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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Time in matter and the law of cause and effect - freeing oneself from personality - Serapis Bey and Saint Germain

Children, greetings. I am your brother Serapis Bey, a brother of love who leads you in your arms on the way to purification.

I would like today to open a set of lessons on how to lead life in the field. What does matter represent in their lives? What is the purpose of matter in creation? What does a three-dimensional life mean to the soul? Why did you choose to be in this experience and the way to open yourself to new perspectives in life? These are some of the questions we want to answer.

Today, many children wonder why material life does not conduct itself the way it would, because they do not find peace in their love and family relationships in their professional lives because life catches them in challenges and more challenges.

Know, beloved, that this is the material experience, just to lead you to repeated lessons until you have the wisdom of the greater understanding of life. It was thus that all the ascension masters who were among you, were detached from the material life, transcending it in a life of peace and love.

We know that from the perspective of many of our brethren, including some who read these texts, you simply do not understand the unfolding of experiences in your lives and wonder what led you to be right where you are at that moment. In an environment of inner questioning, where happiness seems to arrive and soon thereafter vanish through the fingers with new confrontations that arise before your eyes.

Let us walk at a slow pace in this manual of material life, bringing to you all who wonder about material experience and effects in their own lives, elements that facilitate their understanding of this experience. But not from the human perspective, but from its body of light, its energy on a level where matter is already absent, where it no longer manifests itself in fixed but flexible forms in which the creation of experiences occurs in a Blink and the experience unfolds in the past and the future that occur simultaneously.

From our perspective, beloved ones, we do not have the temporal limitation they possess, where time runs linearly and a chain of events unfolds.

In the realms we inhabit, on the level of consciousness, contrary to what they think, time is yes, but the difference is that it is not linear. Our consciousness, at this level, acts in unfolding, where an event of the present connects with a fact of the past and generates an effect in the future. And all this occurs simultaneously before us, for we are in temporal unfoldment. It is a form that they do not understand of the dimension they attend, but this is how we see ours and its reality. A simultaneous and magical time where everything is intertwined by interdimensional energies.

This is the life that exists in more subtle dimensions, vibrationally saying. See that we do not say higher, but only more subtle. Because in creation there is something more or less elevated. What exists is only the experience that manifests itself before the consciousness.

And in the dimension that today this particle of consciousness that you know by Self manifests, you have a linear time, where you live only the present, the now and move in the past time remembering facts, reliving experiences or projecting mentally to a future probability.

In material experience life projects itself in a very narrow perspective, because you know that the future will be there, it will be because time unfolds. But they do not know how it will unfold in the face of present and past events. But the future is yes in its time. How it will unfold depends on a number of factors from which it has no control, though many struggle to have or to have the impression of controlling the future. The future is as the present as the past is as well. This is how we see it unfolding without any temporal limit, despite the time being there before us.

You see, my brethren, that from our perspective we simply have no anxiety, for time unfolds and reshapes through this interdimensional unfolding. It is rebuilt or built instantly. The dimension we live in is like this!

But in the life of matter there rules the wisdom of patience, where a decision can not be reconstructed because linear time does not permit temporal unfolding. So you are subject to the law of cause and effect. The fact occurs and its effect will be produced and you suffer the effects of the cause (present act). The law of cause and effect, beloved, exists only in this dimension, where linear time does not allow its change or unfolding.

To live in matter they need to develop wisdom. The wisdom of life's choices. For you must be aware that love will bring you love, but that acts of hatred will bring you unpleasant experiences to prepare you for new opportunities for better choices in the future. Then the linear time of this dimension subjects them to this law, cause and effect: "I am subject to my choices and I have to live them."

Many are those, children, who revolt with their current lives, with rules imposed by society, with the judgment they suffer and with everything they experience. But know that matter leads you to this, to submit to certain rules, which we may call physical. There are rules, beloved, not because of a charismatic question, but because material life is subject to very restricted interdimensional laws that lead them to have to experience their choices, be they mental or heart choices.

So live your days learning to have wise choices. And we call here wise choices those who do not just submit to material rules, because they depart from the heart, the essence, the I AM presence in my heart. When they listen to the heart, the effects they cause are mild and mild, allowing them to be at peace.

But the material way subjects them not only to the individual choices, but to the family of birth, of the country they have decided to incarnate. In choosing the experience they submit to the path already traced by the collective, which path they need to learn to respect with wisdom and self-love, respecting their inner essence, but also the environment they are inserted.

I know, dearly beloved, that there is much to be said in this regard, but as I said earlier, we will bring a set of teachings that may facilitate your understanding of the experience you live and thus disassociate yourself from those tax rules that are brought to your consciousness . Being free, but knowing that what they live today is a small part of everything that exists in creation, life can be better understood. An important experience to the development of your being, but also brings your difficulties, like all learning that they experience.

It is a preparation that you experience, for just as life in matter is challenging when understood only by the look of matter, so life in other dimensions is also challenging when we close our eyes to perceive only what our senses can grasp.

Therefore, the search for the feeling of giving, the act of gratitude, which is not just a feeling, but an act. For the act of gratitude includes looking at the external medium with acceptance, as the fulfillment of phases, stages, of a journey that will be written by yourself, and that depends only on you, changing the focus of the thought that so often directs The feelings for those who choose as the guilty of their journey, their stumbling in the walk.

The journey of life is understood by countless stumbles, but you are just learning to overcome these obstacles, as a sporting event, but where you have only one certainty, which will come to an end.

