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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Renewal through nature - Mother Mary (Iemanjá)

Beloved children

It is time to receive my love, my maternal lap, to enfold you in peace and fullness.

You, in the face of so much information, so many changes in your life and the planet, feel the emptiness in your heart that can only be filled by my love.

This my love, dear children, is only the awakening of the source that exists within each of you.

I come to enfold you in my mantle of peace, which cherishes your hearts, so that you turn for an instant to your own hearts, which are already prepared to generate the love that you expect to receive from me.

The road of life has brought you here, and finally I can enfold you in my embrace, in my love, to awaken the feeling of peace within each one. To show you, that you are the most abundant source of life, of miracles and achievements. That you are able to transform your own lives, and, involved in your own loving energies, cherish the hearts of those who come to you for peace and enlightenment.

You have become, daughters, flashes of light shining in the midst of darkness. You no longer see the outer darkness, but you see only how beautiful life is, it is a great and blessed opportunity for regeneration.

In this journey, you have become awakened beings of the truth, realizing that life is made not only of challenges and tears, but of love, abundance, wonderful miracles.

Peace reigns in the world, I have come to bring you, and have spent a long period repeating this code so blessed of light and love. This code that took thousands of people, thousands of beings, to be involved by this loving energy.

You, children, even if separated by divergent beliefs or roads towards enlightenment, are united in One when peace and love for humanity shine.

I come to enfold you in my mantle of light and peace. To bring back the remembrance that all are One in love.

I see you, children, as travelers on this planet, to bring the light of love, the energy of my peace and my mantle of love. Walking on the reefs, at low tide, follow and take my love, knowing that soon will come the moment when the tide will rise, and that at that moment will be involved in the waters of my love.

I come here represented in the energy of Mother Mary, as Mother Iemanjá, to involve you in my love. Showing how the waters of my love can envelop them at all times when the journey becomes hard, difficult. They know that I am with you, and that the tide will rise, and there I will be, to enfold you in the most beautiful elementals, to relieve the tortuous road that they have decided to tread to take my love.

Let us lie down in this sea, let me now, that I am present with you, in the ascent of this tide of love, that I may enfold you in my peace, lie down in these waters and allow yourself to receive the love that I am bringing you. To lighten the weight of this journey. To ease their hearts.

Lie down and silence your thoughts. Surrender to the sea, let yourself be carried away by the tide. I am here present in these waters of love, let them be transported at that moment, by the waves of my love, to the calm waters of the sea, and receive the invigorating energy that will cause them to take the walk more lightly.

We know of the intense processes of cleansing that you are all going through, that you pause the search, and simply surrender to the waters of Mother Iemanjá. Let the most beautiful and light elementals surround you, envelop you, energize you.

Energize every particle of your body in my energy, which is that of the one who loves you, and will always be with you. Feel the lightness of the love waves, they are not as strong as the waves of the sea, but light to re-energize with the softness. They are waves that come and carry all the emotional baggage they carried for lives and lives and when they return they bring energy that illuminates the void of love, the feeling of loneliness left by the energies that are gone. Again the waves come and take everything they no longer need and come to reinvigorate them, to fill them with my love that becomes their own love, the love of God in their hearts.

I am Iemanjá, and with the help of the elementals of the waters, the earth, the fire and the air I wrap them in my arms to cherish them with milder and milder days. Feel this energy, which you feel when you sit on the seashore enjoying the waves, the wind, your feet on the damp earth and the sun on your body. That energy they feel in my presence when I hold you in my love.

Iemanja is the mother of the seas, who cherish in her lap those children who seek for rest, to invigorate them with my energy. Those who come to me, open to receive me, can feel me in my arms.

But in order to be like this, they just take to the sea now. You meet on a hill, overlooking the ocean, the wind strikes your face, you close your eyes and you are enveloped by all the elementals of nature that surround you, the elementals of fire in the rays of the Sun, the elementals of air In the wind, the elementals of water in the humility of the sea that strikes them and the elementals of the earth at their feet. You feel nature engaging you right now. It is invigorating, envelops them, replenishes all its energies and carries all the pains, the sufferings, the difficulties. His mother Iemanjá takes everything that binds them and leads them to love.

Along with these energies you are deconstructed, the old man goes by the waves and returns with the renewing energy of nature. The passage to my side is light, gentle, it does not produce the fear of scarcity, lack of resources. In my presence the transition is light, abundant, for it leads them with the same ease with which nature fulfills its cycles.

And you, children, fulfill your cycles in these final times, you end up inner cycles that carried you for millennia, for many lives. And in these lives I watched them, I watched them bathe them with my natural energies, with the help of all the elementals of the planet. She was always there to renew them.

When you go through heavy cleansing cycles, children, seek out nature, and ask it to take away all the waste of that cleansing and fill in the gaps left by the past that has gone with pure planetary energies.

Wherever you go, my children, for the experiences that your souls decide to go in future times when they are no longer incarnated on this planet, Mother Yemanja will always be with you. For my energy is part of your Akashic record, you will remember the sensations of the wind, the sun, the earth between your fingers, the waves of the sea and the waters. These records will be with you forever, for they have renewed their records with the experiences of the earth and filled them.

You, children, each of you, will never be the same as you were before you lived in these lands. Forget everything they were, where they came from, because after they were human, that's all it will matter. Humanity will be something that will carry you through all eternity, with all love. And whenever they feel lonely, they decide what they wish to experience, and they will seek the sensations that I describe in this text. Be assured, children, of all that you have lived, and I say of the cosmic experiences of the soul, nothing will be like living on this planet in the arms of my love that fills you and purifies you of the restrictions.

For of all the restraints they have cleansed in this experience, in this soil, they carry the energy of nature which filled them with love. This sensation will never be forgotten in the record of their souls, the love of this planet for each one who has stepped on their soil and filled their records, free of restrictions, with the purest and crystalline energy of the elementals.

When you are in trouble, children, and feel the emptiness of the soul, repeat SHITA LIAM. This is the code that takes me to you, to fill you with my love to fill you with the fullness that removes the loneliness, the emptiness, of those who do not know where to go after the deconstruction of human identity in the way of the heart. On this journey, when you get lost, call for Iemanjá and observe the nature that your answer will be there.

Be in peace

Mother Mary, representing Iemanjá, the Queen and mother of all elementals.

Messengers: Michele Martini and Thiago Strapasson - May 1, 2017.