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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The New Age and the Break with the Lower Self - Serapis Bey and Saint Germain

Greetings my brothers,

Today I come to bring you something to reflect on, so that you understand why you are exactly where you are in this planetary experience, living in the place you live, living with the people you live with. There is a purpose my brothers, which is precisely to detach from the character, by repetition, to exhaustion.

I speak of the masks that cling, the characters that repeat for lives and lives, in indefinite cycles, where the dates, the historical moment and the souls involved are modified, but the roles remain. I mean the blacksmith who became a clerk, the middle-aged soldier who wears a stiff and tied face as armor, the clown who became a dancer, and so on. They are the characters of our Historical Self, which we repeat in our trajectory, because we thus construct the reality that we enter.

The souls who find themselves in material experience on this planet, for the most part, have linked themselves to roles, which change in purpose, but not in the way of being and acting. For the planetary grid, my brethren, holds them justly for safety, for fear of uncertainty, for having become accustomed to a form of life, which they now need to liberate.

And the time has come that the world will change, that relationships will change, and those ancient characters will fade away in the memory of time, where perhaps the soldier of the middle ages will become the dancer and the clown in the man of the grave, and everything will be done So that each one will find its essence breaking with its patterns, with that which bound them to the planetary reality.

The world changes and with it you liberate yourself and thus liberate the world. It is a cycle of emptying this character that held them to the indefinite repetition of cycles in life. That's what I'm talking about. For from our perspective, knowing of the various lives that his soul experienced in this planetary experience, it is very interesting to observe the repetition of these cycles, where the blacksmith who worked for the owner of the stable, is now the clerk working for the baker, in a repetition Of inner cycles of a mental process he has assumed for himself.

And, my children, we do not cite these examples in a pejorative way, as if there were something wrong with this experience, but rather to understand that the great challenge of the experience of matter is to break with these cycles that we create through the most diverse fears. From the fear of loving, from the fear of learning, from the fear of being happy, from the fear of not having enough, from the fear of simply not being accepted in our midst, how many fears bind us to these endless cycles of pain, which become Characters who change their clothes, but inwardly manifest the same cycles of unhappiness.

The great work of a life, my beloved ones, is the breaking of this cycle of fear to walk to trust and faith. Every soul in this world moves from this sphere of fear to trust. And this is the great challenge of the new age, to simply move from fear to trust, so that, breaking with these cycles, we can simply manifest what we are, without attachment, without fear, without the distress of not being accepted, loved or even To be simply happy.

The planetary transition to the new age, my beloved ones, is simply the internal transition from fear to trust. To be able, through his own wisdom, to carry out this transition lightly and smoothly, detaching himself from the character so that the essence is manifested.

Those mental patterns which manifest themselves through these accumulated fears in the ages, which patterns unfold over time, are manifested in the heart, but which manifest themselves in various ways, always repeating the same cycles. And as we look externally we see this cycle repeating itself in different ways in our life, but internally it is unique, an unspeakable, uncontrollable fear that manifests itself as a mental pattern that always leads us back to the maintenance of status and the path of suffering.

How simple is this liberation, the breaking of this pattern through courage, fearlessness, walking into the light and self-love. To walk in order to find ourselves in all our essence, so that we can leave behind these characters of the ages, break with the fear that binds us to it, and thus find our inner peace.

So I come to show you with examples that can be observed in your day, in your daily routines, how to detach yourself from this system of pattern repetitions.

This system, children, is nothing more than something created by the mind, and which manifests itself in matter following the universal rule that the creator's seeds also have the gift of creating.

You create in matter what you think in your mind. So if you are now engaged in repeated experiences today, if you are today wearing the robes of a specific character in your story, then you have already materialized that reality from the moment your mind has created that pattern of repetition even before To be incarnated here. It turns out kids, just as the blacksmith can turn into a bakery clerk, you too are transformed, but the transformation is physical, given only by the collection of information you have created in the mind without there being a change when the shape you see And are inserted in the world. All of you experience this process of repetition of experience that, despite presenting themselves in other garments, keeps the same pattern.

With each incarnation, you liberate yourself from some patterns, but keep others, and therefore no incarnation is absolutely the same as the other, for as you remove each programming, releasing yourself from certain repetitions, reality changes. And then you materialize in a new life a reality different from the previous one, but that still repeats some of the patterns that have not yet been broken.

The collection of information that corresponds to what you are today as a personality, that is, what form you, where you are inserted, whether you are born a man or a woman, you will be born in such a family, or in such country. All of his present life, in this current character, is the collection of information recorded in his akashic record that has not yet been illuminated.

