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Monday, May 1, 2017

The Mental Way of the Ego (SHIAN SHIN) - Lady Master Miriam

My dear brothers,

I am Mirian, your sister of love, and I come now to deliver you a sweet message that supports you in that now. I bring with all the sweetness and mildness of the ascended kingdoms, but enveloped by the force of the blue light, which is the propelling energy in their lives.

Calm down now, with light breaths, seek the center of your hearts, and imagine a tube of the purest crystalline white light radiating at that moment. This white light radiates all over his body and allows a blue cloak of cover to open from his heart, extending, taking his whole body, widening to become an octahedron in which the upper tip is attached to the ninth chakra Over his head, and the lower tip just below his feet. The tube of white light is infinite and it feeds the maintenance of that octahedron that surrounds them to protect them.

Breathe under the protection of the blue light, and feel the white light that bathes you right now. This light radiates their bodies and bathes them with the purest love of the Source, allowing them to engage in their own love. You are protected, so breathe under this protective mantle now.

Beloved children, enveloped in this armor of light, calm down, for within this protective cloak nothing strikes them, you experience peace, the feeling of shelter shelters you at that moment. You feel that all is well. So just let yourself be led by that feeling in that moment. Live that peace that radiates from your bodies, so that we can bring you something more, a memory, something that you keep inside and that we will bring in the shadow of life.

If you look within you, each of you, you will feel an inner lack that leads you to seek for something that completes them. They thus enter into the paths of matter which lead them to a mental process which does not comprehend life as presented. They enter these paths in search of this inner completeness, trying to bring material wealth, a relationship that completes them, project this completeness in a car they desire, into a child, into a house, into an electronic device, and do all this without knowing that , Deep down, all they do is to find something to soften this inner fault they bring within themselves.

This human feeling manifests itself as an inner lack, which leads so much to restlessness, wonder, and even the use of chemicals that soften this inner lack.

But I am here, my beloved ones, as a sister who also felt this within herself, and who discovered that what they feel is the pain of separation, of the apparent disconnection of unity, where instead of following the signs of life, of Put into the normal flow of life, lead to this mental process that tries in every way to soften this inner lack that they bring within themselves.

Life on the planet brings a series of subterfuges trying to lead us to this mental path, to seek for something that completes us. Realize that in seeking for this material something that does not manifest, they end up revealing envy for the material good that they think they do not possess, the lust for strenuously seeking for a physical love that says nothing, they manifest greed and avarice that is nothing more That the false sense that having much will be more complete, unfold in anger and pride when they do not reach the path planned by the mind to soften this inner pain, and manifest the laziness therefore to pursue something unattainable.

Realize, children, that the illusion of life is strong to produce the most diverse feelings. You try to search for something that completes them, and the planetary grid brings you the illusion that the material world will one day complete them. And all of you, children, have lost themselves, many many times, on this path of seeking inner completeness through the ways that matter brings them.

This feeling of lack, my brethren, is the absence of the connection with the I Am. This is what manifests itself as the lack of love, the need for accumulation, unbridled competition, corruption and the most inexplicable human follies.

Understand that the soul is the very connection with the divine, but the planetary mesh is something that penetrates so strongly in their minds that it produces the sense of loss of that connection. And this journey, my brethren, brings this inner pain that does not allow you to understand that you have never been out of unity, that you have always been in connection with God, with the whole and with love.

But in material life reality impedes them from allowing them to glimpse this greater connection. You see yourselves as isolated beings, struggling to seek this completeness, for softening this pain caused by separation. This is what planetary reality does, it leads them to mental paths that tells you that what you aim to possess in your life will soften the inner pain you carry within you.

They then pass lives and lives seeking to alleviate this pain, they fight, they create intrigues, they desire revenge, they fight for the object of love they believe they are not able to live without, they want the material goods they hope will lead them to happiness.

Do you understand, beloved ones, what we call the ego's mental paths? They are nothing more than illusions brought by matter that promotes you the dream of being complete, and be still in this lack of feeling complete in themselves. This is the material way!

After searching for lives and lives for this sense of completeness, for learning each one of the ways of matter, they anchor the wisdom necessary to understand something greater, that what they have always sought was simply the connection with God, the anchoring of the energy I Am in Their hearts. You understand that the material ways are mere mental illusions, and you may be able to laugh at this discovery. For this discovery is liberating. It leads them to the peace they seek and seek. The feeling of "I am complete in myself because God is in my heart" is the true feeling that will lead them to greater freedom.

At this point, my brethren, you understand that envy, want, anger, pride, lust, and all material unfoldment are mere illusions, and what truly exists in the world is forgiveness, gratitude, that only one Truly humble love is able to understand.

And on that day, as a "magic pass," an inexplicable feeling arises in their hearts of love, acceptance, understanding and wisdom. They will understand the mental paths of the ego, those that matter calls them insistently. You have added enough wisdom to understand what matter is made of. And this is the key to openness to true abundance, because it allows the I Am to manifest itself on the physical plane to eliminate this lack, that inner pain that has led you to the same paths, with only different forms and characters.

The anchoring of the I Am leads them to the only true liberation from this mental process of numbing the soul, which no longer knows how to free itself from pain and suffering.

Realize, beloved ones, how the sages of the planet are happy, light, in their speech, in their gestures. They understood the material game. And so I come today, as a sister of love, to ask, to breathe again, anchor the white light, open from the heart the octahedron of protection and feel these words manifesting in their lives. Bring those points that you do not understand, because they repeat themselves in your lives, and recognize yourself as the old and well-known material way of the egoic mind. Free yourselves, beloved, anchoring God the I Am in your hearts, and no longer allow the manifestation of these feelings produced by the Lower Self. You are already full, you are great, you just need to allow yourself to remember it, leaving the material way of the mind of pain and suffering.

Be in peace

I'm your sister, Miriam.

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - April 30, 2017.

NOTE: The activation symbol for this job is SHIAN SHIN.