to the greater truth of the life, so that they are seen as they are, my children, in unit to the love. That's how I've always seen them and that's how they are.

There is nothing to remove them from this condition. But as you feel again in the integration that you are, you will be uniting with the greater love of life. The feeling of unity will simply take care of each one of you who courageously set out to tread the path of reintegration with life, with all that IS. And it will be when I can again feel them in my arms, so that in return to unity we will be as we were destined to be, seeing ourselves as One to all, where nothing will be able to separate us, for we will simply become one consciousness in love.
This is the greater plan of life, children, integration, the dilution in love of faith, strength and life.

I well know that in his day nothing else is found as before, for there is a peace within, a good stillness to feel. And so I fulfill my promise, son, that a new star would be born in your life where you would feel the beauty of feeling again in integration, where life would open in a way unimaginable to you, with a force to shine in love with Each being, to each cell that is in his life.

You see, son, that after so many comings and goings in this world nothing of great importance is left to you but the experience of having shown to yourself that you were able in this way to remember your true nature, to return in Love to something that they can see today as the only truth, that there is no separation.

And so the human personality is diluted, integrated, it becomes what can be said as the love of Christ, which is the force of greater unity. Consciousness no longer finds shelter in the human personality, it simply connects to everything that exists and integrates. And so, son, he returns to my arms already free and free from the intricacies of the ego that dragged the conscience to a world of pain and suffering, where love was not the rule, but exception that prevailed in their lives.

And I tell you with all my heart that magic and purpose is simply this, the integration of this truth into love. This is life and that way it is done.

Be on the blessing of this journey, for it will reward those whom God calls, so that experience will return to its origin in a much wiser and more mature form. And so it is, my son. So will be!

I am your Mother and I welcome you into my arms so that in unity and perfection we may be a single being radiating our love.

From your Mother, Mary.

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - May 12, 2017.