If in a previous life you were in another country incarnated as a man, and if today you are a woman, it is because the whole collection of information that still exists as restrictions on your record, made you come here this time as a woman, to Who had the opportunity to repeat some experiences in order to bring learning, wisdom, and then to illuminate this record, and thus break with the pattern.

Do you wonder what they are then those who are born without understanding whether they belong to the female or male sex? And this causes confusion in the mind of an incarnate being, who does not understand how the materialization of a new life takes place, does not understand that he transcended the experience of being masculine and also of being feminine, and that he came here this time to transcend others Aspects that have to be enlightened in their record. We know that the manifestation of masculine and feminine is nothing more than the union of two complementary energies to rise in wisdom in the plane of Soul. And so, yes, there are incarnated beings so aligned with the two aspects that they no longer identify themselves belonging to one or the other. But this state of freedom just causes them confusion because of the social values ​​that were inserted, while internally everything has already been absolutely enlightened.

You just feel. Because they are inserted in a physical material experience which brings the possibilities of sensations. But then they ask all the questions to the mind, and they think they are the sins, the mistakes made that brought the restrictions, or the fact that they do not fit into a society that dictates the rules of right and wrong. They judge society, they judge the system, but they do not understand that you are here just for the fact that you have contributed to the construction of that system. This system where there are rules, and that were created by yourselves.

Then you come and come again, several times, and with each arrival you bring more wisdom, gained from an earlier coming, where you broke with some of the patterns you created yourself. And when they break those standards, they bring the innovation, bring the new. They bring a little of what it's like to feel the New Age.

The New Age will come with the breaking of the standards. For living in society is nothing more than the binding of all aspects, of all repetitions of world-wide standards, which exist, but exist only because they are nourished by the minds of each one of you.

To each one who breaks with the repetition of patterns, illuminating the Akashic record where the fuel is that leads him to maintain this standard, even if often unconsciously, you contribute to the breaking of the global standard, and brings the whole world to A step closer to the materialization of the New Age.

I say materialization, for you well know that the New Age already exists. Those who worked in the illumination of their akashic records and therefore failed to follow individual and planetary repetitions already live in the New Age. And you will not be able to understand what it is without achieving that state of fullness.

For the eyes see what those who are still trapped in cycles of repetitions can not see. A river polluted by his gaze is only a polluted river, but this same river in the eyes of a person who broke the cycle of repetitions, who worked the restrictions of Akashic, sees a beautiful river full of life. The gaze is transformed, but not only transformed into the imagination, but the gaze materializes before you the palpable New Age. He perceives the dimensions coexisting harmoniously in not time, but in the same physical space.

It is difficult to understand, but just believe that this state of fullness is very close to being reached. For this, we work the enlightenment of the restrictions brought about by Akashic.

But when are these restrictions ready to work? Only when they have experienced enough of the same repetition, when they no longer endure repetition. For if the time has come for them to no longer endure, it means two things: first they have already identified the pattern to be repeated; And secondly that they no longer identify with this character, who repeats such patterns.

And this level of understanding is necessary for the work in the akashic record to be effective, for just as you have created your own restrictions at some point in your existence, you can create it again now. And so that they no longer create it, the experience of living this repetition, and of the very identification of the pattern, is necessary. By then it will come to be seen by you as something disconnected from yourself. Something that is no longer part of your truth. For you are already walking against your truth.

This work of lighting the registers is necessary for the completion of the learning cycle, and then another connection wire is released. And finally they can reach the state of wholeness so desired. And that yes, it can be reached still in this incarnation. It is enough that each one observes himself, if he is available to work on his own transformation, so I say that it is possible. But not all, but very few of you are really willing to enter into this challenge, the challenge of breaking with your own beliefs, of leaving your fears, of breaking cycles.

Few of you are really willing to face your Ego Personalities, to assert to each of them that they are not your truth. You break a personality, but when you access another, you end up identifying with it, and you do need to be determined and clear about your true quest, so you do not stop in the middle of the walk, in the face of these distractions. That you are only there to misrepresent your true purpose, which is the encounter with the I Am, which is beyond all personalities but which will only join you when you are really free of all aspects of personalities, of all cycles Of repetitions.

You realize, then, that there is no male or female, that there is no liking or not liking, that there is no loving and not loving. That there is only one energy, which is love, pulsating for everything and everyone, pulsating in connection with life, with the planet, and channels the energy of the source, creating the materialized New Age, without fulfilling any role in that Medium, just occupying space in matter, as a new form of energy, free from all constraints, to be a means of transmitting love.

And so it is.

Serapis Bey and Saint Germain

Messengers: Michele Martini and Thiago Strapasson - May 27, 2017.