And this arrival may be with a collection of experiences to be taken as life baggage and wisdom for a forthcoming, or even you may carry a baggage of stumbling, which are also part of the walk.

The whole package is composed precisely of this mixture, the mixture of stumbles and hits. And all of this together will form your next experience, which was created only by yourself.

During the next test, you will no longer stumble upon the same obstacles, and then you will be able to complete the test with this baggage of wisdom and victory. But you will learn from the experience that even those stumbling blocks will turn into victories. For he realizes that life in matter is made up of this trap and this mixture of facts, of experiences, wrong and right.

And as long as they are inserted among the others in this plane, in the experience of the flesh, they are susceptible to error. And even those hits can turn the stumbles again.

The lesson ends in a very important point, and this is not the point where you stop making mistakes, or stop stumbling. But the lesson ends when you understand this flow, when you simply accept with gratitude all this history, of errors and correctness, but understand that all are part of the experience in matter. And all will help you to become wiser and learn to cultivate gratitude.

You arrive at a point where you tire of fighting your own mistakes, just focus on successes, and thank you for the opportunity to be there, wrong or right, but just participating in the experience. Take all this, all this experience of life, agglutinated as wisdom. And finally transcend material life.

The understanding of the flow of life, the acceptance in gratitude of all that is posed as experience, freeing itself from the impulse that leads them to search for explanations, to try to understand the motives of something occurring one way or another in their lives , It is precisely the liberation of this impulse that gives rise to gratitude, acceptance. And with it liberation, the savoring of life with total surrender only to experience.

You are wrong, but you are also correct, and you will hit and miss eternally until you transcend this way of thinking, which tells you all the time in judgment, that you are wrong or wrong. For this simply does not exist. There is no mistaking, no guessing, there is simply experience and acceptance and gratitude for experience as it presents itself, understanding the natural flow of life, of manifestations as they occur.

For the manifestations are only the results of a Personality Self that still thinks there is an I personality. And when you free yourself from self-judgment, guilt, self-charging, you will realize that these feelings only exist because you insist on staying attached to the personality.

When he frees himself from this character, he allows the free to flow, there is no longer right and wrong. There is no longer judgment or guilt, and there remains only the natural flow of divine energy through you. You break free from the prison of your mind, from what you have created but it is not real. You learn the alchemy of life, manipulate matter, manipulate your life, for your benefit, for the sake of your peace and living in fullness, totally detached from the ego and the individual will, for attachment to the ego and personality Blocks the flow of this energy to manifest fullness.

This is how the flow of energy of the divine occurs in the incarnate Being and in all beings. It is not a particularity of you as embodied in matter, but this is how it functions in the universe, you detach yourself from the ego, from the personality, and thus you begin to free yourself from self-judgment, from charge, from fear, from guilt. A whole bag of information stored and created by yourself in relation to you is diluted by light. And so you simply come to live allowing the natural flow of your essence. You shine and shine!

You are light!

You learn what I come to teach you about alchemy. What is Alchemy Master? You ask me. And I tell you that alchemy is only you learning to work with the energies you create yourself, with your own mental creations. But the first step is to free yourself from the ego. After all, how could you begin to manipulate the energies if you did not even stop charging yourself, blaming yourself, feeling obliged to it or to that in your life. You get rid of the personality, get rid of that identity. And so allows the natural flow, and manipulates all this to your benefit. This is life in fullness, the one I came to teach, and that you will live in the New Age, but you still do not realize that New Age is today. It is the present moment. It's just a game of pictures before your eyes. Where from an angle you see grids of a prison, but from another angle they only get rid of all the judgment, the guilt, the accusations, and start to see that the grids were nothing more than distorted creations of the mind.

You flow divine energy, but with this energy you create with the tools you have learned to use. These tools do not show the way of liberation, they do show the way of creating the prison. The mental prison that you conditioned yourself.

You still nurture the certainty that it is necessary to flee to find its essence. But from the moment they cease to place themselves in the position of victims, to think that they are wronged or deserve to suffer, they only begin to appreciate the present moment and the place where they are, as it is. It is the breaking of a relationship of many years, that which you think is eternal, but which actually lasts only as long as you feed it, precisely because it is not your nature.

You think you are in something that you are forced to accept because there is no other way. Then they think I would say to you: Ah Yes! There is another way, lack courage!

But not!

I do not come to say it!

The other path that is there is this same path of matter that you live today, but it only becomes new when observed by a new look. And that look is not that of submissiveness and humiliation, of unhappiness, but the look of acceptance with gratitude, of the turning of the key where they begin to observe it beyond matter, beyond identity and beyond the ego. And it is at this point that they cease to suffer and draw the flow of abundance and fullness.

It is when they become the magicians of their lives, they learn the alchemy of their own creative mind, which is actually that which comes from the heart, without being nourished by the perceptions of matter. Who goes on to observe what is presented in the matter only as an apprentice, understanding that the moments are perfect as they are. And that repulsion, denial, does not attract the energy they desire, and end up putting them in the position of victims of their own lives.

Realize how enriching and liberating this is, take the reins of life itself, but free yourself from the ego and the personality, how will it be? This is a great discovery, and it is this path that will bring the liberation from illusory prison, and total surrender to the I Am.

Masters Serapis Bey and Saint Germain

Messengers: Michele Martini and Thiago Strapasson - May 16, 2017.