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Monday, May 29, 2017

The transition process of self personality to the I Am - Saint Germain

In those days, we have divined ourselves in the very meaning of life as an incarnation within this limit of reflection. And we realize that yes, we are driven by the fear of not fitting into a pre-existing system, which we ourselves are the ones that contributed to the construction.

I come as you know me, Saint Germain, just this personality, to bring you the reflection of someone who was also inserted in the same system. But when I perceived the medium to which I was inserted, as a representation in personality only, but to which I identified myself, I discovered through the heart what is behind that veil.

Behind the veil of fear is abundance, there is beauty, there is plenitude, then there is freedom.

The one so long sought by each of you, but which can only be revealed after removing the stones from the path.

So you ask me: What are the stones?

And I tell you, just fear.

The fear that prevents you from revealing to yourself the full truth about yourself in the first place, but then it will be the bridge that connects you to the outer opening.

The opening to your own truth, the one that has long been covered up by the fears brought by the I Personality, will be revealed from the connection to the heart.

The identification with the Cosmic I, which is the greatest grouping of all the personalities that today represents the you in the present, is diluted in the heart.

You were taught to access the wisdom of your ancestors and yourselves through the deeper connection with your records, with the wisdom stored in your soul records. But finally they realize that complete openness to these records of wisdom is only part of the walk, which ends up showing that they are still the Personality-Self. That personality who wants to access wisdom, and add more wisdom, to finally unify everything into a single Being in the present.

But is this being the I Am?

You find yourself for a moment already confused with all the information that this free and accessed wisdom can bring you. So much information is already beginning to bring a new level of understanding about all this.

The realization and discovery that all this was necessary to open itself to the revelation of the one and only truth: Everything becomes nothing.

All this wisdom and unlocking of all restraints leads them to the level of complete emptying of their Being. Where then they begin to unite with the I Am.

For the I Am is nothing, but it is the nothingness that can only be discovered and understood from the revealed everything. Where is reached the realization that nothing matters, where freedom, lightness and peace are felt.

For a first moment there will come the adaptation, where you still sometimes try to seek in the Incarnate Self those personalities. You seek, try to identify again, or re-identify to the various of the personalities you have represented. And so they pass for a certain period, where they try to fit into different forms of thought, but the reality that is always shown is the same: All the ramblings lead only to complete emptying, reaffirming that nothing matters.

The evolution takes place from this process of emptying. The emptying even of wisdom. For at that moment wisdom no longer matters.

You find yourself embedded in multiple realities, multiple identities and possibilities. They connect to an animal, a plant, a person, briefly only, and okay.

There is no longer right or wrong. There are no whys and there is no search for explanation. There is only surrender to the flow of the heart.

The flow of the heart connects you where it is needed briefly and then disconnects again, you are a network of energy that works in multiple places, beings, people, simultaneously. But they do not have the understanding of it, for it just does not matter.

You just feel inserted, calm, and absolutely in agreement with everything that happens. Acceptance of everything is full. They completely accept everything that is put to you. This is the state of fullness, which was not sought, but was transformed.

For the grouping of all Your Personalities and elevation in wisdom brought this state of emptying, of mission accomplished, of acceptance of the process. Everything is delivered, without judgment, and without explanation. You are unified to the I AM energy.

Saint Germain

Messenger: Michele Martini - May 26, 2017.